Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 10th May 2014

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Results for Norwich School

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
808:30J15.8+55BDS(79) Bedford SchoolABS(80) Abingdon SchoolNTT1 length
908:32J15.8+63NSC(82) Norwich SchoolLTU(83) Latymer Upper School BCNTTRow Over
2209:00J15.8+56BMS(86) Bedford Modern SchoolWIN(87) Winchester College BC3:35easily
1008:34J15.8+53HAM(88) Hampton SchoolORA(89) The Oratory SchoolNTTRow Over
1312:00J15.8+53SHP(90) Shiplake CollegeSES(91) St Edward's SchoolNTT2 1/2 lengths
5510:27J15.8+152ABS(80) Abingdon SchoolRAD(81) Radley College Boat Club3:362 lengths
6310:44J15.8+152NSC(82) Norwich SchoolSWB(84) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School3:422 1/2 lengths
5610:29J15.8+147KGS(85) Kingston Grammar SchoolWIN(87) Winchester College BC3:374 lengths
5310:22J15.8+147ORA(89) The Oratory SchoolSES(91) St Edward's SchoolNTTRow Over
15214:32J15.8+226RAD(81) Radley College Boat ClubSWB(84) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School3:383/4 length
14714:21J15.8+226WIN(87) Winchester College BCSES(91) St Edward's SchoolNTT4 lengths
22617:31J15.8+ SWB(84) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolWIN(87) Winchester College BC3:293 lengths
5010:16IM3.4+156UWK(184) Warwick UniversityNSC(185) Norwich SchoolNTT2 lengths
16214:53IM3.4+227GTM(181) Green Templeton BCORA(182) The Oratory School4:043 lengths
15614:40IM3.4+227BDS(183) Bedford SchoolUWK(184) Warwick University3:582 1/2 lengths
22717:33IM3.4+ ORA(182) The Oratory SchoolUWK(184) Warwick University3:511 1/2 lengths
1108:36NOV.4+67NSC(194) Norwich School (White)UWK(195) Warwick University4:33Row Over
1808:51NOV.4+90WIN(200) Winchester College BCRAD(201) Radley College Boat ClubNTTUnknown
1408:43NOV.4+65COX(203) City of Oxford RCNSC(204) Norwich School (Arthurton)4:02easily
6710:53NOV.4+160UWK(195) Warwick UniversityMIK(196) Milton Keynes RC3:57easily
6410:46NOV.4+160BED(197) Bedford Rowing ClubSTA(198) Star Club4:09easily
9011:51NOV.4+161BDS(199) Bedford SchoolWIN(200) Winchester College BC4:34Row Over
6510:48NOV.4+161SHP(202) Shiplake CollegeCOX(203) City of Oxford RC3:59easily
16014:49NOV.4+232UWK(195) Warwick UniversityBED(197) Bedford Rowing Club3:571 1/2 lengths
16114:51NOV.4+232WIN(200) Winchester College BCCOX(203) City of Oxford RC4:01easily
23217:46NOV.4+ UWK(195) Warwick UniversityCOX(203) City of Oxford RC3:331/2 length
7411:08J15.4+174HAM(211) Hampton SchoolBDS(212) Bedford School4:09easily
8111:23J15.4+171GMS(215) Great Marlow SchoolNSC(216) Norwich SchoolNTTRow Over
17415:19J15.4+233BDS(212) Bedford SchoolLTU(213) Latymer Upper School BCNTTRow Over
17115:13J15.4+233BMS(214) Bedford Modern SchoolNSC(216) Norwich School4:10easily
23317:48J15.4+ BDS(212) Bedford SchoolNSC(216) Norwich School4:02easily
11012:35J15.2nd.4+199NSC(217) Norwich School (Arthurton)RAD(218) Radley College Boat Club3:58easily
11212:39J15.2nd.4+197WIN(220) Winchester College BCGMS(221) Great Marlow SchoolNTTRow Over
11312:41J15.2nd.4+197LTU(222) Latymer Upper School BCNSC(223) Norwich School (Anholt)NTTRow Over
19916:18J15.2nd.4+254NSC(217) Norwich School (Arthurton)HAM(219) Hampton School4:053 lengths
19716:13J15.2nd.4+254WIN(220) Winchester College BCNSC(223) Norwich School (Anholt)4:134 lengths
25418:45J15.2nd.4+ HAM(219) Hampton SchoolNSC(223) Norwich School (Anholt)4:012 lengths
1208:38J14.4X+62ORA(271) The Oratory SchoolHAM(272) Hampton School (Butler)NTTRow Over
5710:31J14.4X+157SWB(264) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolHAM(265) Hampton School (Stucke)4:10easily
5910:35J14.4X+157SES(266) St Edward's SchoolGMS(267) Great Marlow SchoolNTTRow Over
6110:40J14.4X+158WIN(268) Winchester College BCNSC(269) Norwich School4:071/2 length
6210:42J14.4X+158HIN(270) Hinksey Sculling SchoolHAM(272) Hampton School (Butler)4:20easily
15714:42J14.4X+228HAM(265) Hampton School (Stucke)GMS(267) Great Marlow School4:122 lengths
15814:45J14.4X+228NSC(269) Norwich SchoolHAM(272) Hampton School (Butler)4:093 lengths
22817:36J14.4X+ HAM(265) Hampton School (Stucke)NSC(269) Norwich School4:081 1/4 lengths
10012:13J14.2nd.4X+189HAM(273) Hampton School (O Loughlin)SES(274) St Edward's SchoolNTTRow Over
10112:15J14.2nd.4X+188WIN(276) Winchester College BCBDS(277) Bedford School4:481/2 length
10212:17J14.2nd.4X+188NSC(278) Norwich SchoolHAM(279) Hampton School (Cockett)4:241/4 length
18915:56J14.2nd.4X+246HAM(273) Hampton School (O Loughlin)SWB(275) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School4:352 1/2 lengths
18815:54J14.2nd.4X+246WIN(276) Winchester College BCHAM(279) Hampton School (Cockett)4:324 lengths
24618:25J14.2nd.4X+ HAM(273) Hampton School (O Loughlin)HAM(279) Hampton School (Cockett)4:283/4 length