Shrewsbury Regatta

Saturday 9th May 2009

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Results for Rex BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s)BoathouseQuarryVerdict
708:42NOV.2X40(194) RGS Worcester BC (Gibson/Hampson)(195) Derby RC (Nurick/Levy)1/2 length
808:44NOV.2X42(200) Rex BC (Miller/Wilson)(201) Ramsey RC (Jones/Robb)1 length
308:34NOV.2X51(203) Bewdley RC (Harding/Ray)(204) RGS Worcester BC (Johnson/Middlebrough)easily
4009:48NOV.2X112(195) Derby RC (Nurick/Levy)(196) Pengwern RC (Ruxton/Bush)easily
4109:50NOV.2X112(197) Guildford RC (Manton/Sadler)(198) The Grange School Hartford (Gaskell/Dickerson)1 1/2 lengths
4209:52NOV.2X142(199) Trent RC (Pountney/Scott)(200) Rex BC (Miller/Wilson)1 length
5110:10NOV.2X142(202) Leicester RC (Fox/Hepworth)(203) Bewdley RC (Harding/Ray)1 1/4 lengths
11212:18NOV.2X223(196) Pengwern RC (Ruxton/Bush)(197) Guildford RC (Manton/Sadler)easily
14213:24NOV.2X223(199) Trent RC (Pountney/Scott)(202) Leicester RC (Fox/Hepworth)2 lengths
22316:14NOV.2X (197) Guildford RC (Manton/Sadler)(199) Trent RC (Pountney/Scott)1/3 length