Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 10th May 2014

Results for Intermediate 3 Eights

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RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
2709:15IM3.8+94ABS(26) Abingdon SchoolHAM(27) Hampton School (B)3:192 1/4 lengths
2809:17IM3.8+95UWK(29) Warwick University (Clark)EMM(30) Emmanuel College3:261 1/4 lengths
3809:50IM3.8+108WIN(33) Winchester College BCBDS(34) Bedford School3:263/4 length
3909:52IM3.8+93LMB(35) Lady Margaret BCDOW(36) Downing College BC (M1)3:243/4 length
2509:09IM3.8+93UWK(37) Warwick University (Krupke)HAM(38) Hampton School (A)3:33easily
9412:00IM3.8+172ABS(26) Abingdon SchoolDOW(28) Downing College BC (M2)NTTRow Over
9512:02IM3.8+172UWK(29) Warwick University (Clark)STA(31) Star Club3:292 lengths
10812:30IM3.8+185SWB(32) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolBDS(34) Bedford School3:281 length
9311:58IM3.8+185DOW(36) Downing College BC (M1)HAM(38) Hampton School (A)4:191/3 length
17215:46IM3.8+241ABS(26) Abingdon SchoolUWK(29) Warwick University (Clark)3:20a canvas
18515:47IM3.8+241BDS(34) Bedford SchoolHAM(38) Hampton School (A)3:253/4 length
24119:00IM3.8+ UWK(29) Warwick University (Clark)BDS(34) Bedford School3:193/4 length