Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 9th May 2009

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Results for Lea Rowing Club

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
16814:31W.IM3.8+248BAL(108) Balliol College BCWOO(109) Wolfson College, Oxford3:561 1/4 lengths
17014:35W.IM3.8+248LEA(110) Lea Rowing Club (Podinovskaia)HSB(111) HSBC RCNTT1 1/4 lengths
17114:38W.IM3.8+249PEM(112) Pembroke College, CambridgeCHA(113) Champion of the Thames (Musgrave)4:013/4 length
17214:40W.IM3.8+249RDG(114) Reading RC (Connery)STA(115) Star Club (Rowles)3:551 length
24817:37W.IM3.8+292BAL(108) Balliol College BCHSB(111) HSBC RC4:021/2 length
24917:39W.IM3.8+292PEM(112) Pembroke College, CambridgeSTA(115) Star Club (Rowles)4:011/2 length
29219:20W.IM3.8+ BAL(108) Balliol College BCSTA(115) Star Club (Rowles)4:001 1/4 lengths
4209:41W.NOV.8+128UWK(116) Warwick University (Steenmans)KRC(117) Kingston Rowing Club (Griggs)4:233 lengths
4309:43W.NOV.8+118DOW(122) Downing College BC (Summer)BHS(123) Bedford High School RC (Bruce)4:062 lengths
4509:47W.NOV.8+126PMB(125) Pembroke College (Oxford) (Mant)KRC(126) Kingston Rowing Club (Aggarwal)NTTeasily
12812:59W.NOV.8+216UWK(116) Warwick University (Steenmans)WOO(118) Wolfson College, Oxford4:183/4 length
12512:51W.NOV.8+216SCO(119) St Catherine's College (Wherity)CCA(120) Anglia Ruskin (Mueller)4:102/3 length
11812:36W.NOV.8+217LEA(121) Lea Rowing Club (Broadwood)DOW(122) Downing College BC (Summer)4:11easily
12612:53W.NOV.8+217CHB(124) Christ ChurchPMB(125) Pembroke College (Oxford) (Mant)4:172 lengths
21616:22W.NOV.8+273UWK(116) Warwick University (Steenmans)SCO(119) St Catherine's College (Wherity)4:121 length
21716:24W.NOV.8+273DOW(122) Downing College BC (Summer)PMB(125) Pembroke College (Oxford) (Mant)4:064 lengths
27319:00W.NOV.8+ SCO(119) St Catherine's College (Wherity)DOW(122) Downing College BC (Summer)4:37easily
22216:35W.IM2.4+277LEA(246) Lea Rowing Club (Podinovskaia)KRC(247) Kingston Rowing Club (Etherington)4:13easily
27718:42W.IM2.4+ SES(245) St Edward's School (Mansfield)KRC(247) Kingston Rowing Club (Etherington)4:11easily
5910:26W.NOV.4+152KRC(259) Kingston Rowing Club (Dutreux)HSB(260) HSBC RC5:03Not Rowed Out
7410:58W.NOV.4+166DAH(265) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Gale)STA(266) Star Club (Payne)NTT4 lengths
7611:02W.NOV.4+167LEA(268) Lea Rowing Club (Broadwood)KRC(269) Kingston Rowing Club (Santiago)4:17easily
15213:58W.NOV.4+244HSB(260) HSBC RCLEA(261) Lea Rowing Club (Stevens)4:35easily
16514:25W.NOV.4+244BED(262) Bedford Rowing Club (Morris)BHS(263) Bedford High School RC (Brocklehurst)NTTRow Over
16614:27W.NOV.4+247NOR(264) Norwich RC (Prentice)DAH(265) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Gale)4:52easily
16714:29W.NOV.4+247PET(267) Peterborough City (Bigham)KRC(269) Kingston Rowing Club (Santiago)4:33easily
24417:27W.NOV.4+291LEA(261) Lea Rowing Club (Stevens)BHS(263) Bedford High School RC (Brocklehurst)4:381/2 length
24717:35W.NOV.4+291DAH(265) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Gale)KRC(269) Kingston Rowing Club (Santiago)4:292 lengths
29119:18W.NOV.4+ LEA(261) Lea Rowing Club (Stevens)KRC(269) Kingston Rowing Club (Santiago)4:313 lengths