Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 10th July 2011

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Results for Poplar Blackwall & District

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse EmbankmentTimeVerdict
15317:11IM2.2- PBD(67) Poplar Blackwall & District (Blin/Taylor)SRC(68) Sudbury RC (Frost/Adams)NTTRow Over
2110:03IM3.2X65MIK(80) Milton Keynes RC (Smith/Engledow)CAB(81) Cantabrigian RC (Ouroussoff/McBirnie)NTTRow Over
2410:12IM3.2X73BED(83) Bedford Rowing Club (Vincent/Macintyre)CAM(84) City of Cambridge (Valiant/Kirk)2:032 1/2 lengths
1509:44IM3.2X73SUA(85) Stratford-upon-Avon BC (Gittus-Smith/Henry)PBD(86) Poplar Blackwall & District (Le Neve Foster/Joynes)NTT1/3 length
6512:22IM3.2X150MIK(80) Milton Keynes RC (Smith/Engledow)GLB(82) Globe RC (French/Davidson)2:033 1/2 lengths
7312:48IM3.2X150BED(83) Bedford Rowing Club (Vincent/Macintyre)PBD(86) Poplar Blackwall & District (Le Neve Foster/Joynes)2:042/3 length
15016:56IM3.2X MIK(80) Milton Keynes RC (Smith/Engledow)PBD(86) Poplar Blackwall & District (Le Neve Foster/Joynes)1:591/3 length
16617:52Mas.EF.2X SRC(93) Sudbury RC (Wasse/Milbank =F)PBD(94) Poplar Blackwall & District (Coughlan/Prentice =E)2:142 lengths
5812:00IM1.1X144STA(130) Star Club (Callow)PBD(131) Poplar Blackwall & District (Samuel)2:061 1/2 lengths
6112:10IM1.1X144NTN(132) Northampton RC (Japp)BED(133) Bedford Rowing Club (Robb)2:121/2 length
14416:37IM1.1X STA(130) Star Club (Callow)NTN(132) Northampton RC (Japp)2:072 lengths
1309:38NOV.1X54PBD(156) Poplar Blackwall & District (Bartlett)BED(157) Bedford Rowing Club (Phelps)NTTRow Over
5311:44NOV.1X148BED(149) Bedford Rowing Club (Drake)PET(150) Peterborough City (Shelley)2:59easily
5011:35NOV.1X148PBD(151) Poplar Blackwall & District (Rodway)SNE(148) St Neots RC (Mackie)NTTRow Over
5111:38NOV.1X133CAM(153) City of Cambridge (Dixon)BRU(154) Brunel University (Stainer)2:143/4 length
5411:47NOV.1X133STA(155) Star Club (Tapley)BED(157) Bedford Rowing Club (Phelps)2:14easily
14816:50NOV.1X171PET(150) Peterborough City (Shelley)SNE(148) St Neots RC (Mackie)2:221/2 length
13315:58NOV.1X171BRU(154) Brunel University (Stainer)STA(155) Star Club (Tapley)2:114 lengths
17118:08NOV.1X PET(150) Peterborough City (Shelley)STA(155) Star Club (Tapley)2:164 1/2 lengths

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