Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 9th May 2009

Results for Junior 14 Octuples (2nd Boat)

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
4909:55J14S.8X143 / 245KGS(150) Kingston Grammar School (B)SPS(151) St Paul's School (B)NTTRow Over
5009:59J14S.8X142 / 245BMS(153) Bedford Modern School (Smith)ABS(154) Abingdon School (Maxted)4:062/3 length
5210:06J14S.8X146 / 241RAD(157) Radley College BC (A)PAN(158) Pangbourne College BC (B)4:20Row Over
5410:12J14S.8X127 / 145ABS(159) Abingdon School (Calnan)RAD(160) Radley College BC (C)4:221 1/2 lengths
5510:16J14S.8X127 / 145SPS(161) St Paul's School (C)BDS(162) Bedford School (Mills)4:463 lengths
14313:33J14S.8X228SPS(151) St Paul's School (B)RAD(152) Radley College BC (B)3:573 feet
14213:29J14S.8X228ABS(154) Abingdon School (Maxted)SES(155) St Edward's School BC (Dickens)4:21easily
14613:43J14S.8X224BDS(156) Bedford School (McGall)RAD(157) Radley College BC (A)4:055 lengths
12712:55J14S.8X224RAD(160) Radley College BC (C)SPS(161) St Paul's School (C)4:18easily
22816:49J14S.8X284RAD(152) Radley College BC (B)ABS(154) Abingdon School (Maxted)4:031 1/2 lengths
22416:39J14S.8X284RAD(157) Radley College BC (A)RAD(160) Radley College BC (C)4:061 1/2 lengths
28418:59J14S.8X RAD(152) Radley College BC (B)RAD(157) Radley College BC (A)4:001/2 length
14513:39J14S.8X (P)241ABS(159) Abingdon School (Calnan)BDS(162) Bedford School (Mills)4:225 lengths
24517:29J14S.8X (P)285KGS(150) Kingston Grammar School (B)BMS(153) Bedford Modern School (Smith)NTTRow Over
24117:19J14S.8X (P)285BDS(156) Bedford School (McGall)ABS(159) Abingdon School (Calnan)NTT
28519:03J14S.8X (P) BMS(153) Bedford Modern School (Smith)BDS(156) Bedford School (McGall)4:051 1/2 lengths