Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 10th May 2014

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Results for Oriel College

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
4009:54ELI.8+144CHB(1) Christ ChurchIMP(4) Imperial CollegeNTTRow Over
4310:01ELI.8+149LRH(9) Lady Rohesia Boat ClubSTA(10) Star Club3:171 1/4 lengths
14414:14ELI.8+230CHB(1) Christ ChurchTRC(3) Thames RC3:201/3 length
14114:08ELI.8+230ORO(2) Oriel CollegeLEA(5) Lea Rowing Club3:193/4 length
14614:19ELI.8+221ABS(6) Abingdon SchoolSIP(7) Sport Imperial BC3:133/4 length
14914:25ELI.8+221NEW(8) Newcastle University BCSTA(10) Star Club3:162 lengths
23017:41ELI.8+264TRC(3) Thames RCLEA(5) Lea Rowing Club3:081 length
22117:19ELI.8+264SIP(7) Sport Imperial BCNEW(8) Newcastle University BC3:101 length
26419:14ELI.8+ LEA(5) Lea Rowing ClubNEW(8) Newcastle University BC3:093 lengths
1508:45COL.8+69WAD(11) Wadham College, Oxford (A)DOW(12) Downing College BC (M1)NTTRow Over
1608:47COL.8+71DOW(17) Downing College BC (M2)PMB(18) Pembroke College (Oxford)NTTRow Over
1708:49COL.8+73ORO(20) Oriel CollegeLMB(21) Lady Margaret BC3:264 lengths
6910:57COL.8+167DOW(12) Downing College BC (M1)COR(13) Corpus Christi College3:301 1/2 lengths
7010:59COL.8+167SHU(14) Sheffield University RCEMM(15) Emmanuel College3:291/4 length
7111:01COL.8+169CHB(16) Christ ChurchPMB(18) Pembroke College (Oxford)3:183/4 length
7311:06COL.8+169WAD(19) Wadham College, Oxford (B)ORO(20) Oriel CollegeNTTRow Over
16715:04COL.8+235DOW(12) Downing College BC (M1)EMM(15) Emmanuel College3:273/4 length
16915:08COL.8+235PMB(18) Pembroke College (Oxford)ORO(20) Oriel College3:193 lengths
23517:53COL.8+ DOW(12) Downing College BC (M1)ORO(20) Oriel College3:042 1/2 lengths
4410:03IM2.4+150RDG(173) Reading RC (Batchelor)STA(174) Star ClubNTT2 lengths
4510:05IM2.4+150RAD(175) Radley College Boat ClubRDG(176) Reading RC (Robinson)3:542 lengths
4610:07IM2.4+159LEA(177) Lea Rowing ClubWGA(178) UrsusNTT3/4 length
4710:09IM2.4+159RDG(179) Reading RC (Paterson)ORO(180) Oriel College3:431 length
15014:27IM2.4+231RDG(173) Reading RC (Batchelor)RAD(175) Radley College Boat Club3:521 length
15914:47IM2.4+231LEA(177) Lea Rowing ClubRDG(179) Reading RC (Paterson)3:521/2 length
23117:43IM2.4+ RAD(175) Radley College Boat ClubRDG(179) Reading RC (Paterson)3:333/4 length