Oxford City Sprint

Sunday 19th August 2012

Draw for Swindon RC

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext Race Oxfordshire (Town) Berkshire (Towpath)
21609:457Mas.BCD.2X237COX(231) City of Oxford RC (=D)ABN(232) Abingdon RC (Keogh =D) 
23610:457Mas.BCD.2X253SWI(228) Swindon RC (=D)ABN(229) Abingdon RC (Dawes =C) 
23710:487Mas.BCD.2X253OAC(230) Oxford Academicals RC (=B)COX(231) City of Oxford RC (=D) 
25311:517Mas.BCD.2X SWI(228) Swindon RC (=D)COX(231) City of Oxford RC (=D) 
33814:5126Mx.ELI.2X360TRT(343) Trent RCCOX(344) City of Oxford RC (H??k) 
36016:0726Mx.ELI.2X COX(342) City of Oxford RC (Pfauder)TRT(343) Trent RC 
34915:2428Mas.FGH.1X366MAR(353) Marlow RC (=F)BEB(354) Bewl Bridge RC (=H) 
36616:3128Mas.FGH.1X SWI(352) Swindon RC (=G)MAR(353) Marlow RC (=F)