Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 10th May 2014

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Results for Lady Margaret BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
1508:45COL.8+69WAD(11) Wadham College, Oxford (A)DOW(12) Downing College BC (M1)NTTRow Over
1608:47COL.8+71DOW(17) Downing College BC (M2)PMB(18) Pembroke College (Oxford)NTTRow Over
1708:49COL.8+73ORO(20) Oriel CollegeLMB(21) Lady Margaret BC3:264 lengths
6910:57COL.8+167DOW(12) Downing College BC (M1)COR(13) Corpus Christi College3:301 1/2 lengths
7010:59COL.8+167SHU(14) Sheffield University RCEMM(15) Emmanuel College3:291/4 length
7111:01COL.8+169CHB(16) Christ ChurchPMB(18) Pembroke College (Oxford)3:183/4 length
7311:06COL.8+169WAD(19) Wadham College, Oxford (B)ORO(20) Oriel CollegeNTTRow Over
16715:04COL.8+235DOW(12) Downing College BC (M1)EMM(15) Emmanuel College3:273/4 length
16915:08COL.8+235PMB(18) Pembroke College (Oxford)ORO(20) Oriel College3:193 lengths
23517:53COL.8+ DOW(12) Downing College BC (M1)ORO(20) Oriel College3:042 1/2 lengths
2709:15IM3.8+94ABS(26) Abingdon SchoolHAM(27) Hampton School (B)3:192 1/4 lengths
2809:17IM3.8+95UWK(29) Warwick University (Clark)EMM(30) Emmanuel College3:261 1/4 lengths
3809:50IM3.8+108WIN(33) Winchester College BCBDS(34) Bedford School3:263/4 length
3909:52IM3.8+93LMB(35) Lady Margaret BCDOW(36) Downing College BC (M1)3:243/4 length
2509:09IM3.8+93UWK(37) Warwick University (Krupke)HAM(38) Hampton School (A)3:33easily
9412:00IM3.8+172ABS(26) Abingdon SchoolDOW(28) Downing College BC (M2)NTTRow Over
9512:02IM3.8+172UWK(29) Warwick University (Clark)STA(31) Star Club3:292 lengths
10812:30IM3.8+185SWB(32) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolBDS(34) Bedford School3:281 length
9311:58IM3.8+185DOW(36) Downing College BC (M1)HAM(38) Hampton School (A)4:191/3 length
17215:46IM3.8+241ABS(26) Abingdon SchoolUWK(29) Warwick University (Clark)3:20a canvas
18515:47IM3.8+241BDS(34) Bedford SchoolHAM(38) Hampton School (A)3:253/4 length
24119:00IM3.8+ UWK(29) Warwick University (Clark)BDS(34) Bedford School3:193/4 length
108:15NOV.8+37 / 165ABS(42) Abingdon School (A)WIN(43) Winchester College BCNTT3 lengths
208:17NOV.8+37 / 54ORA(44) The Oratory School (Espana Font)BDS(45) Bedford SchoolNTT4 lengths
508:23NOV.8+72 / 54BMS(46) Bedford Modern School (Nicholls)LEA(47) Lea Rowing ClubNTT2 lengths
608:25NOV.8+42 / 60SWB(49) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolLMB(50) Lady Margaret BC3:392 1/2 lengths
308:19NOV.8+42 / 60SHP(51) Shiplake CollegeUWK(52) Warwick UniversityNTT1 1/2 lengths
408:21NOV.8+41 / 58HAM(53) Hampton SchoolBMS(54) Bedford Modern School (Tillett)NTTeasily
708:28NOV.8+41 / 58ABS(55) Abingdon School (B)ORA(56) The Oratory School (Camilleri)NTT5 lengths
3709:48NOV.8+148ABS(42) Abingdon School (A)BDS(45) Bedford School3:371 1/4 lengths
7211:04NOV.8+148BMS(46) Bedford Modern School (Nicholls)RAD(48) Radley College Boat Club3:341 length
4209:59NOV.8+145LMB(50) Lady Margaret BCUWK(52) Warwick University3:302 lengths
4109:56NOV.8+145HAM(53) Hampton SchoolORA(56) The Oratory School (Camilleri)3:221 1/4 lengths
14814:23NOV.8+223BDS(45) Bedford SchoolBMS(46) Bedford Modern School (Nicholls)3:152/3 length
14514:16NOV.8+223LMB(50) Lady Margaret BCHAM(53) Hampton School3:281 1/2 lengths
22317:23NOV.8+ BMS(46) Bedford Modern School (Nicholls)HAM(53) Hampton School3:312 1/2 lengths
5410:25NOV.8+165ORA(44) The Oratory School (Espana Font)LEA(47) Lea Rowing Club3:501 1/2 lengths
6011:05NOV.8+155SWB(49) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolSHP(51) Shiplake College3:402 1/2 lengths
5810:33NOV.8+155BMS(54) Bedford Modern School (Tillett)ABS(55) Abingdon School (B)3:441 1/2 lengths
16515:31NOV.8+224WIN(43) Winchester College BCLEA(47) Lea Rowing Club3:463/4 length
15514:38NOV.8+224SHP(51) Shiplake CollegeABS(55) Abingdon School (B)3:453 feet
22417:26NOV.8+ WIN(43) Winchester College BCABS(55) Abingdon School (B)3:481 1/2 lengths