Oxford City Royal Regatta

Saturday 18th August 2012

Draw for Oxford Academicals RC

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext Race Oxfordshire (Town) Berkshire (Towpath)
11915:1217IM3.8+145XYZ(101) Status ChangeSON(102) Sons of the Thames RC 
12015:1617IM3.8+145HEC(103) Hertford CollegeWOO(104) Wolfson College, Oxford 
12115:2017IM3.8+146JEC(105) Jesus College, CambridgeFSC(106) Furnivall SC 
12215:2417IM3.8+146LLA(107) Llandaff RCMHD(108) Maidenhead RC 
14516:5617IM3.8+162SON(102) Sons of the Thames RCWOO(104) Wolfson College, Oxford 
14617:0017IM3.8+162JEC(105) Jesus College, CambridgeMHD(108) Maidenhead RC 
16218:0417IM3.8+ WOO(104) Wolfson College, OxfordMHD(108) Maidenhead RC 
4612:002NOV.8+ FAL(3) Falcon RCOAC(4) Oxford Academicals RC 
3311:083W.IM2.8+45GTM(6) Green Templeton BCWOO(7) Wolfson College, Oxford 
4511:563W.IM2.8+ HSB(5) HSBC RCGTM(6) Green Templeton BC 
10114:0018W.IM3.8+118XYZ(116) Status ChangeWOO(117) Wolfson College, Oxford 
11514:5618W.IM3.8+143HSB(109) HSBC RCBBL(110) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC 
11615:0018W.IM3.8+143TYS(111) Tethys BCCBR(112) City of Bristol RC 
11715:0418W.IM3.8+144GTM(113) Green Templeton BCCOX(114) City of Oxford RC 
11815:0818W.IM3.8+144ABN(115) Abingdon RCWOO(117) Wolfson College, Oxford 
14316:4818W.IM3.8+161BBL(110) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCTYS(111) Tethys BC 
14416:5218W.IM3.8+161COX(114) City of Oxford RCWOO(117) Wolfson College, Oxford 
16118:0018W.IM3.8+ BBL(110) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCCOX(114) City of Oxford RC 
4912:124W.NOV.8+ FAL(8) Falcon RCOAC(9) Oxford Academicals RC 
409:126IM3.4+17FSC(12) Furnivall SC (Vaklev)LLA(13) Llandaff RC 
509:166IM3.4+18JEC/JEO(15) Jesus/JesusPTR(16) Putney Town RC 
609:206IM3.4+19XYZ(19) Status ChangeWRO(20) Worcester College 
709:246IM3.4+20SON(22) Sons of the Thames RCFSC(23) Furnivall SC (Jenkins) 
1710:046IM3.4+34LLA(13) Llandaff RCHEC(14) Hertford College 
1810:086IM3.4+34PTR(16) Putney Town RCOAC(17) Oxford Academicals RC 
1910:126IM3.4+35CBR(18) City of Bristol RCWRO(20) Worcester College 
2010:166IM3.4+35WOO(21) Wolfson College, OxfordFSC(23) Furnivall SC (Jenkins) 
3411:126IM3.4+48HEC(14) Hertford CollegeOAC(17) Oxford Academicals RC 
3511:166IM3.4+48CBR(18) City of Bristol RCWOO(21) Wolfson College, Oxford 
4812:086IM3.4+ HEC(14) Hertford CollegeWOO(21) Wolfson College, Oxford 
11114:4020NOV.4+140COX(120) City of Oxford RC (A)CBR(121) City of Bristol RC 
11214:4420NOV.4+140PTR/CYG(122) Putney Town/CygnetOAC(123) Oxford Academicals RC 
11314:4820NOV.4+141WRO(124) Worcester CollegeFSC(125) Furnivall SC 
11414:5220NOV.4+141HSB(126) HSBC RCCOX(127) City of Oxford RC (B) 
14016:3620NOV.4+159COX(120) City of Oxford RC (A)OAC(123) Oxford Academicals RC 
14116:4020NOV.4+159FSC(125) Furnivall SCCOX(127) City of Oxford RC (B) 
15917:5220NOV.4+ COX(120) City of Oxford RC (A)FSC(125) Furnivall SC 
109:007W.IM3.4+11CBR(24) City of Bristol RC (Shelley-Smith)HEC(25) Hertford College 
209:047W.IM3.4+12LIC(30) Lincoln College BCABN(31) Abingdon RC 
309:087W.IM3.4+13XYZ(33) Status ChangeCBR(34) City of Bristol RC (Mabbett) 
1109:407W.IM3.4+25HEC(25) Hertford CollegeKRC(26) Kingston Rowing Club 
909:327W.IM3.4+25LLA(27) Llandaff RCBBL(28) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC 
1209:447W.IM3.4+26COX(29) City of Oxford RCLIC(30) Lincoln College BC 
1309:487W.IM3.4+26HSB(32) HSBC RCCBR(34) City of Bristol RC (Mabbett) 
2510:367W.IM3.4+41KRC(26) Kingston Rowing ClubBBL(28) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC 
2610:407W.IM3.4+41LIC(30) Lincoln College BCCBR(34) City of Bristol RC (Mabbett) 
4111:407W.IM3.4+ BBL(28) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCLIC(30) Lincoln College BC 
14216:4421W.NOV.4+160HSB(129) HSBC RCLLA(130) Llandaff RC 
16017:5621W.NOV.4+ COX(128) City of Oxford RCHSB(129) HSBC RC 
10414:1227W.NOV.2X126RDG(149) Reading RCMHD(150) Maidenhead RC 
10514:1627W.NOV.2X130BBL(153) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCABN(154) Abingdon RC 
12615:4027W.NOV.2X153RDG(149) Reading RCCAM(151) City of Cambridge 
13015:5627W.NOV.2X153WRC(152) Wallingford RCABN(154) Abingdon RC 
15317:2827W.NOV.2X RDG(149) Reading RCWRC(152) Wallingford RC 
809:2816W.NOV.1X24COX(71) City of Oxford RC (Winder)NUT(72) Nautics Boat Club (Webb) 
2110:2016W.NOV.1X36RDG(64) Reading RCCOX(65) City of Oxford RC (Pfauder) 
2210:2416W.NOV.1X36NUT(66) Nautics Boat Club (Webb)CHR(67) Christchurch RC 
2310:2816W.NOV.1X37BBL(68) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCSON(69) Sons of the Thames RC 
2410:3216W.NOV.1X37ABN(70) Abingdon RCNUT(72) Nautics Boat Club (Webb) 
3611:2016W.NOV.1X51COX(65) City of Oxford RC (Pfauder)CHR(67) Christchurch RC 
3711:2416W.NOV.1X51BBL(68) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCABN(70) Abingdon RC 
5112:2016W.NOV.1X COX(65) City of Oxford RC (Pfauder)BBL(68) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC