Oxford City Sprint

Sunday 19th August 2012

Draw for Jesus/Jesus

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext Race Oxfordshire (Town) Berkshire (Towpath)
31713:4817IM3.8+347OAC(301) Oxford Academicals RCWOO(302) Wolfson College, Oxford 
31813:5117IM3.8+347HEC(303) Hertford CollegeWRO(304) Worcester College 
31913:5417IM3.8+348JEC/JEO(305) Jesus/JesusCAM(306) City of Cambridge 
32013:5717IM3.8+348LLA/WLT(307) Llandaff/WaltonPTR/CYG(308) Putney Town/Cygnet 
34715:1817IM3.8+365WOO(302) Wolfson College, OxfordHEC(303) Hertford College 
34815:2117IM3.8+365JEC/JEO(305) Jesus/JesusLLA/WLT(307) Llandaff/Walton 
36516:2717IM3.8+ WOO(302) Wolfson College, OxfordLLA/WLT(307) Llandaff/Walton 
20109:004IM3.4+214XYZ(209) Status ChangeJEC(210) Jesus College, Cambridge 
20209:034IM3.4+217WOO(215) Wolfson College, Oxford (Kirkbride)HSB(216) HSBC RC 
20309:064IM3.4+215SON(218) Sons of the Thames RC (Grimsdale)WOO(219) Wolfson College, Oxford (Berzal) 
21409:394IM3.4+235JEC(210) Jesus College, CambridgeSON(211) Sons of the Thames RC (Lund) 
20709:184IM3.4+235WRO(212) Worcester CollegeHEC(213) Hertford College 
21709:484IM3.4+230OAC(214) Oxford Academicals RCWOO(215) Wolfson College, Oxford (Kirkbride) 
21509:424IM3.4+230LLA(217) Llandaff RCSON(218) Sons of the Thames RC (Grimsdale) 
23510:424IM3.4+248SON(211) Sons of the Thames RC (Lund)HEC(213) Hertford College 
23010:274IM3.4+248WOO(215) Wolfson College, Oxford (Kirkbride)LLA(217) Llandaff RC 
24811:314IM3.4+ HEC(213) Hertford CollegeWOO(215) Wolfson College, Oxford (Kirkbride)