Hexham Regatta

Saturday 6th June 2009

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Results for Newcastle University BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race North SouthTimeVerdict
11412:57IM3.8+141NEW(110) Newcastle University BC (Pridgeon)HAT(111) Hatfield College BC (Aylward) 
14113:57IM3.8+ AID(109) St Aidans (Durham) BC (Robertson)Winner of Race 114 
14714:30NOV.8+163SJC(212) St Johns College (Durham) BC (Glaeser)SCB(213) St Cuthbert`s Society BC (Lin) 
15614:50NOV.8+185NEW(205) Newcastle University BC (Pridgeon)HAT(206) Hatfield College BC (Tombs) 
15714:52NOV.8+185AID(207) St Aidans (Durham) BC (Peace)DUS/SLS(208) Durham School/St Leonards 
15814:54NOV.8+186SHB(209) St Hild & St Bede College BC (Hooper)COC(210) Collingwood College BC (Durham) (Beckett) 
16315:06NOV.8+186BTL(211) Butler College BC (Hardy)Winner of Race 147 
18515:55NOV.8+209Winner of Race 156Winner of Race 157 
18615:57NOV.8+209Winner of Race 158Winner of Race 163 
20916:49NOV.8+ Winner of Race 185Winner of Race 186 
108:30NOV.4+ (A)19GSC(12) Stephenson College BC (Ward)VAN(13) Van Mildert College BC (Holder) 
208:32NOV.4+ (A)18JSC(18) John Snow College (Chamberlain)AID(19) St Aidans (Durham) BC (Coy) 
308:34NOV.4+ (A)21SCH(21) St Chads College BC (Abraham)TRV(22) Trevelyan College BC (Stacked) 
1909:10NOV.4+ (A)48Winner of Race 1NEW(14) Newcastle University BC (Pridgeon) 
2009:12NOV.4+ (A)48CBS(15) Cambois Arc (Dixon)SHB(16) St Hild & St Bede College BC (Potts) 
1809:08NOV.4+ (A)51HAT(17) Hatfield College BC (Tombs)Winner of Race 2 
2109:15NOV.4+ (A)51SMC(20) St Marys College BC (Cross)Winner of Race 3 
4810:15NOV.4+ (A)75Winner of Race 19Winner of Race 20 
5110:22NOV.4+ (A)75Winner of Race 18Winner of Race 21 
7511:16NOV.4+ (A) Winner of Race 48Winner of Race 51 
408:36NOV.4+ (B)22DUR(23) Durham ARC (Jardine)HAT(24) Hatfield College BC (Schulz) 
508:39NOV.4+ (B)23UST(26) Ustinov College BC (Carter)UCD(27) University College Durham BC (Martell) 
608:41NOV.4+ (B)24SCB(30) St Cuthbert`s Society BC (Appleton)NEW(31) Newcastle University BC (Barker) 
708:43NOV.4+ (B)25VAN(33) Van Mildert College BC (Wood)SHB(34) St Hild & St Bede College BC (Willets) 
2209:17NOV.4+ (B)49Winner of Race 4TEE(25) Tees RC (Mellor) 
2309:19NOV.4+ (B)49Winner of Race 5COC(28) Collingwood College BC (Durham) (Alleway-Moger) 
2409:21NOV.4+ (B)50DUB(29) Durham University BC (Minns)Winner of Race 6 
2509:24NOV.4+ (B)50HAT(32) Hatfield College BC (Tuffin)Winner of Race 7 
4910:18NOV.4+ (B)76Winner of Race 22Winner of Race 23 
5010:20NOV.4+ (B)76Winner of Race 24Winner of Race 25 
7611:18NOV.4+ (B) Winner of Race 49Winner of Race 50