Shrewsbury Regatta

Saturday 12th May 2012

Draw for Pengwern RC

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext Race Boathouse Quarry
5810:402NOV.A.8+135BEW(9) Bewdley RC (Siddall)ZJM(10) Marne & Joinville (Gilet 8) 
15013:482NOV.A.8+244PGN(6) Pengwern RC (Banks)CHE(7) Cheltenham College (A) 
13513:182NOV.A.8+244DML(8) De Montfort University RC (Theobald)Winner of Race 58 
24416:582NOV.A.8+ Winner of Race 150Winner of Race 135 
14213:323NOV.B.8+241PGN(11) Pengwern RC (Mills)WRG(12) RGS Worcester BC (Day) 
13613:203NOV.B.8+241DML(13) De Montfort University RC (Beddows)HCS(14) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Shepherd) 
24116:523NOV.B.8+ Winner of Race 142Winner of Race 136 
6110:4614IM3.B.4+178GUI(51) Guildford RC (Hussey)PGN(52) Pengwern RC 
6210:4814IM3.B.4+154KSW(55) Kings School Worcester BC (Adeney)LER(56) Leicester RC (Hawker) 
17814:4414IM3.B.4+247Winner of Race 61ABN(53) Abingdon RC (Booker) 
15413:5614IM3.B.4+247SHR(54) Royal Shrewsbury School (Gadsden)Winner of Race 62 
24717:0414IM3.B.4+ Winner of Race 178Winner of Race 154 
9011:4417Mas.C.4+189RCH(70) Royal Chester RC (Sweeney)GUI(71) Guildford RC (Starling) 
8311:3017Mas.C.4+189PGN(72) Pengwern RC (Marshall)BEW(73) Bewdley RC (Parker) 
18915:0617Mas.C.4+ Winner of Race 90Winner of Race 83 
5210:2824W.NOV.B.4+140DML(97) De Montfort University RC (Webb)ABN(98) Abingdon RC 
5310:3024W.NOV.B.4+140GRO(99) Grosvenor RC (Jenkins)HCS(100) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Sayce) 
5610:3624W.NOV.B.4+147PGN(101) Pengwern RC (Scott)LBR(102) Loughborough RC (Hope-Cokayne) 
5410:3224W.NOV.B.4+147SHR(103) Royal Shrewsbury School (Hodgson)DML(104) De Montfort University RC (Ferrand) 
14013:2824W.NOV.B.4+242Winner of Race 52Winner of Race 53 
14713:4224W.NOV.B.4+242Winner of Race 56Winner of Race 54 
24216:5424W.NOV.B.4+ Winner of Race 140Winner of Race 147 
23116:3225W.Mas.D.4+ PGN(105) Pengwern RC (Rogers)NOW(106) Northwich RC (Young) 
21315:5426Mx.IM3.4+ PGN(107) Pengwern RC (Preece)NOW(108) Northwich RC (Asteriades) 
23816:4632W.J17.4X PGN(121) Pengwern RC (McCay)KSW(122) Kings School Worcester BC (Lane) 
20615:4039W.NOV.4X+ HCS(148) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Gray)PGN(149) Pengwern RC (Weaver) 
23716:4456Mas.H.2X HER(199) Hereford RC (Bentley-Leek/Davis)PGN(200) Pengwern RC (Sayer/Ward) 
1109:0659J16.2X78RUN(207) Runcorn RC (Whiston/Street)BVG(208) Bishop Vesey's Grammar School (Mapp/Higgins) 
1309:1059J16.2X80PGN(211) Pengwern RC (Fenner/Katz)HCS(212) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Kirby/Rogers) 
7811:2059J16.2X169Winner of Race 11BUL(209) Burton Leander RC (Ganley/Roe) 
8011:2459J16.2X169KSW(210) Kings School Worcester BC (Ellis/Clark)Winner of Race 13 
16914:2659J16.2X Winner of Race 78Winner of Race 80 
308:5061J15B.2X70SIV(215) St Ives RC (Watson/Gawin)WRG(216) RGS Worcester BC (Bucktin/Dufton) 
608:5661J15B.2X70HCS(217) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Webb/Lester)WRG(218) RGS Worcester BC (Pealing/South) 
909:0261J15B.2X68BVG(219) Bishop Vesey's Grammar School (Thiarya/Reershemius)MOC(220) Monmouth Comprehensive School BC (James/Strawford) 
208:4861J15B.2X68PGN(221) Pengwern RC (Burns/Rogers)WRG(222) RGS Worcester BC (Gibson/Onions) 
7011:0461J15B.2X165Winner of Race 3Winner of Race 6 
6811:0061J15B.2X165Winner of Race 9Winner of Race 2 
16514:1861J15B.2X Winner of Race 70Winner of Race 68 
1409:1271W.J14B.2X82WRG(253) RGS Worcester BC (Fernihough/Poel)MOC(254) Monmouth Comprehensive School BC (Butler/Howe) 
1609:1671W.J14B.2X82PGN(255) Pengwern RC (Linford/Webb)GRN(256) The Grange School Hartford (Gidman/Owen) 
1909:2271W.J14B.2X79NOW(257) Northwich RC (McGrorty/Chaplin)SIV(258) St Ives RC (Course/Hughes) 
1209:0871W.J14B.2X79HCS(259) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Parry-Jones/Radbourne)WRG(260) RGS Worcester BC (Elsey/Platts) 
8211:2871W.J14B.2X171Winner of Race 14Winner of Race 16 
7911:2271W.J14B.2X171Winner of Race 19Winner of Race 12 
17114:3071W.J14B.2X Winner of Race 82Winner of Race 79 
1809:2079J15B.A.1X77SIV(290) St Ives RC (Watson)BVG(291) Bishop Vesey's Grammar School (Nevin) 
2309:3079J15B.A.1X76HCS(293) Hereford Cathedral School BC (Webb)PGN(294) Pengwern RC (Rogers) 
1709:1879J15B.A.1X76WRG(295) RGS Worcester BC (Onions)SIV(296) St Ives RC (Robinson) 
7711:1879J15B.A.1X168Winner of Race 18WRG(292) RGS Worcester BC (Hughes) 
7611:1679J15B.A.1X168Winner of Race 23Winner of Race 17 
16814:2479J15B.A.1X Winner of Race 77Winner of Race 76 
4810:2074NOV.1X146PGN(266) Pengwern RC (Jeffs)WRG(267) RGS Worcester BC (Morriss) 
4910:2274NOV.1X144KSW(269) Kings School Worcester BC (Jones)GUI(270) Guildford RC (Hopwood) 
5110:2674NOV.1X144WRG(271) RGS Worcester BC (Turner)PGN(272) Pengwern RC (Langslow) 
14613:4074NOV.1X217Winner of Race 48LBR(268) Loughborough RC (Stoilov) 
14413:3674NOV.1X217Winner of Race 49Winner of Race 51 
21716:0274NOV.1X Winner of Race 146Winner of Race 144 
3509:5478J16.1X109RUN(284) Runcorn RC (Street)BUL(285) Burton Leander RC (Roe) 
3609:5678J16.1X110BVG(288) Bishop Vesey's Grammar School (Sturch)BUL(289) Burton Leander RC (Ganley) 
10912:2278J16.1X203Winner of Race 35PGN(286) Pengwern RC (Katz) 
11012:2478J16.1X203WRR(287) Worcester RC (Garcia)Winner of Race 36 
20315:3478J16.1X Winner of Race 109Winner of Race 110 
17214:3287W.J15.1X SHR(326) Royal Shrewsbury School (Hasselberg)PGN(327) Pengwern RC (Tay)