Oxford City Royal Regatta

Saturday 18th August 2012

Draw for Magdalen College, Oxford

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext RaceOxfordshire (Town)Berkshire (Towpath)
10614:2030IM3.1X132(163) Ursus(164) City of Oxford RC 
10714:2430IM3.1X131(166) Abingdon RC(167) UL Tyrian Club 
10814:2830IM3.1X131(168) Status Change(169) City of Oxford RC 
13216:0430IM3.1X154(164) City of Oxford RC(165) Magdalen College, Oxford 
13116:0030IM3.1X154(167) UL Tyrian Club(169) City of Oxford RC 
15417:3230IM3.1X (164) City of Oxford RC(169) City of Oxford RC 
3811:2814NOV.1X54(60) UL Tyrian Club(61) Llandaff RC 
5412:3214NOV.1X (59) Magdalen College, Oxford(60) UL Tyrian Club