Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 12th July 2009

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Results for Staines BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse EmbankmentTimeVerdict
1510:12NOV.4+55STN(22) Staines BC (Jarrett)QMC(23) Queen Mary UL BC2:152 lengths
1610:15NOV.4+59PET(30) Peterborough City (Gordon)STN(31) Staines BC (Crichton)2:092 1/2 lengths
5512:12NOV.4+111QMC(23) Queen Mary UL BCPET(24) Peterborough City (Clow)2:54Row Over
5712:18NOV.4+111NTN(25) Northampton RCBMS(26) Bedford Modern School2:264 lengths
5612:15NOV.4+109STA(27) Star ClubSRC(28) Sudbury RC2:01Row Over
5912:24NOV.4+109BRX(29) Broxbourne RCPET(30) Peterborough City (Gordon)2:102/3 length
11115:00NOV.4+148QMC(23) Queen Mary UL BCBMS(26) Bedford Modern School2:101 3/4 lengths
10914:54NOV.4+148SRC(28) Sudbury RCBRX(29) Broxbourne RC2:051 length
14816:51NOV.4+ QMC(23) Queen Mary UL BCSRC(28) Sudbury RC2:061/2 length
5412:09W.NOV.4+113BRX(41) Broxbourne RCNTN(42) Northampton RC2:38easily
11415:09W.NOV.4+155NOR(38) Norwich RCSTA(39) Star Club2:261 length
11315:06W.NOV.4+155STN(40) Staines BCBRX(41) Broxbourne RCNTT3/4 length
15517:12W.NOV.4+ STA(39) Star ClubBRX(41) Broxbourne RC2:282 1/2 lengths
2710:48VC.1X68PTR(139) Putney Town RC (D - Langley)SNE(140) St Neots RC (C - Fox)2:251 length
2610:45VC.1X71NTN(143) Northampton RC (C - Tanqueray)STN(144) Staines BC (E - Tollett)2:341 1/2 lengths
6812:51VC.1X122PTR(139) Putney Town RC (D - Langley)BED(141) Bedford Rowing Club (D - Dickens)2:352 lengths
7113:00VC.1X122SRC(142) Sudbury RC (C - Bevan)NTN(143) Northampton RC (C - Tanqueray)2:41easily
12215:33VC.1X PTR(139) Putney Town RC (D - Langley)SRC(142) Sudbury RC (C - Bevan)2:333 lengths
409:39IM3.1X38NTN(111) Northampton RC (Moore)FTT(112) First and Third Trinity BC (Gruessing)2:123 1/2 lengths
509:42IM3.1X38CAM(113) City of Cambridge (Lawlor-Anderson)STN(114) Staines BC (Tollett)NTTRow Over
609:45IM3.1X39STA(115) Star Club (Sangster)BED(116) Bedford Rowing Club (Larkworthy)2:211/2 length
709:48IM3.1X39SNE(117) St Neots RC (Fox)OUT(118) Oundle Town RC (Stratton)2:311 foot
809:51IM3.1X37PET(119) Peterborough City (Timms)BRX(120) Broxbourne RC (Moody)2:261 1/2 lengths
909:54IM3.1X37SRC(121) Sudbury RC (Bevan)LMB(122) Lady Margaret BC (Gray)2:23easily
309:36IM3.1X40STN(123) Staines BC (Roser)NTN(124) Northampton RC (Parmiter)2:241 2/3 lengths
1009:57IM3.1X40BED(125) Bedford Rowing Club (Bland)CAM(126) City of Cambridge (Redman)2:172 1/2 lengths
3811:21IM3.1X88FTT(112) First and Third Trinity BC (Gruessing)STN(114) Staines BC (Tollett)2:253 1/2 lengths
3911:24IM3.1X88STA(115) Star Club (Sangster)OUT(118) Oundle Town RC (Stratton)2:23Not Rowed Out
3711:18IM3.1X89PET(119) Peterborough City (Timms)LMB(122) Lady Margaret BC (Gray)2:173 lengths
4011:27IM3.1X89STN(123) Staines BC (Roser)CAM(126) City of Cambridge (Redman)2:151 foot
8813:51IM3.1X142FTT(112) First and Third Trinity BC (Gruessing)STA(115) Star Club (Sangster)2:182 1/2 lengths
8913:54IM3.1X142LMB(122) Lady Margaret BC (Gray)STN(123) Staines BC (Roser)2:143 lengths
14216:33IM3.1X FTT(112) First and Third Trinity BC (Gruessing)LMB(122) Lady Margaret BC (Gray)2:103/4 length