Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 10th May 2014

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Results for Great Marlow School

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
21717:10J18.2nd.8+260ABS(63) Abingdon SchoolHAM(64) Hampton School3:053/4 length
20216:29J18.2nd.8+260BDS(65) Bedford SchoolGMS(66) Great Marlow School3:321 1/4 lengths
26019:04J18.2nd.8+ ABS(63) Abingdon SchoolGMS(66) Great Marlow School3:213/4 length
13613:55W.ELI.8+212TRC(106) Thames RCGMS(107) Great Marlow School3:533 lengths
21116:57W.ELI.8+258NEW(103) Newcastle University BCLEA(104) Lea Rowing Club3:412 lengths
21216:59W.ELI.8+258SWB(105) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolTRC(106) Thames RC3:493 lengths
25818:59W.ELI.8+ NEW(103) Newcastle University BCTRC(106) Thames RC3:382 lengths
2609:11J14.8X84RAD(140) Radley College Boat ClubOUN(141) Oundle School BC3:582 lengths
2409:04J14.8X177BDS(134) Bedford SchoolGMS(135) Great Marlow School3:531/2 length
8211:25J14.8X177BMS(137) Bedford Modern SchoolKCH(139) Kings School Chester RC3:42easily
8311:30J14.8X179KGS(138) Kingston Grammar SchoolSHP(142) Shiplake CollegeNTT1 1/2 lengths
8411:34J14.8X179ABS(136) Abingdon SchoolRAD(140) Radley College Boat Club4:143 lengths
17715:26J14.8X238BDS(134) Bedford SchoolKCH(139) Kings School Chester RC3:571 1/2 lengths
17915:32J14.8X238KGS(138) Kingston Grammar SchoolRAD(140) Radley College Boat Club3:57easily
23818:01J14.8X KCH(139) Kings School Chester RCRAD(140) Radley College Boat Club3:514 lengths
3409:37J14.2nd.8X129BDS(145) Bedford SchoolOUN(146) Oundle School BC4:44Row Over
3509:41J14.2nd.8X131SES(153) St Edward's SchoolHAM(154) Hampton SchoolNTTRow Over
12913:31J14.2nd.8X206BDS(145) Bedford SchoolGMS(147) Great Marlow School4:09easily
14014:03J14.2nd.8X206RAD(148) Radley College Boat ClubSHP(149) Shiplake College4:223/4 length
13013:35J14.2nd.8X207ABS(150) Abingdon SchoolBMS(151) Bedford Modern School4:13easily
13113:40J14.2nd.8X207KCH(152) Kings School Chester RCHAM(154) Hampton School4:002 1/2 lengths
20616:42J14.2nd.8X256BDS(145) Bedford SchoolSHP(149) Shiplake College4:093 lengths
20716:46J14.2nd.8X256ABS(150) Abingdon SchoolKCH(152) Kings School Chester RC3:574 lengths
25618:52J14.2nd.8X BDS(145) Bedford SchoolKCH(152) Kings School Chester RC3:574 lengths
3209:28W.J14.8X120BGS(163) Bedford Girls SchoolGMS(164) Great Marlow School4:101 1/4 lengths
3309:33W.J14.8X134BMS(171) Bedford Modern SchoolOUN(172) Oundle School BC (Wilson)4:305 lengths
12012:56W.J14.8X200BGS(163) Bedford Girls SchoolKCH(165) Kings School Chester RC (Wade-Jones)4:205 lengths
12113:01W.J14.8X200OUN(166) Oundle School BC (Asquith)SWB(167) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Hudson)5:09Row Over
12213:05W.J14.8X201SES(168) St Edward's SchoolKCH(169) Kings School Chester RC (Beardwood)NTTRow Over
13413:48W.J14.8X201SWB(170) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Moreton)BMS(171) Bedford Modern SchoolNTT2 1/4 lengths
20017:00W.J14.8X255BGS(163) Bedford Girls SchoolSWB(167) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (Hudson)4:25easily
20116:24W.J14.8X255SES(168) St Edward's SchoolBMS(171) Bedford Modern School4:321 1/4 lengths
25518:47W.J14.8X BGS(163) Bedford Girls SchoolBMS(171) Bedford Modern School4:233 lengths
15114:29J18.4+225RAD(206) Radley College Boat ClubBDS(207) Bedford School3:534 lengths
22517:28J18.4+ GMS(205) Great Marlow SchoolRAD(206) Radley College Boat Club3:341 length
12713:24J16.4+219GMS(209) Great Marlow SchoolORA(210) The Oratory School4:16easily
21918:01J16.4+ BMS(208) Bedford Modern SchoolGMS(209) Great Marlow School3:551 1/2 lengths
7411:08J15.4+174HAM(211) Hampton SchoolBDS(212) Bedford School4:09easily
8111:23J15.4+171GMS(215) Great Marlow SchoolNSC(216) Norwich SchoolNTTRow Over
17415:19J15.4+233BDS(212) Bedford SchoolLTU(213) Latymer Upper School BCNTTRow Over
17115:13J15.4+233BMS(214) Bedford Modern SchoolNSC(216) Norwich School4:10easily
23317:48J15.4+ BDS(212) Bedford SchoolNSC(216) Norwich School4:02easily
11012:35J15.2nd.4+199NSC(217) Norwich School (Arthurton)RAD(218) Radley College Boat Club3:58easily
11212:39J15.2nd.4+197WIN(220) Winchester College BCGMS(221) Great Marlow SchoolNTTRow Over
11312:41J15.2nd.4+197LTU(222) Latymer Upper School BCNSC(223) Norwich School (Anholt)NTTRow Over
19916:18J15.2nd.4+254NSC(217) Norwich School (Arthurton)HAM(219) Hampton School4:053 lengths
19716:13J15.2nd.4+254WIN(220) Winchester College BCNSC(223) Norwich School (Anholt)4:134 lengths
25418:45J15.2nd.4+ HAM(219) Hampton SchoolNSC(223) Norwich School (Anholt)4:012 lengths
11112:37W.IM3.4+195MIK(227) Milton Keynes RCAKN(228) Auriol Kensington RC (Rodgers)4:242 1/2 lengths
10912:32W.IM3.4+195WRR(229) Worcester RCGMS(230) Great Marlow School4:221 1/2 lengths
12413:14W.IM3.4+205AKN(231) Auriol Kensington RC (Marques)HEN(241) Henley RCNTTRow Over
11512:45W.IM3.4+205BGS(233) Bedford Girls SchoolUWK(234) Warwick University3:58easily
19516:09W.IM3.4+252AKN(228) Auriol Kensington RC (Rodgers)GMS(230) Great Marlow School4:203/4 length
20516:39W.IM3.4+252AKN(231) Auriol Kensington RC (Marques)UWK(234) Warwick University4:21easily
25218:40W.IM3.4+ GMS(230) Great Marlow SchoolUWK(234) Warwick University4:212 lengths
9812:09W.J18.4+187HEN(242) Henley RCKCH(243) Kings School Chester RC4:40easily
10612:26W.J18.4+193GMS(246) Great Marlow SchoolBGS(247) Bedford Girls School (Ilic)4:194 lengths
18715:30W.J18.4+250HEN(242) Henley RCBGS(244) Bedford Girls School (Mason)4:151 1/4 lengths
19316:05W.J18.4+250SES(245) St Edward's SchoolBGS(247) Bedford Girls School (Ilic)4:184 lengths
25018:35W.J18.4+ HEN(242) Henley RCBGS(247) Bedford Girls School (Ilic)NTT1 1/2 lengths
10312:19W.J15.4+190KGS(248) Kingston Grammar SchoolSWB(249) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School4:151 1/4 lengths
10412:22W.J15.4+198SES(252) St Edward's SchoolGMS(253) Great Marlow SchoolNTTRow Over
19015:58W.J15.4+249SWB(249) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolBMS(250) Bedford Modern School4:16easily
19816:16W.J15.4+249HEN(251) Henley RCSES(252) St Edward's School4:36easily
24919:00W.J15.4+ BMS(250) Bedford Modern SchoolHEN(251) Henley RC4:141 1/3 lengths
1208:38J14.4X+62ORA(271) The Oratory SchoolHAM(272) Hampton School (Butler)NTTRow Over
5710:31J14.4X+157SWB(264) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolHAM(265) Hampton School (Stucke)4:10easily
5910:35J14.4X+157SES(266) St Edward's SchoolGMS(267) Great Marlow SchoolNTTRow Over
6110:40J14.4X+158WIN(268) Winchester College BCNSC(269) Norwich School4:071/2 length
6210:42J14.4X+158HIN(270) Hinksey Sculling SchoolHAM(272) Hampton School (Butler)4:20easily
15714:42J14.4X+228HAM(265) Hampton School (Stucke)GMS(267) Great Marlow School4:122 lengths
15814:45J14.4X+228NSC(269) Norwich SchoolHAM(272) Hampton School (Butler)4:093 lengths
22817:36J14.4X+ HAM(265) Hampton School (Stucke)NSC(269) Norwich School4:081 1/4 lengths
8611:43W.J14.4X+183HEN(290) Henley RCBMS(291) Bedford Modern School4:32easily
8711:45W.J14.4X+181BGS(293) Bedford Girls SchoolGMS(294) Great Marlow School4:341 length
8811:47W.J14.4X+181HIN(295) Hinksey Sculling SchoolSES(296) St Edward's School4:40easily
18315:43W.J14.4X+239HEN(290) Henley RCKGS(292) Kingston Grammar School4:245 lengths
18115:39W.J14.4X+239GMS(294) Great Marlow SchoolHIN(295) Hinksey Sculling School4:324 1/2 lengths
23918:05W.J14.4X+ HEN(290) Henley RCHIN(295) Hinksey Sculling School4:202 1/2 lengths
17615:24W.J14.2nd.4X+243BGS(297) Bedford Girls School (McDonagh)GMS(298) Great Marlow School4:441/2 length
18215:41W.J14.2nd.4X+243HEN(299) Henley RCBGS(300) Bedford Girls School (Garrigue)4:342 1/2 lengths
24318:17W.J14.2nd.4X+ GMS(298) Great Marlow SchoolHEN(299) Henley RC4:34easily