Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 11th July 2010

Results for Womens Intermediate 3 Double Sculls

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse EmbankmentTimeVerdict
1710:03W.IM3.2X58CAM(94) City of Cambridge (Richer/Kaye)STN/BRU(95) Staines/Brunel (Jones/Seary)2:191 1/2 lengths
1610:00W.IM3.2X57CNN(97) Cambridge '99 RC (Tocknell/Crouch)WEY(98) Weybridge RC (Wells/Holgate)NTT1 1/4 lengths
1209:48W.IM3.2X57STA(99) Star Club (Smith/Barnwell)CAM(100) City of Cambridge (Bailey/Airey)2:263 lengths
5812:06W.IM3.2X130STN/BRU(95) Staines/Brunel (Jones/Seary)IEL(96) Isle of Ely BC (Cotgrove/Turton)2:222 lengths
5712:03W.IM3.2X130WEY(98) Weybridge RC (Wells/Holgate)CAM(100) City of Cambridge (Bailey/Airey)NTT1 length
13016:02W.IM3.2X STN/BRU(95) Staines/Brunel (Jones/Seary)CAM(100) City of Cambridge (Bailey/Airey)2:251 1/2 lengths