Hexham Regatta

Saturday 4th June 2011

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Results for St Cuthbert`s Society BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race North SouthTimeVerdict
7712:30IM3.8+96SMC(91) St Marys College BC (Sutton)UCD(92) University College Durham BC (Knights) 
9713:10IM3.8+115UCD(88) University College Durham BC (Diserens)SCB(89) St Cuthbert`s Society BC (Salthouse) 
9613:08IM3.8+115HAT(90) Hatfield College BC (Coulson)Winner of Race 77 
11513:46IM3.8+ Winner of Race 97Winner of Race 96 
209:02NOV.A.4+17SCB(16) St Cuthbert`s Society BC (Spencer)HAT(17) Hatfield College BC (Beresford) 
1309:30NOV.A.4+34HAT(9) Hatfield College BC (Milnes)SHB(10) St Hild & St Bede College BC (Selby) 
1409:32NOV.A.4+34VAN(11) Van Mildert College BC (Crosland-Mills)COC(12) Collingwood College BC (Durham) (Yates) 
1509:35NOV.A.4+35TRV(13) Trevelyan College BC (Hewitt)JSC(14) John Snow College (Welsh) 
1709:40NOV.A.4+35DUR(15) Durham ARC (Richard)Winner of Race 2 
3410:22NOV.A.4+59Winner of Race 13Winner of Race 14 
3510:25NOV.A.4+59Winner of Race 15Winner of Race 17 
5911:25NOV.A.4+ Winner of Race 34Winner of Race 35 
7112:18W.IM3.A.4+98SCB(96) St Cuthbert`s Society BC (Reid)SHB(97) St Hild & St Bede College BC (Hampton) 
7212:20W.IM3.A.4+95HAT(99) Hatfield College BC (Hooley)AID(100) St Aidans (Durham) BC (Reavie) 
7512:26W.IM3.A.4+95DUR(101) Durham ARC (Phillips)SHB(102) St Hild & St Bede College BC (Benstead) 
9813:12W.IM3.A.4+116Winner of Race 71COC(98) Collingwood College BC (Durham) (Horton) 
9513:06W.IM3.A.4+116Winner of Race 72Winner of Race 75 
11613:48W.IM3.A.4+ Winner of Race 98Winner of Race 95 
13515:06W.NOV.A.4+155DUR(214) Durham ARC (Adair)COC(215) Collingwood College BC (Durham) (Brownlow) 
13615:08W.NOV.A.4+159SCB(220) St Cuthbert`s Society BC (Venables)GSC(221) Stephenson College BC (McNeill) 
14015:16W.NOV.A.4+158UCD(223) University College Durham BC (Shurety)COC(224) Collingwood College BC (Durham) (Molter) 
15515:46W.NOV.A.4+179Winner of Race 135JSC(216) John Snow College (Ellis) 
14515:26W.NOV.A.4+179TRV(217) Trevelyan College BC (Helvert)VAN(218) Van Mildert College BC (Armfield) 
15915:54W.NOV.A.4+180SMC(219) St Marys College BC (Wright)Winner of Race 136 
15815:52W.NOV.A.4+180SCH(222) St Chads College BC (Haywood)Winner of Race 140 
17916:34W.NOV.A.4+211Winner of Race 155Winner of Race 145 
18016:36W.NOV.A.4+211Winner of Race 159Winner of Race 158 
21117:38W.NOV.A.4+ Winner of Race 179Winner of Race 180 
13315:02W.NOV.B.4+152SCB(225) St Cuthbert`s Society BC (Morris)COC(226) Collingwood College BC (Durham) (Rigby) 
13415:04W.NOV.B.4+153COC(233) Collingwood College BC (Durham) (Hamilton)SCB(234) St Cuthbert`s Society BC (Thatcher) 
15215:40W.NOV.B.4+177Winner of Race 133VAN(227) Van Mildert College BC (Felton) 
14315:22W.NOV.B.4+177SCH(228) St Chads College BC (Hooper-Kay)DUR(229) Durham ARC (Newcombe) 
14415:24W.NOV.B.4+178SMC(230) St Marys College BC (Jones)SJC(231) St Johns College (Durham) BC (Brewer) 
15315:42W.NOV.B.4+178UCD(232) University College Durham BC (Coogan)Winner of Race 134 
17716:30W.NOV.B.4+210Winner of Race 152Winner of Race 143 
17816:32W.NOV.B.4+210Winner of Race 144Winner of Race 153 
21017:36W.NOV.B.4+ Winner of Race 177Winner of Race 178