Cambridge Autumn Regatta

Sunday 13th September 2009

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Results for Hollowell Scullers

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceMeadowTowpathTimeVerdict
9312:43NOV.2X172(91) Peterborough City (Barber/Reed)(92) Beccles Rowing Club (Adcock/Taylor) 
9412:45NOV.2X172(93) Northampton RC (Chandler/Webster)(94) Hollowell Scullers (Scrase/Rudkin) 
17216:20NOV.2X Winner of Race 93Winner of Race 94 
1909:19VC.1X76(192) Northampton RC (Tanqueray)(193) Deben RC (Earnshaw) 
1108:57VC.1X75(196) Hollowell Scullers (Rudkin)(197) Champion of the Thames (Jones) 
7611:56VC.1X150Winner of Race 19(194) Cantabrigian RC (Richardson) 
7511:53VC.1X150(195) Yare RC (Postlethwaite)Winner of Race 11 
15015:19VC.1X Winner of Race 76Winner of Race 75 
808:49NOV.1X67(177) St Neots RC (Hawes)(178) Beccles Rowing Club (Earl) 
1509:08NOV.1X69(180) Maidstone Invicta RC (Ridgway)(181) St Ives RC (Lilley) 
908:52NOV.1X62(184) Northampton RC (Connolly)(185) Jesus College, Cambridge (Hughes) 
1008:54NOV.1X70(187) Hollowell Scullers (Webb)(188) Beccles Rowing Club (Loftus) 
6711:31NOV.1X133Winner of Race 8(179) Churchill College (Blount) 
6911:37NOV.1X133Winner of Race 15(182) Cambridge '99 RC (Bourret) 
6211:17NOV.1X134(183) Deben RC (Earnshaw)Winner of Race 9 
7011:39NOV.1X134(186) Selwyn College (Granger-Bevan)Winner of Race 10 
13314:33NOV.1X190Winner of Race 67Winner of Race 69 
13414:35NOV.1X190Winner of Race 62Winner of Race 70 
19017:09NOV.1X Winner of Race 133Winner of Race 134