St Neots Regatta

Saturday 26th July 2014

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Results for Boston/Lincoln

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse Regatta FieldVerdict
909:24IM3.4+53AKN(27) Auriol KensingtonLER(28) Leicester RC2 1/2 lengths
1009:27IM3.4+54DEV(30) Devil's Elbow RCLRC(31) London RC3 1/2 lengths
1109:35IM3.4+63SRC(34) Sudbury RCCUR(35) Curlew RC3 lengths
1209:38IM3.4+55WOC(37) Wolfson College BC (Cam)PET(38) Peterborough Cityeasily
5311:46IM3.4+131LER(28) Leicester RCBOS/LCN(29) Boston/Lincoln4 lengths
5411:49IM3.4+131LRC(31) London RCMIK(32) Milton Keynes RC1 length
6312:16IM3.4+132LEE(33) Leeds RCSRC(34) Sudbury RC1 3/4 lengths
5511:52IM3.4+132NOR(36) Norwich RCWOC(37) Wolfson College BC (Cam)1 1/4 lengths
13115:50IM3.4+187LER(28) Leicester RCLRC(31) London RC3 feet
13215:53IM3.4+187SRC(34) Sudbury RCWOC(37) Wolfson College BC (Cam)1/2 length
18718:43IM3.4+ LRC(31) London RCSRC(34) Sudbury RC3/4 length