Shrewsbury Regatta

Saturday 9th May 2009

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Results for Status Change

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s)BoathouseQuarryVerdict
16414:08IM1.8+251(2) Status Change(3) Royal Shrewsbury School (Davey)Row Over
25117:18IM1.8+ (1) Royal Shrewsbury School (Mori)(3) Royal Shrewsbury School (Davey)1 length
17714:40IM2.8+273(4) Bridgnorth RC (Griffin)(5) Bewdley/Stourport (BEW-PRINCE)easily
17014:20IM2.8+273(6) Status Change(7) Royal Shrewsbury School (Mori)Row Over
27318:04IM2.8+ (5) Bewdley/Stourport (BEW-PRINCE)(7) Royal Shrewsbury School (Mori)2 lengths
1408:56IM3.8+80(15) Status Change(16) Kings School Chester RC (Sears)Row Over
7210:58IM3.8+209(8) University of Chester (Norris)(9) Kings School Chester RC (Leech)1 1/2 lengths
8611:26IM3.8+209(10) Kings School Worcester BC (Wickham)(11) Royal Shrewsbury School (J15A)Row Over
7911:12IM3.8+167(12) Kings School Worcester BC (Scholes)(13) Bridgnorth RC (Brown)2/36 length
8011:14IM3.8+167(14) Royal Shrewsbury School (J15B)(16) Kings School Chester RC (Sears)1 1/2 lengths
20915:46IM3.8+256(9) Kings School Chester RC (Leech)(11) Royal Shrewsbury School (J15A)a canvas
16714:14IM3.8+256(12) Kings School Worcester BC (Scholes)(16) Kings School Chester RC (Sears)2 lengths
25617:28IM3.8+ (9) Kings School Chester RC (Leech)(12) Kings School Worcester BC (Scholes)2/3 length
14313:26J15.8+235(27) Status Change(28) Kings School Chester RC (Cartmell)Row Over
23516:44J15.8+ (26) Royal Shrewsbury School (Chisholm)(28) Kings School Chester RC (Cartmell)3/4 length
17814:42J14.8X271(44) Status Change(45) Royal Shrewsbury School (J14 A octo)Row Over
27117:58J14.8X (43) Kings School Chester RC (Lewis)(45) Royal Shrewsbury School (J14 A octo)3 lengths
18114:50IM1.4+261(50) Trafford RC (Benjamin)(51) Guildford RC (Munton)3 feet
18615:00IM1.4+261(52) Royal Shrewsbury School (Spencer Jones)(53) Bewdley RC (Collier)easily
26117:38IM1.4+ (50) Trafford RC (Benjamin)(52) Royal Shrewsbury School (Spencer Jones)5 lengths
2109:10IM2.4+91(54) Warwick BC (Gosling)(55) Trafford RC (Benjamin)1 1/2 lengths
4409:56IM2.4+83(57) Northampton RC (Townsend)(58) Bewdley RC (Barker)2 lengths
2209:12IM2.4+83(59) Status Change(60) Warrington RC (Budd)
9111:36IM2.4+205(55) Trafford RC (Benjamin)(56) Kings School Chester RC (Kinsey)easily
8311:20IM2.4+205(58) Bewdley RC (Barker)(59) Status ChangeRow Over
20515:38IM2.4+ (56) Kings School Chester RC (Kinsey)Winner of Race 443 lengths
5210:12IM3.4+135(61) Kings School Chester RC (Leech)(62) Royal Shrewsbury School (Stringer)a canvas
7010:54IM3.4+137(65) Status Change(66) Leicester RC (Fox)Row Over
13513:10IM3.4+228(62) Royal Shrewsbury School (Stringer)(63) RGS Worcester BC (Lawrence). lengths
13713:14IM3.4+228(64) Hereford RC (Olds)(66) Leicester RC (Fox)1 3/4 lengths
22816:24IM3.4+ (62) Royal Shrewsbury School (Stringer)(64) Hereford RC (Olds)2/3 length
108:30W.IM3.4+23(94) Guildford RC (Poole)(95) Shrewsbury High School (Shrewsbury HS / Pengwern)3 lengths
408:36W.IM3.4+50(100) University of Chester (Johnson)(101) Royal Chester/Stoke RA (RCH-SAHLMAN)easily
208:32W.IM3.4+24(103) Northampton RC (White)(104) Birmingham RC (O Keefe)a canvas
2309:14W.IM3.4+99(94) Guildford RC (Poole)(96) Liverpool Victoria RC (Kuguloglu)easily
2009:08W.IM3.4+99(97) Trafford RC (Lancaster)(98) Ironbridge RC (Staniforth)a canvas
5010:08W.IM3.4+97(99) De Montfort University RC (Richardson)(100) University of Chester (Johnson)4 lengths
2409:16W.IM3.4+97(102) Status Change(103) Northampton RC (White)Row Over
9911:52W.IM3.4+203(94) Guildford RC (Poole)(97) Trafford RC (Lancaster)1 length
9711:48W.IM3.4+203(100) University of Chester (Johnson)(103) Northampton RC (White)easily
20315:34W.IM3.4+ (97) Trafford RC (Lancaster)(100) University of Chester (Johnson)easily
17614:38W.IM3.4-269(123) Status Change(124) Birmingham RC (Jeff)Row Over
26917:54W.IM3.4- (122) Kings School Worcester BC (Walden)(124) Birmingham RC (Jeff)Not Rowed Out
16614:12IM2.4X259(125) Trent RC (Holmes Cave Williams Scott)(126) Loughborough RC (Martin)2 feet
15313:46IM2.4X259(127) Bridgnorth RC (Wallis)(128) Status ChangeRow Over
25917:34IM2.4X (126) Loughborough RC (Martin)(127) Bridgnorth RC (Wallis)4 lengths
2609:20W.IM2.4X105(139) Status Change(140) Liverpool Victoria RC (Griffiths)Row Over
14413:28W.IM2.4X198(136) Northampton RC (Wing)(137) Leicester RC (Brunton)1 length
10512:04W.IM2.4X198(138) Nottingham RC (Hyde 4x-)(140) Liverpool Victoria RC (Griffiths)Not Rowed Out
19815:24W.IM2.4X (137) Leicester RC (Brunton)(138) Nottingham RC (Hyde 4x-)5 lengths
6610:46J15.4X+169(145) Kings School Chester RC (Marsden)(146) Liverpool Victoria RC (Kuguloglu)Row Over
7311:00J15.4X+163(149) Status Change(150) Kings School Worcester BC (Maitland)Row Over
16914:18J15.4X+267(145) Kings School Chester RC (Marsden)(147) Leicester RC (Davison)
16314:06J15.4X+267(148) Nottingham RC (Jones/Townsend/Topham/Caston)(150) Kings School Worcester BC (Maitland)3 feet
26717:50J15.4X+ (145) Kings School Chester RC (Marsden)(148) Nottingham RC (Jones/Townsend/Topham/Caston)easily
6010:28J14.4X+134(156) Status Change(157) Leicester RC (Davison)Row Over
15113:42J14.4X+244(153) Kings School Chester RC (Lewis)(154) The Grange School Hartford (Whittaker)1 foot
13413:08J14.4X+244(155) Royal Shrewsbury School (J14 A quad)(157) Leicester RC (Davison)easily
24417:02J14.4X+ (153) Kings School Chester RC (Lewis)(155) Royal Shrewsbury School (J14 A quad)1 foot
18314:54W.J14.4X+263(175) Status Change(176) Kings School Worcester BC (Haddock)Row Over
26317:42W.J14.4X+ (174) Royal Chester RC (Houghton)(176) Kings School Worcester BC (Haddock)2 1/2 lengths
16114:02IM3.2-257(186) Status Change(187) Kings School Chester RC (Lewis/Atkin)Row Over
25717:30IM3.2- (185) RGS Worcester BC (Menhinick/Lawrence)(187) Kings School Chester RC (Lewis/Atkin)easily
2709:22IM3.2X103(188) Burton Leander RC (Ganley/Isard)(189) Liverpool Victoria RC (Bundy/McDonough)easily
2809:24IM3.2X96(192) Status Change(193) Trent RC (Holmes/Williams)Row Over
10312:00IM3.2X194(188) Burton Leander RC (Ganley/Isard)(190) Northampton RC (Japp/Webb)easily
9611:46IM3.2X194(191) Royal Shrewsbury School (Jarvis/Davis)(193) Trent RC (Holmes/Williams)3 lengths
19415:16IM3.2X (190) Northampton RC (Japp/Webb)(191) Royal Shrewsbury School (Jarvis/Davis)1 length
8911:32J15.2X193(225) Status Change(226) Leicester RC (Byrne/Ogg)Row Over
19315:14J15.2X (224) Royal Chester RC (Anderson/Houghton)(226) Leicester RC (Byrne/Ogg)easily
14513:30W.IM2.2X200(229) Guildford RC (Lucas/Johnson)(230) Northampton RC (Bell/Westcott)easily
10812:10W.IM2.2X200(231) Status Change(232) Pengwern RC (Vaughan/Warren)Row Over
20015:28W.IM2.2X (229) Guildford RC (Lucas/Johnson)(232) Pengwern RC (Vaughan/Warren)2 feet
3209:32W.J14.2X118(247) Status Change(248) Nottingham RC (Millett/Lyons)Row Over
11512:24W.J14.2X214(244) Kings School Worcester BC (Parsons/Haddock)(245) Royal Chester RC (Smith/Fields)1 length
11812:30W.J14.2X214(246) Norwich RC (Thomas/Appleton)(248) Nottingham RC (Millett/Lyons)
21415:56W.J14.2X (244) Kings School Worcester BC (Parsons/Haddock)(246) Norwich RC (Thomas/Appleton)easily
6210:38Mx.IM3.2X122(252) Northampton RC (Tanqueray/Japp)(253) Northampton RC (Pennington/Westcott)1 3/4 lengths
1909:06Mx.IM3.2X94(256) Status Change(257) Northampton RC (Moore/Edge)Row Over
12212:44Mx.IM3.2X196(253) Northampton RC (Pennington/Westcott)(254) Northampton RC (Tanqueray/Tanqueray)1 length
9411:42Mx.IM3.2X196(255) Trent RC (Cave/Elson)(257) Northampton RC (Moore/Edge)easily
19615:20Mx.IM3.2X (253) Northampton RC (Pennington/Westcott)(257) Northampton RC (Moore/Edge)5 lengths
10111:56IM2.1X195(260) Northwich RC (Silk)(261) Stourport BC (Wrafter)2 lengths
10412:02IM2.1X195(262) Status Change(263) Pengwern RC (Davis)Row Over
19515:18IM2.1X (261) Stourport BC (Wrafter)(263) Pengwern RC (Davis)easily
508:38IM3.1X33(264) Abingdon RC (Senior)(265) Derby RC (Fields)easily
608:40IM3.1X35(272) Status Change(273) Derby RC (Fedorov)1 1/2 lengths
3309:34IM3.1X149(265) Derby RC (Fields)(266) Bewdley RC (Carey)easily
3409:36IM3.1X149(267) Liverpool Victoria RC (Maloney)(268) Pengwern RC (Sebastian)easily
6710:48IM3.1X125(269) Guildford RC (Craig)(270) Northampton RC (Moore)1 length
3509:38IM3.1X125(271) Nottingham RC (Royles)(273) Derby RC (Fedorov)easily
14913:38IM3.1X218(265) Derby RC (Fields)(268) Pengwern RC (Sebastian)2 lengths
12512:50IM3.1X218(270) Northampton RC (Moore)(273) Derby RC (Fedorov)3 lengths
21816:04IM3.1X (265) Derby RC (Fields)(270) Northampton RC (Moore)1 length
3609:40J15.1X127(312) Status Change(313) Kings School Worcester BC (James)Row Over
12612:52J15.1X221(309) Leicester RC (Orzel)(310) Pengwern RC (Shaw)easily
12712:54J15.1X221(311) Norwich RC (Hoogland)(313) Kings School Worcester BC (James)2 lengths
22116:10J15.1X (310) Pengwern RC (Shaw)(311) Norwich RC (Hoogland)easily
4810:04W.IM2.1X171(321) Guildford RC (Lucas)(322) Liverpool Victoria RC (Griffiths)easily
8511:24W.IM2.1X168(324) Northampton RC (Tanqueray)(325) Bridgnorth RC (Jukes)1/2 length
4309:54W.IM2.1X168(326) Status Change(327) Guildford RC (Johnson)Row Over
17114:22W.IM2.1X227(321) Guildford RC (Lucas)(323) Northampton RC (Smith)easily
16814:16W.IM2.1X227(325) Bridgnorth RC (Jukes)(327) Guildford RC (Johnson)1 length
22716:22W.IM2.1X (321) Guildford RC (Lucas)(325) Bridgnorth RC (Jukes)3 lengths
14713:34W.J14.1X224(346) Nottingham RC (Royles)(347) Norwich RC (Appleton)easily
14813:36W.J14.1X224(348) The Grange School Hartford (Ford)(349) Status ChangeRow Over
22416:16W.J14.1X (347) Norwich RC (Appleton)(348) The Grange School Hartford (Ford)2 feet