Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 15th May 2010

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Results for Winchester College BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s)EnclosureEmbankmentTimeVerdict
6000:00IM2.8+154(4) Hertford College(5) HSBC RCNTTRow Over
5613:49IM2.8+156(12) Downing College(13) Winchester College BCNTTRow Over
15413:45IM2.8+259(5) HSBC RC(6) Radley College Boat Club3:352 lengths
16214:02IM2.8+259(7) University of London(8) Caius College3:271 length
15513:47IM2.8+242(9) Bedford School(10) Bedford Rowing Club3:434 1/2 lengths
15600:00IM2.8+242(11) Pembroke College (Oxford)(13) Winchester College BCNTTRow Over
25917:39IM2.8+312(6) Radley College Boat Club(8) Caius College3:321/3 length
24216:59IM2.8+312(9) Bedford School(13) Winchester College BC2:523/4 length
31219:37IM2.8+ (8) Caius College(13) Winchester College BC3:311 length
18514:58J18.8+257(73) Bedford Modern School(74) Eton College BC3:221 1/4 lengths
18214:47J18.8+273(77) St Edward's School(78) Radley College Boat Club3:331 length
25717:35J18.8+319(73) Bedford Modern School(75) Winchester College BC3:282 lengths
27318:12J18.8+319(76) Oundle School BC(78) Radley College Boat Club3:43Row Over
31919:53J18.8+ (73) Bedford Modern School(78) Radley College Boat Club3:22a canvas
18114:43J14.8X270(157) Shiplake College(158) St Edward's School4:062 lengths
17414:27J14.8X270(159) Radley College Boat Club(160) Bedford Modern School3:564 lengths
18314:49J14.8X271(161) Abingdon School(162) Winchester College BC4:18easily
18414:53J14.8X271(163) St Paul's School(164) Bedford School4:011 1/4 lengths
27018:01J14.8X318(158) St Edward's School(160) Bedford Modern School3:59easily
27118:06J14.8X318(162) Winchester College BC(164) Bedford School4:07easily
31819:49J14.8X (160) Bedford Modern School(164) Bedford School3:56easily
1208:37J16.4+88(226) Oundle School BC(227) Radley College Boat Club (Eadie)NTTeasily
2008:54J16.4+95(234) Radley College Boat Club (Bromfield)(235) Norwich School (Payne)3:521/2 length
8811:21J16.4+208(227) Radley College Boat Club (Eadie)(228) Norwich School (Page)4:01easily
9011:25J16.4+208(229) Bedford Modern School(230) Abingdon SchoolNTTeasily
9311:31J16.4+203(231) Eton College BC(232) Winchester College BC4:231 length
9511:35J16.4+203(233) St Edward's School(234) Radley College Boat Club (Bromfield)3:594 lengths
20815:45J16.4+283(227) Radley College Boat Club (Eadie)(230) Abingdon School3:523/4 length
20315:35J16.4+283(232) Winchester College BC(233) St Edward's School4:04easily
28318:32J16.4+ (230) Abingdon School(233) St Edward's School3:552 lengths
24617:08J15.4X+304(275) Bedford Modern School (Charman)(276) Molesey BC5:08Row Over
24517:06J15.4X+304(277) Winchester College BC(278) Bedford Modern School (Walsh)4:284 lengths
30419:18J15.4X+ (275) Bedford Modern School (Charman)(277) Winchester College BC4:06easily
18615:00J14S.4X+274(287) St Paul's School (B)(288) Bedford Modern School4:44easily
18815:04J14S.4X+274(289) Norwich School(290) Bedford School4:32easily
20115:31J14S.4X+275(291) St Edward's School(292) Winchester College BCNTTRow Over
19815:24J14S.4X+275(293) Shiplake College(294) St Paul's School (C)4:56Row Over
27418:14J14S.4X+320(287) St Paul's School (B)(289) Norwich School4:282 1/2 lengths
27518:30J14S.4X+320(291) St Edward's School(294) St Paul's School (C)4:552 lengths
32019:55J14S.4X+ (289) Norwich School(294) St Paul's School (C)4:34easily
12412:35J14.4X+231(279) Norwich School(280) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe4:14easily
12512:37J14.4X+231(281) Oundle School BC(282) Shiplake College4:35easily
12612:39J14.4X+232(283) St Paul's School(284) Winchester College BC4:291 length
12812:43J14.4X+232(285) Great Marlow School(286) St Edward's School4:224 lengths
23116:33J14.4X+299(280) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe(282) Shiplake College4:243 lengths
23216:35J14.4X+299(284) Winchester College BC(286) St Edward's School4:233 lengths
29919:06J14.4X+ (280) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe(286) St Edward's School4:14easily