Shrewsbury Regatta

Saturday 12th May 2012

Draw for Worcester RC

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext Race Boathouse Quarry
2709:381IM3.8+143ZJM(4) Marne & Joinville (Gilet)LER(5) Leicester RC (Hawker) 
13913:261IM3.8+230WRG(1) RGS Worcester BC (Turner)SHR(2) Royal Shrewsbury School (Clarke) 
14313:341IM3.8+230WRR(3) Worcester RC (Dennis)Winner of Race 27 
23016:301IM3.8+ Winner of Race 139Winner of Race 143 
15814:0460J15.2X KSW(213) Kings School Worcester BC (Weston/Macdonald)WRR(214) Worcester RC (Maddison/Ballone) 
15714:0268W.J15.2X KSW(246) Kings School Worcester BC (Robinson/Armstrong)WRR(247) Worcester RC (Walklett/Friedlander) 
3509:5478J16.1X109RUN(284) Runcorn RC (Street)BUL(285) Burton Leander RC (Roe) 
3609:5678J16.1X110BVG(288) Bishop Vesey's Grammar School (Sturch)BUL(289) Burton Leander RC (Ganley) 
10912:2278J16.1X203Winner of Race 35PGN(286) Pengwern RC (Katz) 
11012:2478J16.1X203WRR(287) Worcester RC (Garcia)Winner of Race 36 
20315:3478J16.1X Winner of Race 109Winner of Race 110