Bedford Spring Fours & Small Boats Head

Sunday 8th April 2018

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Division 8 starts at 17:45

800Op.1.4-BEDBedford Rowing Club (Dingley) 
804Op.2.4+BEDBedford Rowing Club (Young) 
801Op.1.4-FULFulham Reach RC (Forrest) 
802Op.2.4-FULFulham Reach RC (Taylor) 
805W.1.4XBEDBedford Rowing Club (Cooke) 
803Op.2.4-FULFulham Reach RC (Grimwood) 
806J15.4X+BEDBedford Rowing Club (Fisher) 
807J14.4X+FULFulham Reach RC (Lyons) 
808Mas.EF.2XSRCSudbury RC (Arnott/Moriarty =F)