Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 14th May 2011

Results for Womens Novice Eights

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
1508:59W.NOV.8+101 / 221UWK(107) Warwick University (Dobree-Carey)UEA(108) University of East Anglia (Vigrass)4:10easily
1609:01W.NOV.8+103 / 220SES(113) St Edward's School (Spensley)EMA(114) Emanuel School (Wolstenholme)4:445 lengths
1709:03W.NOV.8+104 / 220COX(116) City of Oxford RC (Ackerman)PEM(117) Pembroke College, Cambridge (W2)4:291 1/4 lengths
10112:12W.NOV.8+205UEA(108) University of East Anglia (Vigrass)SAC(109) St Annes Oxford (W1)4:204 lengths
10812:27W.NOV.8+205 / 221PBC(110) Peterhouse BC (W1)CAM(111) City of Cambridge (Barnes)4:243/4 length
10312:16W.NOV.8+204BMS(112) Bedford Modern SchoolSES(113) St Edward's School (Spensley)4:461 length
10412:18W.NOV.8+204UWK(115) Warwick University (White)PEM(117) Pembroke College, Cambridge (W2)4:261 length
20516:05W.NOV.8+276UEA(108) University of East Anglia (Vigrass)PBC(110) Peterhouse BC (W1)4:142 1/2 lengths
20416:03W.NOV.8+276BMS(112) Bedford Modern SchoolUWK(115) Warwick University (White)4:224 lengths
27618:41W.NOV.8+ UEA(108) University of East Anglia (Vigrass)UWK(115) Warwick University (White)4:122 lengths
22116:41W.NOV.8+ (P)269UWK(107) Warwick University (Dobree-Carey)CAM(111) City of Cambridge (Barnes)4:281/4 length
22016:39W.NOV.8+ (P)269EMA(114) Emanuel School (Wolstenholme)COX(116) City of Oxford RC (Ackerman)4:35easily
26918:26W.NOV.8+ (P) UWK(107) Warwick University (Dobree-Carey)COX(116) City of Oxford RC (Ackerman)4:481 length

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