Bedford Spring Fours & Small Boats Head

Sunday 8th April 2018

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Division 1 starts at 09:15

100Op.2.4XBRXBroxbourne RC (Richardson) 
101J18.4XOUTOundle Town RC (Pendred) 
102Op.2.4-BRXBroxbourne RC (Marsh) 
103Op.3.4+RAFRoyal Air Force RC (Littlefield) 
104Op.2.4XMOSMossbourne Rowing Academy (Burley) 
105Mas.D.4+STAStar Club (Crook) 
106W.2.4XSTAStar Club (Keats) 
107W.2.4XWNO/RAFWest Norfolk/RAF (Jacobs) 
108Mas.E.4XSTAStar Club (Wille) 
109Mas.FG.4+STAStar Club (Hunt =F) 
110Mas.GH.4-BEDBedford Rowing Club (White =G) 
111Op.2.4XOUTOundle Town RC (Watson) 
112W.1.4+NTNNorthampton RC (Alford) 
113W.Mas.AB.4+MIKMilton Keynes RC (Pilcher =B) 
114W.Mas.C.4+PETPeterborough City (Wallace) 
115Mas.FGH.4XPETPeterborough City (Smith =F) 
116W.J16.4XOUTOundle Town RC (Coombs) 
117W.Mas.D.4+PETPeterborough City (Parker) 
118W.Mas.EF.4+STAStar Club (Gowing =E) 
119J15.4X+MOSMossbourne Rowing Academy (Hepburn) 
120W.J15.4X+BEDBedford Rowing Club (Cooke) 
121Op.1.2XMEDMedway Towns RC (Blair/Mitchelhill) 
122Op.1.1XBRXBroxbourne RC (Cheale) 
123Op.1.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Farley) 
124Op.1.1XSTAStar Club (Taylor) 
125J16.2XBRXBroxbourne RC (Day/Orpin) 
126Mas.CD.2XBRXBroxbourne RC (Pike/Dunk =C) 
127Mas.EF.2XSTAStar Club (Armstrong/Sogan =E) 
128Mas.EF.2XPETPeterborough City (Dolby/Davis =E) 
129Mx.Mas.CDE.2XPETPeterborough City (Apostolidou/Orme =C) 
130Mx.Mas.CDE.2XSTAStar Club (Thomson/Boggis =D) 
131W.1.2XSTAStar Club (Bennewith/White) 
132W.2.2XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Henman/Smith) 
133W.2.2XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Ratcliffe/Williams) 
134W.2.2XRAFRoyal Air Force RC (Motriuc/Andrews) 
135W.Mas.ABC.2XMIKMilton Keynes RC (Marshall/Mingaye =C) 
136W.Mas.DEF.2XOUTOundle Town RC (Milborne/Birchall =D) 
137Mas.AB.1XLERLeicester RC (Smith =B) 
138Mas.AB.1XHUNHuntingdon RC (Adams =B) 
139W.Mas.DEF.2XSTAStar Club (Taylor/Lamb =F) 
140W.Mas.D.2-STAStar Club (Russell/Appleton)Time Only
141Op.2.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Baker) 
142Op.3.1XBRXBroxbourne RC (Maynes) 
143Op.3.1XBRXBroxbourne RC (Walker) 
144J17.1XBRXBroxbourne RC (Long) 
145Mas.D.1XNORNorwich RC (Bond) 
146Mas.E.1XOUTOundle Town RC (Chandler) 
147Mas.E.1XSRCSudbury RC (Moriarty) 
148J16.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Reed) 
149J16.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Brewster) 
150J16.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Brown) 
151J16.1XSTAStar Club (D'Arcy) 
152W.1A.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Moore) 
153W.1A.1XSNESt Neots RC (Shreeves) 
154W.2.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Dickinson) 
155W.2.1XSRCSudbury RC (Wallace) 
156Mas.F.1XSRCSudbury RC (Milbank) 
157W.J16.1XSTAStar Club (Tugulu) 
158W.Mas.DEF.1XSRCSudbury RC (Muir =D) 
159W.Mas.DEF.1XMIKMilton Keynes RC (Fryer =E) 

Division 2 starts at 10:30

200Op.1.4XPET/RAFPeterborough City / RAF RCs (King) 
201Op.1.4-LRCLondon RC (Senior) 
202Op.1.4-LRCLondon RC (Mend??a) 
203Op.2.4-LRCLondon RC (Plantenga) 
204Op.3.4-NTNNorthampton RC (Tinant) 
205Op.1.4+LRCLondon RC (Williams)Time Only
206Op.1.4+LRCLondon RC (Reeder)Time Only
207Op.2.4+MIKMilton Keynes RC (Smith) 
208Mas.D.4XBRXBroxbourne RC (Kelly) 
209Mas.D.4+BRXBroxbourne RC (Hosking) 
210W.2.4XPETPeterborough City (Parker) 
211W.2.4XLERLeicester RC (Haracz) 
212Mas.E.4XPETPeterborough City (Blackman) 
213Mas.E.4XOUTOundle Town RC (Dunn) 
214Op.1.1XSTAStar Club (Taylor) 
215Mas.E.4XMIKMilton Keynes RC (Bidgood) 
216Mas.E.4+STAStar Club (Hunt) 
217W.3.4+BRXBroxbourne RC (Harvey) 
218W.Mas.AB.4+PETPeterborough City (Read =A) 
219W.Mas.EF.4XOUTOundle Town RC (Stratton =E) 
220W.Mas.EF.4XBRXBroxbourne RC (Taylor =E) 
221W.Mas.EF.4XWBKWalbrook RC (Bullard =E) 
222W.Mas.EF.4XWBKWalbrook RC (Field =F) 
223W.4X+SNESt Neots RC (W1) 
224W.Mas.EF.4+STAStar Club (Appleton =E) 
225J14.4X+OUTOundle Town RC (Cruise) 
226Mas.CD.2XMEDMedway Towns RC (Martin/Humphrey =C) 
227Op.1.1XLERLeicester RC (Harding) 
228J16.2XNTNNorthampton RC (McDonnell/Wheeler) 
229J16.2XNTNNorthampton RC (Curtis/Murphy) 
230Op.2-OUTOundle Town RC (Bradshaw/Dunn) 
231Mx.2XPBDPoplar Blackwall & District (Ohene/Wade) 
232W.J18.2XBRXBroxbourne RC (Lewis/Marsden) 
233W.1.2XSRC/IPSSudbury/Ipswich (Titterington/Goodchild) 
234W.2.2XOUTOundle Town RC (Attley/Smith) 
235Mx.Mas.CDE.2XPBDPoplar Blackwall & District (Dwan/Reid =E) 
236Mx.Mas.CDE.2XOUTOundle Town RC (Bishop/Dunn =E) 
237Mx.Mas.CDE.2XCHAChampion of the Thames (Millar/Reed =E) 
238W.J16.2XLERLeicester RC (Henry/Campbell) 
239W.Mas.ABC.2XSTAStar Club (King/Knight =C) 
240Mas.E.2-OUTOundle Town RC (Quigley/Heaney) 
241W.Mas.DEF.2XLERLeicester RC (Horrocks/Pulford =E) 
242Op.1.1XWBKWalbrook RC (Gallagher) 
243Op.1.1XSNESt Neots RC (Todd) 
244Op.2.1XLERLeicester RC (Cook) 
245Op.2.1XLERLeicester RC (Bowles) 
246Op.3.1XMIKMilton Keynes RC (Uvira) 
247Op.3.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Malys) 
248Op.3.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Loveday) 
249Op.3.1XLERLeicester RC (Clark) 
250Op.4.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Fisher) 
251Op.3.1XBRXBroxbourne RC (Marsden) 
252J17.1XLERLeicester RC (Clark) 
253Mas.D.1XBRXBroxbourne RC (O'Puirseil) 
254Mas.E.1XWBKWalbrook RC (Robinson) 
255J16.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Kilby) 
256J16.1XNRCNottingham RC (Albery) 
257W.1A.1XWBKWalbrook RC (Gallagher) 
258W.1A.1XLRCLondon RC (Jackson) 
259W.2.1XBRXBroxbourne RC (Taylor) 
260Mas.GH.2XSTAStar Club (Crowther/Blackley =H) 
261W.J18.1XMOSMossbourne Rowing Academy (Laukyte) 
262W.J16.1XLERLeicester RC (Henry) 

Division 3 starts at 11:45

300Op.2.4-BRXBroxbourne RC (Maynes) 
301Op.3.4-BRXBroxbourne RC (Richardson) 
304Op.3.4+BIRBirmingham RC (Heppel) 
305Op.4.4+BCUBirmingham City University Rowing Club (Johnson) 
302J18.4XSNESt Neots RC (Johnson) 
306Op.4.4+CABCantabrigian RC (Bennett) 
303Mx.Mas.EF.4XOUTOundle Town RC (Milborne =E) 
307Mas.E.4XSTAStar Club (Armstrong) 
308Mas.E.4+STAStar Club (Crook) 
309Mas.FG.4+BEDBedford Rowing Club (White =G) 
311W.1.4+NTNNorthampton RC (Walker) 
313W.2.4+BRXBroxbourne RC (Pattinson) 
314W.3.4+WNOWest Norfolk RC (Pryer) 
310W.Mas.AB.4+NRCNottingham RC (Bloor =B) 
312W.Mas.C.4+PETPeterborough City (Parker) 
315W.Mas.D.4+MIKMilton Keynes RC (Wilson) 
316W.Mas.D.4+STAStar Club (Rainbow) 
317W.4X+BEDBedford Rowing Club (Williams) 
318W.4X+SNESt Neots RC (w2) 
319Mas.FGH.4XNORNorwich RC (Miller =H) 
320J15.4X+STAStar Club (Roberts) 
321J15.4X+LERLeicester RC (Moore) 
322Mas.AB.2XMEDMedway Towns RC (Mitchelhill/Blair =B) 
323Mas.AB.2XOUTOundle Town RC (Cook/Bradshaw =B) 
325J18.2XCABCantabrigian RC (Welsh/Sosnin) 
324Op.1.2XFULFulham Reach RC (De Burgh/Pilkington) 
326Op.2.2XMOSMossbourne Rowing Academy (Gowan/Burley) 
327Op.2-BRXBroxbourne RC (Cheale/Woolgar) 
328Mx.2XRAFRoyal Air Force RC (Grapes/Goodall) 
329Mas.EF.2XMBCMolesey BC (Kelly/Bowman =E) 
330Mas.EF.2XSNESt Neots RC (Farrell/Williams =E) 
336W.2.2XSTAStar Club (Duckett/Holder) 
337W.2.2XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Ratcliffe/Flemons) 
338W.2.2XLERLeicester RC (Waite/Wood) 
331W.J16.2XOUTOundle Town RC (Hodnett/Dew) 
332W.J16.2XBRXBroxbourne RC (Troll/Bryant-Fowler) 
333W.J16.2XNRCNottingham RC (Aspley/Foot) 
334W.Mas.ABC.2XPETPeterborough City (Smith/Calver =B) 
335W.Mas.ABC.2XFULFulham Reach RC (Cherry/Tatham =B) 
339W.Mas.DEF.2XSRCSudbury RC (Muir/Moriarty =D) 
340Mas.E.2-PETPeterborough City (Dolby/Davis) 
341Mas.GH.2XNORNorwich RC (Wynne/Bound =G) 
344W.Mas.DEF.2XOUTOundle Town RC (Hook/Izod =E) 
345W.Mas.DEF.2XSTAStar Club (Tredget/Winder =E) 
346W.Mas.DEF.2XPETPeterborough City (Lloyd/Wallace =E) 
342Op.1.1XLERLeicester RC (Smith) 
343Op.1.1XSNESt Neots RC (Williams) 
349Op.3.1XBIRBirmingham RC (Tomlinson) 
354Op.4.1XBRXBroxbourne RC (Ummarino) 
355Op.4.1XBRXBroxbourne RC (Dunk) 
356Op.4.1XBRXBroxbourne RC (Jones) 
350Op.3.1XLERLeicester RC (Haracz) 
347J17.1XSNESt Neots RC (Lawrence) 
348J17.1XNRCNottingham RC (Chapman) 
351Mas.E.1XSTAStar Club (Thomson) 
352Mas.E.1XNMSNemesis Boat Club (Richardson) 
353Mas.E.1XFULFulham Reach RC (Macdonald) 
357J16.1XBRXBroxbourne RC (Day) 
358J16.1XNRCNottingham RC (Maliekkal) 
359J16.1XNRCNottingham RC (Haigh) 
360W.1A.1XFULFulham Reach RC (Ogger) 
361Mas.GH.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Pitcairn =H) 
362W.J16.1XBRXBroxbourne RC (Nash) 
363W.J16.1XNRCNottingham RC (Hepworth) 
364W.J16.1XNRCNottingham RC (King) 
365W.J16.1XNRCNottingham RC (Smith) 
366W.Mas.DEF.1XCABCantabrigian RC (Auty-Jacklin =D) 
367W.Mas.DEF.1XSNESt Neots RC (Knowles =F) 

Division 4 starts at 13:00

400Op.1.4XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Taylor) 
401Op.1.4XPET/RAFPeterborough City / RAF RCs (King)Time Only
402Op.1.4-LRCLondon RC (Senior) 
403Op.1.4-LRCLondon RC (Mend??a) 
404Op.1.4-LRCLondon RC (Plantenga) 
405Op.1.4+LRCLondon RC (Williams)Time Only
406Op.1.4+LRCLondon RC (Wing)Time Only
408Op.3.4+MIKMilton Keynes RC (Uvira) 
409Op.3.4+NTNNorthampton RC (Barford) 
410Op.4.4+NRCNottingham RC (Bracun) 
407Mx.Mas.EF.4XBRXBroxbourne RC (O'Puirseil =E) 
411Mas.D.4+BRXBroxbourne RC (Brown) 
417W.2.4XWBKWalbrook RC (Bullard) 
412Mas.E.4XBRXBroxbourne RC (Kelly) 
413Mas.FGH.4XPET/OUTPeterborough/Oundle (Green =G) 
414Mas.FG.4+STAStar Club (Chillingsworth =F) 
415W.1.4+PETPeterborough City (Richardson) 
416W.2.4+BIRBirmingham RC (Mulligan) 
418W.J15.4X+MOSMossbourne Rowing Academy (Smerdon) 
419W.Mas.EF.4+WBKWalbrook RC (Thom =F) 
420Mas.CD.2XBIRBirmingham RC (Herring/Cutts =C) 
421Op.1.2XMEDMedway Towns RC (Humphrey/Martin) 
422Op.1.2XSNESt Neots RC (Shreeves/Todd) 
423Op.1.2XLERLeicester RC (Bowles/Cook) 
424Op.2.2XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Brewster/Brown) 
425Mas.AB.1XSTAStar Club (Taylor =A) 
426Mas.CD.2XSTAStar Club (Bennewith/French =D) 
427J16.2XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Reed/John) 
428Op.2-RAFRoyal Air Force RC (James/Jackman) 
429Mx.2XSRC/IPSSudbury/Ipswich (Goodchild/Titterington) 
430Mas.EF.2XSRCSudbury RC (White/King =E) 
431Mas.EF.2XPETPeterborough City (Orme/Hodge =E) 
432Mas.EF.2XPETPeterborough City (Blackman/Lloyd =E) 
433Mas.EF.2XMAVMaidstone Invicta RC (Baldwin/Manning =E) 
434W.J18.2XLERLeicester RC (Henry/Campbell) 
435W.J18.2XSRCSudbury RC (Moule/Maskell) 
439W.1.2XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Blake Hurworth/Cooke) 
440W.2.2XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Offer/Monaghan) 
441W.2.2XBRXBroxbourne RC (Hosking/Taylor) 
442W.2.2XLERLeicester RC (Ward/Parsons) 
443W.2.2XLERLeicester RC (Crouch/Haracz) 
436W.Mas.ABC.2XPETPeterborough City (Shipton/Griffiths =A) 
437Mx.Mas.CDE.2XCABCantabrigian RC (Richardson/Auty-Jacklin =E) 
438W.J16.2XMOSMossbourne Rowing Academy (Van Doorn/De Abaitua) 
444Op.1.1XWBKWalbrook RC (Gallagher) 
445Op.2.1XMIKMilton Keynes RC (Smith) 
446J17.1XPETPeterborough City (Mackenzie) 
447Mas.D.1XSRCSudbury RC (Nichols) 
448Mas.E.1XWBKWalbrook RC (Robinson) 
449Mas.E.1XSTAStar Club (Waugh) 
450Mas.E.1XLERLeicester RC (Clark) 
451J16.1XBRXBroxbourne RC (Orpin) 
452J16.1XNTNNorthampton RC (Oliver) 
453J16.1XSRCSudbury RC (McLoughlin) 
454W.1B.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Moore) 
455W.1B.1XWBKWalbrook RC (Gallagher) 
456W.1B.1XLRCLondon RC (Jackson) 
458W.2.1XSRCSudbury RC (Brown) 
457W.J18.1XLERLeicester RC (Henry) 
459Mas.F.1XIPSIpswich RC (Jillings) 
460Mas.F.1XCHAChampion of the Thames (Millar) 
461Mas.F.1XCHAChampion of the Thames (Gould) 
462W.Mas.DEF.1XCHAChampion of the Thames (Axworthy =F) 
463W.Mas.DEF.1XWBKWalbrook RC (Mehers =F) 

Division 5 starts at 14:15

503Op.2.4+BRXBroxbourne RC (Theobald) 
504Op.2.4+BIRBirmingham RC (Heppel) 
505Op.3.4+BRXBroxbourne RC (Watkins) 
507Op.3.4+CHAChampion of the Thames (Venn) 
508Op.4.4+BCUBirmingham City University Rowing Club (Caglayan) 
500Op.1.4-FULFulham Reach RC (Barton) 
501Op.3.4-FULFulham Reach RC (Taylor) 
502J18.4XCAMCity of Cambridge (Pook) 
506Op.3.4+CABCantabrigian RC (Welsh) 
509Mas.D.4+BEDBedford Rowing Club (Brown) 
510Mas.D.4+BEDBedford Rowing Club (Cestaro) 
518W.2.4XPETPeterborough City (Parker) 
514W.1.4XBRXBroxbourne RC (Quad) 
511Mas.FG.4+STA/BEDStar/Bedford (Armstrong =F) 
512Mas.FG.4+NRCNottingham RC (Williamson =F) 
513W.Mas.C.4+NRCNottingham RC (Bloor) 
515W.J16.4XLERLeicester RC (Leicester Rc) 
516W.Mas.D.4+PETPeterborough City (Walters) 
517W.4X+BEDBedford Rowing Club (Gendron) 
519W.Mas.EF.4+PETPeterborough City (Wallace =E) 
520W.J15.4X+FRCFairlop RC (Webb) 
521J14.4X+FULFulham Reach RC (Forrest) 
523J18.2XBRXBroxbourne RC (Marsden/Long) 
522Op.1.2XSNESt Neots RC (Williams/Williams) 
524Op.2.2XBRXBroxbourne RC (Walker/Ummarino) 
525Op.2.2XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Kilby/Loveday) 
526Op.2.2XBRXBroxbourne RC (Maynes/Sullivan) 
527Op.2.2XBRXBroxbourne RC (Evans/Richardson) 
528Op.2.2XRAFRoyal Air Force RC (Gray/Jamieson) 
529Op.2.2XRAFRoyal Air Force RC (Kerry/Nichols-Elton) 
530Mas.AB.2XFULFulham Reach RC (McDonald/Jacquemyn =A) 
531J18.2XFULFulham Reach RC (Forrest/Brading) 
532J16.2XSIVSt Ives RC (Hasted/Crouch) 
533J16.2XMOSMossbourne Rowing Academy (James/Dyer-Reeves) 
534J16.2XBKSBecket School RC (Keane/Keane) 
535J16.2XBKSBecket School RC (Howick/Leigh) 
536Op.2-MIKMilton Keynes RC (Turner/Blewitt) 
537Op.2-LERLeicester RC (Haracz/Clark) 
538Mas.EF.2XBNTBentham BC (Koepp/Bates =E) 
539W.J18.2XSRCSudbury RC (Barnard/Treagust) 
540Mx.Mas.CDE.2XMBCMolesey BC (Kelly/Bowman =E) 
541Mx.Mas.CDE.2XSNESt Neots RC (Farrell/Knowles =E) 
542W.J16.2XSRCSudbury RC (Griffiths/Savage) 
543W.Mas.ABC.2XSTAStar Club (Lynch/Winder =C) 
544Mas.EF.2XNORNorwich RC (Wynne/Bound =F) 
545Mas.GH.2XBRXBroxbourne RC (O'Puirseil/Bilyard =G) 
547Mas.AB.1XCURCurlew RC (Scott =B) 
546Op.1.1XJECJesus College, Cambridge (Pearson) 
548Op.2.1XFULFulham Reach RC (De Burgh) 
549Op.2.1XFULFulham Reach RC (Pilkington) 
550Op.3.1XLERLeicester RC (Clark) 
551Op.3.1XRAFRoyal Air Force RC (Carpenter) 
552Mas.D.1XSTAStar Club (Rainbow) 
553Mas.E.1XSTAStar Club (Higgins) 
554J16.1XBKSBecket School RC (Watt) 
555W.1A.1XMOSMossbourne Rowing Academy (Laukyte) 
556W.2.1XBIRBirmingham RC (Knight) 
557W.J18.1XSIVSt Ives RC (Maddison) 
558W.J18.1XLERLeicester RC (Parkes-Bowen) 
559Mas.GH.1XSRCSudbury RC (Arnott =G) 
560W.J16.1XCAMCity of Cambridge (Franklin) 
561W.J16.1XFRCFairlop RC (Fidegnon) 

Division 6 starts at 15:30

600Op.1.4XLERLeicester RC (Bowles) 
601Op.1.4XPET/RAFPeterborough City / RAF RCs (King)Time Only
612Op.2.4XBIRBirmingham RC (Cutts) 
602J18.4XCABCantabrigian RC (James) 
603Op.1.4-LRCLondon RC (Senior) 
604Op.1.4-LRCLondon RC (Plantenga) 
605Op.2.4-BEDBedford Rowing Club (Dingley) 
606Op.2.4-LRCLondon RC (Mend??a) 
608Op.1.4-BEDBedford Rowing Club (Young) 
609Op.1.4+LRCLondon RC (Wing)Time Only
610Op.1.4+LRCLondon RC (Reeder)Time Only
611Mas.BC.4+NRCNottingham RC (Bracun =B) 
614Mas.BC.4+BEDBedford Rowing Club (Rodney =C) 
618W.1.4XSRCSudbury RC (Treagust) 
615Mas.D.4XSIVSt Ives RC (Ashmore) 
613Op.2.4XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Reed) 
616Mas.D.4+MIKMilton Keynes RC (Capp) 
607Op.2.4-FULFulham Reach RC (Grimwood) 
621W.2.4+PETPeterborough City (Dobler) 
617W.Mas.AB.4+PETPeterborough City (Parker =B) 
619W.J16.4XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Monaghan) 
620Mx.Mas.EF.4XCHAChampion of the Thames (Reed =F) 
622Mas.GH.4-NORNorwich RC (Miller =H) 
623J14.4X+MOSMossbourne Rowing Academy (Carrick) 
624Mas.CD.2XLERLeicester RC (Wright/Clark =C) 
625Op.2.2XBCUBirmingham City University Rowing Club (Yehia/Aldridge) 
626Mx.2XWBKWalbrook RC (Gallagher/Gallagher) 
627Mx.2XSRCSudbury RC (Titterington/Nichols) 
628Mx.2XSRCSudbury RC (McLoughlin/Moule) 
629Op.2-FULFulham Reach RC (Barton/Dickens) 
630Op.2-FULFulham Reach RC (Gompertz/Field) 
631W.1.2XLERLeicester RC (Campbell/Henry) 
632W.1.2XMOSMossbourne Rowing Academy (Yesufu/De Abaitua) 
633W.Mas.DEF.2XWBK/HENWalbrook/Henley (Graham/Mehers =F) 
634Op.3.1XSIVSt Ives RC (Hammond) 
636Op.4.1XSIVSt Ives RC (Wright) 
635Mas.E.1XIPSIpswich RC (Jillings) 
638W.1A.1XLERLeicester RC (Henry) 
637W.Mas.A.1XLRCLondon RC (Jackson) 
639W.J16.1XMOSMossbourne Rowing Academy (Van Doorn) 
640W.PR3 1XSRCSudbury RC (Brown) 

Division 7 starts at 16:45

700Op.1.4XBRXBroxbourne RC (Cheale) 
701Op.4.4+CABCantabrigian RC (Steyn) 
703W.1.4XSRCSudbury RC (Moule) 
702Mas.E.4+STAStar Club (Gowing) 
704W.3.4+BIRBirmingham RC (Mulligan) 
705J15.4X+BEDBedford Rowing Club (Loveday) 
706J18.2XFULFulham Reach RC (Gompertz/Brading) 
707Mas.CD.2XSRCSudbury RC (White/King =D) 
708J16.2XBKSBecket School RC (Howick/Watt) 
709Mx.2XSRC/IPSSudbury/Ipswich (Goodchild/Nichols) 
710W.J16.2XFRCFairlop RC (Caidou/Fidegnon) 
711Op.1.1XPETPeterborough City (Mackenzie) 
712Op.1.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Westbrook) 
713Op.1.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Dingley) 
714Op.2.1XJECJesus College, Cambridge (Pearson) 
715Op.2.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Glasspool) 
716Op.2.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Pratt) 
718Op.4.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Baran) 
717Mas.D.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Brown) 
719J16.1XBKSBecket School RC (Leigh) 
720Mas.GH.1XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Banham-Hall =G) 

Division 8 starts at 17:45

800Op.1.4-BEDBedford Rowing Club (Dingley) 
804Op.2.4+BEDBedford Rowing Club (Young) 
801Op.1.4-FULFulham Reach RC (Forrest) 
802Op.2.4-FULFulham Reach RC (Taylor) 
805W.1.4XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Cooke) 
803Op.2.4-FULFulham Reach RC (Grimwood) 
806J15.4X+BEDBedford Rowing Club (Fisher) 
807J14.4X+FULFulham Reach RC (Lyons) 
808Mas.EF.2XSRCSudbury RC (Arnott/Moriarty =F)