Cambridge Autumn Regatta

Sunday 13th September 2009

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Results for Nottingham RC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceMeadowTowpathTimeVerdict
4110:20J14.2X97(123) Sudbury RC (Stock/Cook)(124) Peterborough City (Hart/Marshall) 
4210:22J14.2X102(126) Champion of the Thames (Haynes/Wheatley)(127) Broxbourne RC (Stride/Carter) 
4310:25J14.2X102(128) St Ives RC (Cook/Gawin)(129) Peterborough City (Veal-Gray/Richardson) 
9712:54J14.2X177Winner of Race 41(125) Nottingham RC (McLardy/Parnell) 
10213:07J14.2X177Winner of Race 42Winner of Race 43 
17716:34J14.2X Winner of Race 97Winner of Race 102 
1609:11J14.1X54(231) Nottingham RC (McLardy)(232) St Neots RC (Page) 
608:43J14.1X57(237) Peterborough City (Hayes)(238) St Ives RC (Gawin) 
708:46J14.1X58(240) Peterborough City (Wells)(241) Nottingham RC (Parnell) 
5410:55J14.1X113Winner of Race 16(233) Peterborough City (Manganiello) 
5510:58J14.1X113(234) Weybridge RC (Jeffries)(235) Peterborough City (Codd) 
5711:04J14.1X114(236) Rob Roy BC (Nielsen)Winner of Race 6 
5811:06J14.1X114(239) Royal Docks RC (Naveda)Winner of Race 7 
11313:38J14.1X185Winner of Race 54Winner of Race 55 
11413:40J14.1X185Winner of Race 57Winner of Race 58 
18516:56J14.1X Winner of Race 113Winner of Race 114