Hexham Regatta

Saturday 5th June 2010

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Results for St Marys College BC

RaceTimeStatusNext RaceNorthSouthTimeVerdict
1109:20W.NOV.8+26(3) St Marys College BC (Haddock)(4) St Hild & St Bede College BC (Neave) 
609:10W.NOV.8+27(6) Hatfield College BC (Johnston)(7) St Cuthbert`s Society BC (Watson) 
1209:22W.NOV.8+27(8) Hatfield College BC (Montague-Johnson)(9) St Hild & St Bede College BC (Minikin) 
2609:50W.NOV.8+56Winner of Race 11(5) St Aidans (Durham) BC (Quigly) 
2709:52W.NOV.8+56Winner of Race 6Winner of Race 12 
5610:50W.NOV.8+ Winner of Race 26Winner of Race 27 
11313:16IM1.4+134(108) St Marys College BC (Wilson)(109) Hadrian BC (Jacklin) 
13413:58IM1.4+ (107) Hadrian BC (Wells)Winner of Race 113 
17415:44IM2.4+206(216) Durham ARC (Jardine)(217) Hatfield College BC (Banham) 
20616:48IM2.4+ (215) St Marys College BC (Wilson)Winner of Race 174 
109:00NOV.4+16(10) St Hild & St Bede College BC (McLean)(11) Hatfield College BC (Beresford) 
309:04NOV.4+18(19) Hatfield College BC (Law)(20) Collingwood College BC (Durham) (Beckett) 
209:02NOV.4+19(27) Hatfield College BC (Tarrant)(28) St Marys College BC (Grant) 
1609:30NOV.4+32Winner of Race 1(12) St Marys College BC (Dixon) 
709:12NOV.4+32(13) St Johns College (Durham) BC (Lake)(14) Tees RC (Ronald) 
809:14NOV.4+23(15) Collingwood College BC (Durham) (Brown)(16) St Cuthbert`s Society BC (Salthouse) 
409:06NOV.4+23(17) St Aidans (Durham) BC (Warner)(18) Cambois Arc (Patterson) 
1809:34NOV.4+33Winner of Race 3(21) Butler College BC (Brook) 
509:08NOV.4+33(22) Van Mildert College BC (Caster)(23) University of Northumbria BC (Fletcher) 
909:16NOV.4+35(24) Trevelyan College BC (Lumley)(25) Collingwood College BC (Durham) (Cowan) 
1909:36NOV.4+35(26) St Johns College (Durham) BC (Sanchez Salgado)Winner of Race 2 
3210:02NOV.4+47Winner of Race 16Winner of Race 7 
2309:44NOV.4+47Winner of Race 8Winner of Race 4 
3310:04NOV.4+50Winner of Race 18Winner of Race 5 
3510:08NOV.4+50Winner of Race 9Winner of Race 19 
4710:32NOV.4+65Winner of Race 32Winner of Race 23 
5010:38NOV.4+65Winner of Race 33Winner of Race 35 
6511:08NOV.4+ Winner of Race 47Winner of Race 50 
15215:00W.NOV.4+185(230) University College Durham BC (Bradshaw)(231) University of Northumbria BC (Biggins) 
15515:06W.NOV.4+185(232) John Snow College (Fitzpatrick)(233) Collingwood College BC (Durham) (Steers) 
15315:02W.NOV.4+168(234) Butler College BC (Clutterbuck)(235) St Hild & St Bede College BC (Narraway) 
15615:08W.NOV.4+172(238) Queen Elizabeth High School BC (Robinson)(239) Van Mildert College BC (Barwick) 
15815:12W.NOV.4+173(240) University College Durham BC (Emsley)(241) Collingwood College BC (Durham) (Brownlow) 
15715:10W.NOV.4+173(242) John Snow College (Mole)(243) Butler College BC (Hewitt) 
18516:06W.NOV.4+200Winner of Race 152Winner of Race 155 
16815:32W.NOV.4+200Winner of Race 153(236) St Marys College BC (Vroobel) 
17215:40W.NOV.4+198(237) St Johns College (Durham) BC (Newton)Winner of Race 156 
17315:42W.NOV.4+198Winner of Race 158Winner of Race 157 
20016:36W.NOV.4+226Winner of Race 185Winner of Race 168 
19816:32W.NOV.4+226Winner of Race 172Winner of Race 173 
22617:28W.NOV.4+ Winner of Race 200Winner of Race 198