Bedford Spring Fours & Small Boats Head

Sunday 8th April 2018

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Division 2 starts at 10:30

200Op.1.4XPeterborough City / RAF RCs (King) 
201Op.1.4-London RC (Senior) 
202Op.1.4-London RC (Mend??a) 
203Op.2.4-London RC (Plantenga) 
204Op.3.4-Northampton RC (Tinant) 
205Op.1.4+London RC (Williams)Time Only
206Op.1.4+London RC (Reeder)Time Only
207Op.2.4+Milton Keynes RC (Smith) 
208Mas.D.4XBroxbourne RC (Kelly) 
209Mas.D.4+Broxbourne RC (Hosking) 
210W.2.4XPeterborough City (Parker) 
211W.2.4XLeicester RC (Haracz) 
212Mas.E.4XPeterborough City (Blackman) 
213Mas.E.4XOundle Town RC (Dunn) 
214Op.1.1XStar Club (Taylor) 
215Mas.E.4XMilton Keynes RC (Bidgood) 
216Mas.E.4+Star Club (Hunt) 
217W.3.4+Broxbourne RC (Harvey) 
218W.Mas.AB.4+Peterborough City (Read =A) 
219W.Mas.EF.4XOundle Town RC (Stratton =E) 
220W.Mas.EF.4XBroxbourne RC (Taylor =E) 
221W.Mas.EF.4XWalbrook RC (Bullard =E) 
222W.Mas.EF.4XWalbrook RC (Field =F) 
223W.4X+St Neots RC (W1) 
224W.Mas.EF.4+Star Club (Appleton =E) 
225J14.4X+Oundle Town RC (Cruise) 
226Mas.CD.2XMedway Towns RC (Martin/Humphrey =C) 
227Op.1.1XLeicester RC (Harding) 
228J16.2XNorthampton RC (McDonnell/Wheeler) 
229J16.2XNorthampton RC (Curtis/Murphy) 
230Op.2-Oundle Town RC (Bradshaw/Dunn) 
231Mx.2XPoplar Blackwall & District (Ohene/Wade) 
232W.J18.2XBroxbourne RC (Lewis/Marsden) 
233W.1.2XSudbury/Ipswich (Titterington/Goodchild) 
234W.2.2XOundle Town RC (Attley/Smith) 
235Mx.Mas.CDE.2XPoplar Blackwall & District (Dwan/Reid =E) 
236Mx.Mas.CDE.2XOundle Town RC (Bishop/Dunn =E) 
237Mx.Mas.CDE.2XChampion of the Thames (Millar/Reed =E) 
238W.J16.2XLeicester RC (Henry/Campbell) 
239W.Mas.ABC.2XStar Club (King/Knight =C) 
240Mas.E.2-Oundle Town RC (Quigley/Heaney) 
241W.Mas.DEF.2XLeicester RC (Horrocks/Pulford =E) 
242Op.1.1XWalbrook RC (Gallagher) 
243Op.1.1XSt Neots RC (Todd) 
244Op.2.1XLeicester RC (Cook) 
245Op.2.1XLeicester RC (Bowles) 
246Op.3.1XMilton Keynes RC (Uvira) 
247Op.3.1XBedford Rowing Club (Malys) 
248Op.3.1XBedford Rowing Club (Loveday) 
249Op.3.1XLeicester RC (Clark) 
250Op.4.1XBedford Rowing Club (Fisher) 
251Op.3.1XBroxbourne RC (Marsden) 
252J17.1XLeicester RC (Clark) 
253Mas.D.1XBroxbourne RC (O'Puirseil) 
254Mas.E.1XWalbrook RC (Robinson) 
255J16.1XBedford Rowing Club (Kilby) 
256J16.1XNottingham RC (Albery) 
257W.1A.1XWalbrook RC (Gallagher) 
258W.1A.1XLondon RC (Jackson) 
259W.2.1XBroxbourne RC (Taylor) 
260Mas.GH.2XStar Club (Crowther/Blackley =H) 
261W.J18.1XMossbourne Rowing Academy (Laukyte) 
262W.J16.1XLeicester RC (Henry)