Hexham Regatta

Saturday 4th June 2011

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Results for Butler College BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race North SouthTimeVerdict
16516:06NOV.8+195HAT(186) Hatfield College BC (Beresford)SJC(187) St Johns College (Durham) BC (Wight) 
16616:08NOV.8+195BTL(188) Butler College BC (Ward)SHB(189) St Hild & St Bede College BC (Gibson) 
19517:06NOV.8+ Winner of Race 165Winner of Race 166 
14215:20W.IM3.8+176UCD(193) University College Durham BC (Grandle)SHB(194) St Hild & St Bede College BC (Green) 
17516:26W.IM3.8+207SJC(190) St Johns College (Durham) BC (Purdy)BTL(191) Butler College BC (Clutterbuck) 
17616:28W.IM3.8+207HAT(192) Hatfield College BC (Walters)Winner of Race 142 
20717:30W.IM3.8+ Winner of Race 175Winner of Race 176 
409:07W.NOV.8+21HAT/DUB(3) Durham Uni/Hatfield (Pike)HAT(4) Hatfield College BC (Fletcher) 
509:10W.NOV.8+22AID(7) St Aidans (Durham) BC (Warden)BTL(8) Butler College BC (Lansdowne) 
2109:50W.NOV.8+41Winner of Race 4DUR(5) Durham ARC (Adair) 
2209:52W.NOV.8+41COC(6) Collingwood College BC (Durham) (Brownlow)Winner of Race 5 
4110:40W.NOV.8+ Winner of Race 21Winner of Race 22 
6912:14W.IM3.B.4+100HAT(103) Hatfield College BC (Walters)BTL(104) Butler College BC (Hewitt) 
7312:22W.IM3.B.4+99DUR(106) Durham ARC (Drury)JSC(107) John Snow College (Pender) 
7012:16W.IM3.B.4+99UCD(108) University College Durham BC (Webber)CSN/USN(109) Sunderland City/Sunderland Uni (Bennett) 
10013:16W.IM3.B.4+118Winner of Race 69SHB(105) St Hild & St Bede College BC (Davey) 
9913:14W.IM3.B.4+118Winner of Race 73Winner of Race 70 
11813:52W.IM3.B.4+ Winner of Race 100Winner of Race 99 
609:12NOV.1X30CLS(72) Chester Le Street ARC (French)GSC(73) Stephenson College BC (Cleland) 
709:15NOV.1X30BTL(74) Butler College BC (Jaffe)DUR(75) Durham ARC (Hall) 
809:17NOV.1X31QEH(76) Queen Elizabeth High School BC (Benjamin)HEX(77) Hexham RC (Howorth) 
909:20NOV.1X31UCD(78) University College Durham BC (McKenna)GSC(79) Stephenson College BC (Cox) 
3010:12NOV.1X54Winner of Race 6Winner of Race 7 
3110:15NOV.1X54Winner of Race 8Winner of Race 9 
5411:12NOV.1X Winner of Race 30Winner of Race 31