Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 12th July 2009

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Results for Lincoln Rowing Centre

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse EmbankmentTimeVerdict
11014:57VC.4X146LCN(51) Lincoln Rowing Centre (C - Sockell)MIK(52) Milton Keynes RC (C - Grossey)2:081 length
14616:45VC.4X NOR(50) Norwich RC (D - Ashcroft)LCN(51) Lincoln Rowing Centre (C - Sockell)2:121 3/4 lengths
4311:36NOV.2X98BRX(71) Broxbourne RC (Mould/Jenkins)LCN(72) Lincoln Rowing Centre (Walker/Sockell)2:172 lengths
4711:48NOV.2X95BED(74) Bedford Rowing Club (Bayer/Vogel)SIV(75) St Ives RC (Gilbey/Harrison)2:121 1/2 lengths
4411:39NOV.2X95NTN(76) Northampton RC (Bates/Davies)LCN(77) Lincoln Rowing Centre (Olivant/Dyer)2:181 1/2 lengths
9814:21NOV.2X135BRX(71) Broxbourne RC (Mould/Jenkins)STA(73) Star Club (Stockton/Tapley)2:102 1/2 feet
9514:12NOV.2X135BED(74) Bedford Rowing Club (Bayer/Vogel)NTN(76) Northampton RC (Bates/Davies)2:14easily
13516:30NOV.2X BRX(71) Broxbourne RC (Mould/Jenkins)BED(74) Bedford Rowing Club (Bayer/Vogel)2:103/4 length
109:30W.IM3.1X33STA(172) Star Club (Grimley)BRX(173) Broxbourne RC (Turnham)2:404 lengths
209:33W.IM3.1X36STA(180) Star Club (Macdonald-Smith)BRX(181) Broxbourne RC (Gilliver)2:583 lengths
3311:06W.IM3.1X80STA(172) Star Club (Grimley)STA(174) Star Club (Huckle)2:342 1/2 lengths
3010:57W.IM3.1X80LCN(175) Lincoln Rowing Centre (Elkington)NTN(176) Northampton RC (Smith)2:504 lengths
3111:00W.IM3.1X83CAB(177) Cantabrigian RC (Talbot)BED(178) Bedford Rowing Club (Swift)2:395 lengths
3611:15W.IM3.1X83DBY(179) Derby RC (Seymour)STA(180) Star Club (Macdonald-Smith)3:05easily
8013:27W.IM3.1X127STA(172) Star Club (Grimley)LCN(175) Lincoln Rowing Centre (Elkington)2:39easily
8313:36W.IM3.1X127CAB(177) Cantabrigian RC (Talbot)STA(180) Star Club (Macdonald-Smith)2:402 3/4 lengths
12715:48W.IM3.1X STA(172) Star Club (Grimley)CAB(177) Cantabrigian RC (Talbot)2:314 lengths