Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 10th May 2014

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Results for Milton Keynes RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
11412:43IM3.Club.4+209BED(186) Bedford Rowing Club (Dickens)AKN(187) Auriol Kensington RC (Masters)4:162 1/4 lengths
11612:48IM3.Club.4+209MIK(188) Milton Keynes RCRDG(189) Reading RC4:021 1/2 lengths
11812:52IM3.Club.4+194COX(190) City of Oxford RCBED(191) Bedford Rowing Club (Vincent)3:291 1/4 lengths
11912:54IM3.Club.4+194AKN(192) Auriol Kensington RC (Fishlock)LEA(193) Lea Rowing ClubNTTRow Over
20916:52IM3.Club.4+244AKN(187) Auriol Kensington RC (Masters)RDG(189) Reading RC4:063 1/2 lengths
19416:07IM3.Club.4+244BED(191) Bedford Rowing Club (Vincent)LEA(193) Lea Rowing Club3:473/4 length
24418:20IM3.Club.4+ RDG(189) Reading RCLEA(193) Lea Rowing Club3:572 1/2 lengths
1108:36NOV.4+67NSC(194) Norwich School (White)UWK(195) Warwick University4:33Row Over
1808:51NOV.4+90WIN(200) Winchester College BCRAD(201) Radley College Boat ClubNTTUnknown
1408:43NOV.4+65COX(203) City of Oxford RCNSC(204) Norwich School (Arthurton)4:02easily
6710:53NOV.4+160UWK(195) Warwick UniversityMIK(196) Milton Keynes RC3:57easily
6410:46NOV.4+160BED(197) Bedford Rowing ClubSTA(198) Star Club4:09easily
9011:51NOV.4+161BDS(199) Bedford SchoolWIN(200) Winchester College BC4:34Row Over
6510:48NOV.4+161SHP(202) Shiplake CollegeCOX(203) City of Oxford RC3:59easily
16014:49NOV.4+232UWK(195) Warwick UniversityBED(197) Bedford Rowing Club3:571 1/2 lengths
16114:51NOV.4+232WIN(200) Winchester College BCCOX(203) City of Oxford RC4:01easily
23217:46NOV.4+ UWK(195) Warwick UniversityCOX(203) City of Oxford RC3:331/2 length
21517:05W.IM2.4+253UWK(225) Warwick UniversityMIK(226) Milton Keynes RC4:26easily
25318:42W.IM2.4+ BGS(224) Bedford Girls SchoolUWK(225) Warwick University4:192 1/4 lengths
11112:37W.IM3.4+195MIK(227) Milton Keynes RCAKN(228) Auriol Kensington RC (Rodgers)4:242 1/2 lengths
10912:32W.IM3.4+195WRR(229) Worcester RCGMS(230) Great Marlow School4:221 1/2 lengths
12413:14W.IM3.4+205AKN(231) Auriol Kensington RC (Marques)HEN(241) Henley RCNTTRow Over
11512:45W.IM3.4+205BGS(233) Bedford Girls SchoolUWK(234) Warwick University3:58easily
19516:09W.IM3.4+252AKN(228) Auriol Kensington RC (Rodgers)GMS(230) Great Marlow School4:203/4 length
20516:39W.IM3.4+252AKN(231) Auriol Kensington RC (Marques)UWK(234) Warwick University4:21easily
25218:40W.IM3.4+ GMS(230) Great Marlow SchoolUWK(234) Warwick University4:212 lengths
8911:49W.NOV.4+192CHB(235) Christ ChurchMIK(236) Milton Keynes RC4:34easily
10512:24W.NOV.4+196SES(238) St Edward's SchoolUWK(239) Warwick UniversityNTTRow Over
11712:50W.NOV.4+196BMS(240) Bedford Modern SchoolHEN(500) Henley RCNTTRow Over
19216:03W.NOV.4+251CHB(235) Christ ChurchBED(237) Bedford Rowing Club4:251 length
19616:11W.NOV.4+251SES(238) St Edward's SchoolBMS(240) Bedford Modern School4:213 1/2 lengths
25118:37W.NOV.4+ BED(237) Bedford Rowing ClubBMS(240) Bedford Modern School4:261 foot