Oxford City Royal Regatta

Saturday 18th August 2012

Draw for Womens Intermediate 3 Eights

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext Race Oxfordshire (Town) Berkshire (Towpath)
10114:0018W.IM3.8+118XYZ(116) Status ChangeWOO(117) Wolfson College, Oxford 
11514:5618W.IM3.8+143HSB(109) HSBC RCBBL(110) Barnes Bridge Ladies RC 
11615:0018W.IM3.8+143TYS(111) Tethys BCCBR(112) City of Bristol RC 
11715:0418W.IM3.8+144GTM(113) Green Templeton BCCOX(114) City of Oxford RC 
11815:0818W.IM3.8+144ABN(115) Abingdon RCWOO(117) Wolfson College, Oxford 
14316:4818W.IM3.8+161BBL(110) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCTYS(111) Tethys BC 
14416:5218W.IM3.8+161COX(114) City of Oxford RCWOO(117) Wolfson College, Oxford 
16118:0018W.IM3.8+ BBL(110) Barnes Bridge Ladies RCCOX(114) City of Oxford RC