Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 10th July 2011

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Results for Nottingham RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse EmbankmentTimeVerdict
7212:44W.J18.2X134BHS(119) Bedford High School RC (Davis/Bruce)NRC(120) Nottingham RC (Wilson/Padbury)2:181 foot
6912:35W.J18.2X134STA(121) Star Club (Bennewith/Grimley)GLB/PBD(122) Globe/Poplar (Turner/Baggs)2:553/4 length
13416:06W.J18.2X BHS(119) Bedford High School RC (Davis/Bruce)STA(121) Star Club (Bennewith/Grimley)2:152 lengths
4411:16W.J18.1X116NRC(197) Nottingham RC (Wilson)DAH(198) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Wright)2:252 lengths
4711:25W.J18.1X115BHS(200) Bedford High School RC (Huckle)STA(201) Star Club (Grimley)NTTNot Rowed Out
4911:32W.J18.1X115NRC(202) Nottingham RC (Padbury)GLB(203) Globe RC (French)2:252 1/2 lengths
11615:04W.J18.1X149DAH(198) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Wright)GLB(199) Globe RC (Curthoys)2:241 length
11515:01W.J18.1X149BHS(200) Bedford High School RC (Huckle)GLB(203) Globe RC (French)2:253 lengths
14916:53W.J18.1X GLB(199) Globe RC (Curthoys)GLB(203) Globe RC (French)2:272 feet

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