Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 14th May 2011

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Results for Magdalen College BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
3209:43COL.8+132 / 149SAC(49) St Annes Oxford (Cox)CCO(50) Christ`s College BC (M2)3:482 1/2 lengths
3309:45COL.8+132 / 149DOW(51) Downing College (M2)HEC(52) Hertford College (Morten)NTTRow Over
3409:47COL.8+118 / 133CLA(53) Clare BC (M1)MER(54) Merton College (A)3:431 3/4 lengths
3609:54COL.8+118 / 133LIC(55) Lincoln College BC (Roberts)DOW(56) Downing College (M1)3:50easily
2909:33COL.8+128 / 143WRO(57) Worcester College (M1)CHB(58) Christ Church3:473/4 length
3709:56COL.8+128 / 143SJO(59) St John`s College BC (M1)MAG(60) Magdalen College BC (Abdalla)3:391 length
3809:58COL.8+131 / 147CLA(61) Clare BC (M2)LIC(62) Lincoln College BC (Schulenburg)3:525 lengths
3910:00COL.8+131 / 147WOO(63) Wolfson College, Oxford (England)CCO(64) Christ`s College BC (M1)3:361 length
13213:26COL.8+224SAC(49) St Annes Oxford (Cox)DOW(51) Downing College (M2)3:431 1/4 lengths
11812:50COL.8+224CLA(53) Clare BC (M1)DOW(56) Downing College (M1)3:361 1/2 lengths
12813:13COL.8+226CHB(58) Christ ChurchSJO(59) St John`s College BC (M1)3:381 length
13113:24COL.8+226LIC(62) Lincoln College BC (Schulenburg)WOO(63) Wolfson College, Oxford (England)3:391 1/2 lengths
22416:49COL.8+282SAC(49) St Annes Oxford (Cox)DOW(56) Downing College (M1)3:351/2 length
22616:56COL.8+282SJO(59) St John`s College BC (M1)WOO(63) Wolfson College, Oxford (England)NTTRow Over
28218:57COL.8+ DOW(56) Downing College (M1)SJO(59) St John`s College BC (M1)3:363/4 length
14914:03COL.8+ (P)227CCO(50) Christ`s College BC (M2)HEC(52) Hertford College (Morten)NTTRow Over
13313:28COL.8+ (P)227MER(54) Merton College (A)LIC(55) Lincoln College BC (Roberts)3:525 lengths
14313:51COL.8+ (P)228WRO(57) Worcester College (M1)MAG(60) Magdalen College BC (Abdalla)3:471/2 length
14713:59COL.8+ (P)228CLA(61) Clare BC (M2)CCO(64) Christ`s College BC (M1)3:43easily
22716:58COL.8+ (P)283CCO(50) Christ`s College BC (M2)MER(54) Merton College (A)4:23Row Over
22817:00COL.8+ (P)283MAG(60) Magdalen College BC (Abdalla)CCO(64) Christ`s College BC (M1)3:382/3 length
28319:00COL.8+ (P) MER(54) Merton College (A)CCO(64) Christ`s College BC (M1)NTTRow Over
108:30NOV.8+18 / 102BMS(31) Bedford Modern School (Tamkin)CAM(32) City of Cambridge (Duckworth)3:571 1/2 lengths
208:32NOV.8+19 / 96RAD(47) Radley College Boat Club (Rose)BDS(48) Bedford School (Wilson)3:592 lengths
1809:05NOV.8+85BMS(31) Bedford Modern School (Tamkin)RAD(33) Radley College Boat Club (Bonsor)4:012 1/2 lengths
1008:48NOV.8+85 / 102ABS(34) Abingdon School (B)QCC(35) Queens' College (Cambridge) (M2)3:571 3/4 lengths
808:44NOV.8+76 / 93UWK(36) Warwick University (Edwards)BDS(37) Bedford School (Stephenson)3:551 1/4 lengths
1108:51NOV.8+76 / 93ORA(38) The Oratory School (Langguth)BED(39) Bedford Rowing Club (Bradley)4:031/2 length
1208:53NOV.8+79 / 97NSC(40) Norwich School (Jermy)KGS(41) Kingston Grammar School (Sim)3:51easily
1308:55NOV.8+79 / 97TRH(42) Trinity Hall BC (Pott)SES(43) St Edward's School (Kelly)3:543/4 length
1408:57NOV.8+78 / 96MAG(44) Magdalen College BC (McGhee)ABS(45) Abingdon School (Wood)3:43easily
1909:07NOV.8+78UWK(46) Warwick University (Hewlings)RAD(47) Radley College Boat Club (Rose)4:22Row Over
8511:39NOV.8+193BMS(31) Bedford Modern School (Tamkin)QCC(35) Queens' College (Cambridge) (M2)3:492 lengths
7611:20NOV.8+193BDS(37) Bedford School (Stephenson)ORA(38) The Oratory School (Langguth)4:022 feet
7911:26NOV.8+197KGS(41) Kingston Grammar School (Sim)TRH(42) Trinity Hall BC (Pott)3:493 lengths
7811:24NOV.8+197ABS(45) Abingdon School (Wood)RAD(47) Radley College Boat Club (Rose)3:47easily
19315:38NOV.8+265BMS(31) Bedford Modern School (Tamkin)ORA(38) The Oratory School (Langguth)3:511 1/2 lengths
19715:46NOV.8+265KGS(41) Kingston Grammar School (Sim)ABS(45) Abingdon School (Wood)3:324 lengths
26518:18NOV.8+ BMS(31) Bedford Modern School (Tamkin)ABS(45) Abingdon School (Wood)3:372 lengths
10213:01NOV.8+ (P)198CAM(32) City of Cambridge (Duckworth)ABS(34) Abingdon School (B)4:03a canvas
9311:55NOV.8+ (P)198UWK(36) Warwick University (Edwards)BED(39) Bedford Rowing Club (Bradley)3:572 1/2 lengths
9714:20NOV.8+ (P)199NSC(40) Norwich School (Jermy)SES(43) St Edward's School (Kelly)4:001 3/4 lengths
9612:02NOV.8+ (P)199MAG(44) Magdalen College BC (McGhee)BDS(48) Bedford School (Wilson)4:022 lengths
19815:48NOV.8+ (P)266CAM(32) City of Cambridge (Duckworth)UWK(36) Warwick University (Edwards)3:54easily
19915:51NOV.8+ (P)266SES(43) St Edward's School (Kelly)MAG(44) Magdalen College BC (McGhee)4:312 1/2 lengths
26618:20NOV.8+ (P) UWK(36) Warwick University (Edwards)MAG(44) Magdalen College BC (McGhee)3:561 foot
408:36W.COL.8+87 / 196CCO(118) Christ`s College BC (W1)WRO(119) Worcester College (Beard)4:141 1/2 lengths
508:38W.COL.8+88 / 196CHB(121) Christ ChurchPEM(122) Pembroke College, Cambridge (W1)4:16easily
608:40W.COL.8+89 / 200BAL(125) Balliol College (W1)CCO(126) Christ`s College BC (W2)4:254 lengths
708:42W.COL.8+72 / 90DOW(127) Downing College (Thorne)MAG(128) Magdalen College BC (Wilson)4:192 1/2 lengths
908:46W.COL.8+72 / 90CLA(129) Clare BC (Palmer)EMM(130) Emmanuel College (W1)4:161 1/4 lengths
8711:43W.COL.8+178CCO(118) Christ`s College BC (W1)LMB(120) Lady Margaret BC (Fielding)4:153 lengths
8811:45W.COL.8+178PEM(122) Pembroke College, Cambridge (W1)QCC(123) Queens' College (Cambridge) (W1)4:133/4 length
8911:47W.COL.8+181HEC(124) Hertford College (Lehner)BAL(125) Balliol College (W1)4:181 length
7211:11W.COL.8+181DOW(127) Downing College (Thorne)EMM(130) Emmanuel College (W1)4:151 1/4 lengths
17815:06W.COL.8+261CCO(118) Christ`s College BC (W1)QCC(123) Queens' College (Cambridge) (W1)4:091 length
18115:13W.COL.8+261HEC(124) Hertford College (Lehner)DOW(127) Downing College (Thorne)4:131 length
26118:09W.COL.8+ CCO(118) Christ`s College BC (W1)DOW(127) Downing College (Thorne)NTT
9011:49W.COL.8+ (P)200MAG(128) Magdalen College BC (Wilson)CLA(129) Clare BC (Palmer)4:202 1/2 lengths
19615:44W.COL.8+ (P)263WRO(119) Worcester College (Beard)CHB(121) Christ Church4:193 feet
20015:53W.COL.8+ (P)263CCO(126) Christ`s College BC (W2)CLA(129) Clare BC (Palmer)4:143 lengths
26318:13W.COL.8+ (P) CHB(121) Christ ChurchCLA(129) Clare BC (Palmer)4:19easily

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