Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 10th May 2014

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Results for Green Templeton BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
4814:36W.COL.8+154UCO(108) University College, OxfordSCO(109) St Catherine's College4:06easily
5110:18W.COL.8+153WAD(111) Wadham CollegeEMM(112) Emmanuel CollegeNTTRow Over
5210:20W.COL.8+153DOW(113) Downing CollegeGTM(114) Green Templeton BCNTTRow Over
15414:36W.COL.8+222UCO(108) University College, OxfordCOR(110) Corpus Christi CollegeNTTRow Over
15314:34W.COL.8+222EMM(112) Emmanuel CollegeGTM(114) Green Templeton BC4:071 1/2 lengths
22217:21W.COL.8+ UCO(108) University College, OxfordEMM(112) Emmanuel College3:561 3/4 lengths
2108:58W.IM3.8+76DOW(115) Downing CollegeUWK(116) Warwick University (Preece)NTTRow Over
2309:02W.IM3.8+80LEA(123) Lea Rowing ClubUWK(124) Warwick University (Lindsay)4:161 3/4 lengths
7611:12W.IM3.8+173UWK(116) Warwick University (Preece)AKN(117) Auriol Kensington3:541 1/2 lengths
7711:14W.IM3.8+173EMM(118) Emmanuel CollegeCOX(119) City of Oxford RC4:072 1/2 lengths
7811:17W.IM3.8+175GTM(120) Green Templeton BCWRR(121) Worcester RCNTTRow Over
8011:21W.IM3.8+175SWB(122) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolUWK(124) Warwick University (Lindsay)NTT2 lengths
17315:17W.IM3.8+237UWK(116) Warwick University (Preece)EMM(118) Emmanuel College3:571/2 length
17515:21W.IM3.8+237WRR(121) Worcester RCSWB(122) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School3:593 lengths
23717:58W.IM3.8+ EMM(118) Emmanuel CollegeSWB(122) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School3:51easily
5010:16IM3.4+156UWK(184) Warwick UniversityNSC(185) Norwich SchoolNTT2 lengths
16214:53IM3.4+227GTM(181) Green Templeton BCORA(182) The Oratory School4:043 lengths
15614:40IM3.4+227BDS(183) Bedford SchoolUWK(184) Warwick University3:582 1/2 lengths
22717:33IM3.4+ ORA(182) The Oratory SchoolUWK(184) Warwick University3:511 1/2 lengths