St Neots Sprint Regatta

Sunday 27th July 2014

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Results for Cygnet RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Clubhouse Regatta FieldVerdict
18915:47Mas.BC.2X270SIV(127) St Ives RC (Stratton/Ashmore =C)CYG(128) Cygnet RC (Persad/Pickford =B)Not Rowed Out
27017:53Mas.BC.2X YAR(126) Yare RC (Postlethwaite/Mulvany =C)CYG(128) Cygnet RC (Persad/Pickford =B)2 lengths
6810:49Mx.IM2.2X150LRC(218) London RC (Fenton/Gill)STA(219) Star Club (Morgan/Feltham)3/4 length
6910:51Mx.IM2.2X163NWK(222) Newark RC (Mitchell/Wilson)CYG(223) Cygnet RC (Grobler/Pickford)4 lengths
15013:43Mx.IM2.2X256STA(219) Star Club (Morgan/Feltham)BOS/HAT(220) Boston/Hatfield (Messling/Housam)2 lengths
16314:09Mx.IM2.2X256DOS/DON(221) Doncaster/Doncaster Schools (Wright/Exley)NWK(222) Newark RC (Mitchell/Wilson)a canvas
25617:20Mx.IM2.2X STA(219) Star Club (Morgan/Feltham)NWK(222) Newark RC (Mitchell/Wilson)1 length