Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 9th May 2009

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Results for Bedford Rowing Club

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
19815:42IM2.4+264BED(166) Bedford Rowing ClubNSC(168) Norwich School (Girling)3:414 lengths
19715:40IM2.4+264ULO(169) University of London (Tickell)ETN(170) Eton College BC3:514 lengths
26418:15IM2.4+ NSC(168) Norwich School (Girling)ULO(169) University of London (Tickell)3:401 length
1008:33NOV.4+91 / 263RAD(183) Radley College BC (Richards)PET(184) Peterborough City (Scutts)NTTRow Over
1208:38NOV.4+111 / 90BED(189) Bedford Rowing Club (Williams)HSB(190) HSBC RC (Chouhan)4:221 1/4 lengths
1308:40NOV.4+75 / 96BRX(191) Broxbourne RC (Foden)BMS(192) Bedford Modern School (Glasspool)4:021/2 length
2609:07NOV.4+75 / 90NSC(193) Norwich School (Moghaddas)RAD(194) Radley College BC (Fournier)NTTRow Over
3909:34NOV.4+99 / 80UEA(195) University of East Anglia (Harland)ULO(196) University of London (Bennett)3:573 lengths
1408:42NOV.4+110 / 92STA(198) Star Club (Tredget)SES(199) St Edward's School BC (Lucas)NTTRow Over
1508:44NOV.4+97 / 80ORA(202) The Oratory School (Holliss)NSC(203) Norwich School (Watts)4:39Row Over
1708:48NOV.4+77 / 92PET(204) Peterborough City (Clow)KRC(205) Kingston Rowing Club (Lavagna)4:134 lengths
1808:50NOV.4+77 / 207PAN(206) Pangbourne College BC (B)RAD(207) Radley College BC (B)4:454 lengths
9111:40NOV.4+184 / 203PET(184) Peterborough City (Scutts)KRC(185) Kingston Rowing Club (Bugg)4:09easily
1108:36NOV.4+184 / 96ETN(186) Eton College BCPAN(187) Pangbourne College BC (A)3:54easily
11112:22NOV.4+189 / 207NSC(188) Norwich School (Rickett)BED(189) Bedford Rowing Club (Williams)3:49Disqualified
7511:00NOV.4+189BRX(191) Broxbourne RC (Foden)NSC(193) Norwich School (Moghaddas)4:16easily
9911:56NOV.4+182 / 200UEA(195) University of East Anglia (Harland)BDS(197) Bedford School (Chard)4:023 1/2 lengths
11012:19NOV.4+182 / 203STA(198) Star Club (Tredget)OUN(200) Oundle School BC (Anderson)4:13easily
9711:52NOV.4+175 / 200ABS(201) Abingdon School (Elliot)NSC(203) Norwich School (Watts)4:15easily
7711:04NOV.4+175KRC(205) Kingston Rowing Club (Lavagna)PAN(206) Pangbourne College BC (B)5:11easily
18415:13NOV.4+239KRC(185) Kingston Rowing Club (Bugg)PAN(187) Pangbourne College BC (A)3:042 lengths
18915:23NOV.4+239BED(189) Bedford Rowing Club (Williams)BRX(191) Broxbourne RC (Foden)4:03easily
18215:09NOV.4+254UEA(195) University of East Anglia (Harland)OUN(200) Oundle School BC (Anderson)4:04easily
17514:50NOV.4+254ABS(201) Abingdon School (Elliot)PAN(206) Pangbourne College BC (B)4:082 1/2 lengths
23917:14NOV.4+298PAN(187) Pangbourne College BC (A)BRX(191) Broxbourne RC (Foden)3:581 length
25417:54NOV.4+298UEA(195) University of East Anglia (Harland)ABS(201) Abingdon School (Elliot)3:59easily
29819:34NOV.4+ BRX(191) Broxbourne RC (Foden)UEA(195) University of East Anglia (Harland)3:573 lengths
20315:53NOV.4+ (P)255STA(198) Star Club (Tredget)PET(184) Peterborough City (Scutts)4:252 lengths
9211:42NOV.4+ (P)255PET(204) Peterborough City (Clow)SES(199) St Edward's School BC (Lucas)NTTRow Over
9011:37NOV.4+ (P)263RAD(194) Radley College BC (Fournier)HSB(190) HSBC RC (Chouhan)NTTRow Over
9611:50NOV.4+ (P)190ETN(186) Eton College BCBMS(192) Bedford Modern School (Glasspool)4:063 1/2 lengths
8011:14NOV.4+ (P)190ULO(196) University of London (Bennett)ORA(202) The Oratory School (Holliss)4:16Row Over
20716:01NOV.4+ (P)256RAD(207) Radley College BC (B)NSC(188) Norwich School (Rickett)4:25easily
20015:46NOV.4+ (P)256BDS(197) Bedford School (Chard)NSC(203) Norwich School (Watts)4:09easily
25517:56NOV.4+ (P)283PET(184) Peterborough City (Scutts)PET(204) Peterborough City (Clow)4:292 lengths
26318:13NOV.4+ (P)283HSB(190) HSBC RC (Chouhan)RAD(183) Radley College BC (Richards)NTTRow Over
19015:25NOV.4+ (P)281BMS(192) Bedford Modern School (Glasspool)ULO(196) University of London (Bennett)3:574 feet
25617:58NOV.4+ (P)281NSC(188) Norwich School (Rickett)BDS(197) Bedford School (Chard)4:13easily
28318:57NOV.4+ (P)299PET(204) Peterborough City (Clow)HSB(190) HSBC RC (Chouhan)NTT
28118:53NOV.4+ (P)299ULO(196) University of London (Bennett)BDS(197) Bedford School (Chard)4:022 lengths
29919:36NOV.4+ (P) Winner of Race 283ULO(196) University of London (Bennett)4:05easily
5910:26W.NOV.4+152KRC(259) Kingston Rowing Club (Dutreux)HSB(260) HSBC RC5:03Not Rowed Out
7410:58W.NOV.4+166DAH(265) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Gale)STA(266) Star Club (Payne)NTT4 lengths
7611:02W.NOV.4+167LEA(268) Lea Rowing Club (Broadwood)KRC(269) Kingston Rowing Club (Santiago)4:17easily
15213:58W.NOV.4+244HSB(260) HSBC RCLEA(261) Lea Rowing Club (Stevens)4:35easily
16514:25W.NOV.4+244BED(262) Bedford Rowing Club (Morris)BHS(263) Bedford High School RC (Brocklehurst)NTTRow Over
16614:27W.NOV.4+247NOR(264) Norwich RC (Prentice)DAH(265) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Gale)4:52easily
16714:29W.NOV.4+247PET(267) Peterborough City (Bigham)KRC(269) Kingston Rowing Club (Santiago)4:33easily
24417:27W.NOV.4+291LEA(261) Lea Rowing Club (Stevens)BHS(263) Bedford High School RC (Brocklehurst)4:381/2 length
24717:35W.NOV.4+291DAH(265) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Gale)KRC(269) Kingston Rowing Club (Santiago)4:292 lengths
29119:18W.NOV.4+ LEA(261) Lea Rowing Club (Stevens)KRC(269) Kingston Rowing Club (Santiago)4:313 lengths
13913:22W.NOV.4X+229BRX(279) Broxbourne RC (Morris)DAH(280) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Goodman)4:25easily
23016:55W.NOV.4X+280RDG(276) Reading RC (Covers)DAH(277) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Mountford)4:393 lengths
22916:53W.NOV.4X+280BED(278) Bedford Rowing Club (Fothergill)DAH(280) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Goodman)4:335 lengths
28018:50W.NOV.4X+ DAH(277) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Mountford)DAH(280) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Goodman)4:31easily