Oxford City Royal Regatta

Saturday 18th August 2012

Draw for Putney Town/Cygnet

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext Race Oxfordshire (Town) Berkshire (Towpath)
11915:1217IM3.8+145XYZ(101) Status ChangeSON(102) Sons of the Thames RC 
12015:1617IM3.8+145HEC(103) Hertford CollegeWOO(104) Wolfson College, Oxford 
12115:2017IM3.8+146JEC(105) Jesus College, CambridgeFSC(106) Furnivall SC 
12215:2417IM3.8+146LLA(107) Llandaff RCMHD(108) Maidenhead RC 
14516:5617IM3.8+162SON(102) Sons of the Thames RCWOO(104) Wolfson College, Oxford 
14617:0017IM3.8+162JEC(105) Jesus College, CambridgeMHD(108) Maidenhead RC 
16218:0417IM3.8+ WOO(104) Wolfson College, OxfordMHD(108) Maidenhead RC 
11114:4020NOV.4+140COX(120) City of Oxford RC (A)CBR(121) City of Bristol RC 
11214:4420NOV.4+140PTR/CYG(122) Putney Town/CygnetOAC(123) Oxford Academicals RC 
11314:4820NOV.4+141WRO(124) Worcester CollegeFSC(125) Furnivall SC 
11414:5220NOV.4+141HSB(126) HSBC RCCOX(127) City of Oxford RC (B) 
14016:3620NOV.4+159COX(120) City of Oxford RC (A)OAC(123) Oxford Academicals RC 
14116:4020NOV.4+159FSC(125) Furnivall SCCOX(127) City of Oxford RC (B) 
15917:5220NOV.4+ COX(120) City of Oxford RC (A)FSC(125) Furnivall SC