Bedford Quarts Sprint Regatta

Sunday 10th July 2011

Results for Womens Intermediate 3 Double Sculls

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse EmbankmentTimeVerdict
109:00W.IM3.2X25STA(106) Star Club (Jafarifar/Stockton)NTN(107) Northampton RC (Hodgkinson/King)NTT1/2 length
309:06W.IM3.2X18STA(114) Star Club (May/Seddon)BRX(115) Broxbourne RC (Watling/Morris)NTT3/4 length
2510:16W.IM3.2X63NTN(107) Northampton RC (Hodgkinson/King)BRX(108) Broxbourne RC (Holmes/Kitchener)2:262 lengths
1409:41W.IM3.2X63BED(109) Bedford Rowing Club (Larkworthy/Crouch)DAH(110) Dame Alice Harpur BC (Jeffery-Sinclair/Ginn)NTT4 lengths
1709:50W.IM3.2X56BRX/SRC(111) Broxbourne/Sudbury (Taylor/Insull)CHA(112) Champion of the Thames (Christy/Jacklin)NTTeasily
1809:53W.IM3.2X56GLB/PBD(113) Globe/Poplar Blackwall (Turner/Baggs)STA(114) Star Club (May/Seddon)2:131/2 length
6312:16W.IM3.2X118NTN(107) Northampton RC (Hodgkinson/King)BED(109) Bedford Rowing Club (Larkworthy/Crouch)2:165 lengths
5611:54W.IM3.2X118BRX/SRC(111) Broxbourne/Sudbury (Taylor/Insull)GLB/PBD(113) Globe/Poplar Blackwall (Turner/Baggs)2:203 feet
11815:10W.IM3.2X BED(109) Bedford Rowing Club (Larkworthy/Crouch)GLB/PBD(113) Globe/Poplar Blackwall (Turner/Baggs)2:012 lengths

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