Bedford Spring Fours & Small Boats Head

Sunday 8th April 2018

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Division 6 starts at 15:30

600Op.1.4XLeicester RC (Bowles) 
601Op.1.4XPeterborough City / RAF RCs (King)Time Only
612Op.2.4XBirmingham RC (Cutts) 
602J18.4XCantabrigian RC (James) 
603Op.1.4-London RC (Senior) 
604Op.1.4-London RC (Plantenga) 
605Op.2.4-Bedford Rowing Club (Dingley) 
606Op.2.4-London RC (Mend??a) 
608Op.1.4-Bedford Rowing Club (Young) 
609Op.1.4+London RC (Wing)Time Only
610Op.1.4+London RC (Reeder)Time Only
611Mas.BC.4+Nottingham RC (Bracun =B) 
614Mas.BC.4+Bedford Rowing Club (Rodney =C) 
618W.1.4XSudbury RC (Treagust) 
615Mas.D.4XSt Ives RC (Ashmore) 
613Op.2.4XBedford Rowing Club (Reed) 
616Mas.D.4+Milton Keynes RC (Capp) 
607Op.2.4-Fulham Reach RC (Grimwood) 
621W.2.4+Peterborough City (Dobler) 
617W.Mas.AB.4+Peterborough City (Parker =B) 
619W.J16.4XBedford Rowing Club (Monaghan) 
620Mx.Mas.EF.4XChampion of the Thames (Reed =F) 
622Mas.GH.4-Norwich RC (Miller =H) 
623J14.4X+Mossbourne Rowing Academy (Carrick) 
624Mas.CD.2XLeicester RC (Wright/Clark =C) 
625Op.2.2XBirmingham City University Rowing Club (Yehia/Aldridge) 
626Mx.2XWalbrook RC (Gallagher/Gallagher) 
627Mx.2XSudbury RC (Titterington/Nichols) 
628Mx.2XSudbury RC (McLoughlin/Moule) 
629Op.2-Fulham Reach RC (Barton/Dickens) 
630Op.2-Fulham Reach RC (Gompertz/Field) 
631W.1.2XLeicester RC (Campbell/Henry) 
632W.1.2XMossbourne Rowing Academy (Yesufu/De Abaitua) 
633W.Mas.DEF.2XWalbrook/Henley (Graham/Mehers =F) 
634Op.3.1XSt Ives RC (Hammond) 
636Op.4.1XSt Ives RC (Wright) 
635Mas.E.1XIpswich RC (Jillings) 
638W.1A.1XLeicester RC (Henry) 
637W.Mas.A.1XLondon RC (Jackson) 
639W.J16.1XMossbourne Rowing Academy (Van Doorn) 
640W.PR3 1XSudbury RC (Brown)