Oxford City Sprint

Sunday 19th August 2012

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext RaceOxfordshire (Town)Berkshire (Towpath)
20109:004IM3.4+214(209) Status Change(210) Jesus College, Cambridge 
20209:034IM3.4+217(215) Wolfson College, Oxford (Kirkbride)(216) HSBC RC 
20309:064IM3.4+215(218) Sons of the Thames RC (Grimsdale)(219) Wolfson College, Oxford (Berzal) 
20409:095W.IM3.4+218(220) City of Oxford RC(221) Llandaff RC 
20509:125W.IM3.4+219(224) Oxford Academicals RC(225) Kingston Rowing Club 
20609:1512W.J14.2X224(249) Staines BC (Webb)(250) Wallingford RC (Claridge) 
20709:184IM3.4+235(212) Worcester College(213) Hertford College 
20809:2116W.NOV.1X227(264) Oxford Academicals RC(265) Reading RC (Gabriel) 
20909:2416W.NOV.1X228(268) Reading RC (Mason)(269) Sons of the Thames RC (Pinheiro) 
21009:2714NOV.1X232(254) Pembroke College (Oxford)(255) Llandaff RC (Thomas) 
21109:3014NOV.1X234(257) UL Tyrian Club(258) Jesus College, Cambridge 
21209:3314NOV.1X234(259) Magdalen College, Oxford(260) Llandaff RC (Walker) 
21309:3610W.Mas.ABC.2X229(242) Abingdon RC (=B)(243) Burway RC (=C) 
21409:394IM3.4+235(210) Jesus College, Cambridge(211) Sons of the Thames RC (Lund) 
21509:424IM3.4+230(217) Llandaff RC(218) Sons of the Thames RC (Grimsdale) 
21609:457Mas.BCD.2X237(231) City of Oxford RC (=D)(232) Abingdon RC (Keogh =D) 
21709:484IM3.4+230(214) Oxford Academicals RC(215) Wolfson College, Oxford (Kirkbride) 
21809:515W.IM3.4+238(220) City of Oxford RC(222) HSBC RC 
21909:545W.IM3.4+238(223) Abingdon RC(225) Kingston Rowing Club 
22009:5713IM2.1X239(252) UL Tyrian Club(253) Abingdon RC 
22110:008J16.2X244(233) City of Oxford RC(234) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe 
22210:038J16.2X244(235) Marlow RC(236) Maidstone Invicta RC 
22310:0612W.J14.2X245(246) Staines BC (Connor)(247) Wallingford RC (Walker) 
22410:0912W.J14.2X245(248) Reading/City of Oxford(249) Staines BC (Webb) 
22510:122W.IM2.8+246(205) Status Change(206) Oxford Academicals RC 
22610:1515W.IM2.1X241(262) Status Change(263) Christchurch RC 
22710:1816W.NOV.1X249(264) Oxford Academicals RC(266) Christchurch RC 
22810:2116W.NOV.1X249(267) Sons of the Thames RC (Lazarevic)(269) Sons of the Thames RC (Pinheiro) 
22910:2410W.Mas.ABC.2X243(241) Christchurch RC (=A)(242) Abingdon RC (=B) 
23010:274IM3.4+248(215) Wolfson College, Oxford (Kirkbride)(217) Llandaff RC 
23110:3010W.Mas.ABC.2X243(239) Reading RC (=B)(240) City of Oxford RC (=B) 
23210:3314NOV.1X247(254) Pembroke College (Oxford)(256) City of Oxford RC 
23310:361ELI.8+250(202) Durham University(203) Hertford College 
23410:3914NOV.1X247(258) Jesus College, Cambridge(260) Llandaff RC (Walker) 
23510:424IM3.4+248(211) Sons of the Thames RC (Lund)(213) Hertford College 
23610:457Mas.BCD.2X253(228) Swindon RC (=D)(229) Abingdon RC (Dawes =C) 
23710:487Mas.BCD.2X253(230) Oxford Academicals RC (=B)(231) City of Oxford RC (=D) 
23810:515W.IM3.4+ (222) HSBC RC(225) Kingston Rowing Club 
23910:5513IM2.1X (251) Christchurch RC(252) UL Tyrian Club 
24010:5911W.J16.2X (244) Trent RC(245) Wallingford RC 
24111:0315W.IM2.1X (261) Wallingford RC(262) Status Change 
24211:076ELI.2- (226) Pembroke/Lady Margaret(227) City of Oxford RC 
24311:1110W.Mas.ABC.2X (240) City of Oxford RC (=B)(242) Abingdon RC (=B) 
24411:158J16.2X (234) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe(236) Maidstone Invicta RC 
24511:1912W.J14.2X (247) Wallingford RC (Walker)(248) Reading/City of Oxford 
24611:232W.IM2.8+ (204) HSBC RC(206) Oxford Academicals RC 
24711:2714NOV.1X (254) Pembroke College (Oxford)(260) Llandaff RC (Walker) 
24811:314IM3.4+ (213) Hertford College(215) Wolfson College, Oxford (Kirkbride) 
24911:3516W.NOV.1X (266) Christchurch RC(269) Sons of the Thames RC (Pinheiro) 
25011:391ELI.8+ (201) University of London(202) Durham University 
25111:433IM1.4+ (207) HSBC RC(208) Pembroke/Lady Margaret 
25211:479J13.2X (237) Marlow RC(238) City of Oxford RC 
25311:517Mas.BCD.2X (228) Swindon RC (=D)(231) City of Oxford RC (=D) 
30113:0031W.IM3.1X324(366) Reading RC (Dickinson)(367) Wallingford RC 
30213:0331W.IM3.1X325(370) Reading RC (Gabriel)(371) Reading RC (Wiesner) 
30313:0627IM3.1X329(345) Abingdon RC(346) City of Oxford RC 
30413:0927IM3.1X328(348) Magdalen College, Oxford(349) UL Tyrian Club 
30513:1227IM3.1X328(350) Status Change(351) Pembroke College (Oxford) 
30613:1532W.J15.1X331(375) Staines BC(376) City of Oxford RC (Rogers) 
30713:1824NOV.2X333(336) Sons of the Thames RC(337) HSBC RC 
30813:2129J16.1X335(355) City of Oxford RC(356) Maidstone Invicta RC (Porter) 
30913:2429J16.1X334(358) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe(359) King's School Ely BC 
31013:2729J16.1X334(360) Wallingford RC(361) Maidstone Invicta RC (Harris) 
31113:3033W.J13.1X337(377) Staines BC (Webb)(378) City of Oxford RC (Azzopardi) 
31213:3333W.J13.1X336(380) City of Oxford RC (Beaver)(381) Staines BC (Vaze) 
31313:3633W.J13.1X336(382) City of Oxford RC (Dale)(383) Staines BC (Lewis) 
31413:3920NOV.4+341(316) City of Oxford RC (B)(317) Sons of the Thames RC 
31513:4220NOV.4+342(320) Oxford Academicals RC (Dean)(321) City of Oxford RC (A) 
31613:4518W.IM3.8+346(312) City of Oxford RC(313) HSBC RC 
31713:4817IM3.8+347(301) Oxford Academicals RC(302) Wolfson College, Oxford 
31813:5117IM3.8+347(303) Hertford College(304) Worcester College 
31913:5417IM3.8+348(305) Jesus/Jesus(306) City of Cambridge 
32013:5717IM3.8+348(307) Llandaff/Walton(308) Putney Town/Cygnet 
32114:0022IM1.2-350(326) Green Templeton BC(327) HSBC RC 
32214:0322IM1.2-350(328) Pembroke College (Oxford)(329) Abingdon RC 
32314:0623IM2.2X352(331) Wolfson College BC (Cam)(332) Status Change 
32414:0931W.IM3.1X353(367) Wallingford RC(368) Abingdon RC 
32514:1231W.IM3.1X353(369) City of Oxford RC(370) Reading RC (Gabriel) 
32614:1525W.NOV.2X354(338) Abingdon RC(339) City of Cambridge 
32714:1825W.NOV.2X354(340) Oxford Academicals RC(341) Reading RC 
32814:2127IM3.1X355(348) Magdalen College, Oxford(351) Pembroke College (Oxford) 
32914:2427IM3.1X355(346) City of Oxford RC(347) Llandaff RC 
33014:2732W.J15.1X356(372) Wallingford RC(373) City of Oxford RC (Passey) 
33114:3032W.J15.1X356(374) Trent RC(375) Staines BC 
33214:3324NOV.2X357(333) Marlow RC(334) City of Oxford RC 
33314:3624NOV.2X357(335) Merton College(336) Sons of the Thames RC 
33414:3929J16.1X358(359) King's School Ely BC(360) Wallingford RC 
33514:4229J16.1X358(355) City of Oxford RC(357) Marlow RC 
33614:4533W.J13.1X359(381) Staines BC (Vaze)(382) City of Oxford RC (Dale) 
33714:4833W.J13.1X359(377) Staines BC (Webb)(379) Staines BC (Mason) 
33814:5126Mx.ELI.2X360(343) Trent RC(344) City of Oxford RC (H??k) 
33914:5430J14.1X361(362) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe (Eyres)(363) Marlow RC 
34014:5730J14.1X361(364) Trent RC(365) Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe (Patel) 
34115:0020NOV.4+362(317) Sons of the Thames RC(318) Oxford Academicals RC (Bullard) 
34215:0320NOV.4+362(319) Green Templeton BC(321) City of Oxford RC (A) 
34315:0621W.NOV.4+363(322) City of Oxford RC(323) HSBC RC 
34415:0921W.NOV.4+363(324) Oxford Academicals RC(325) Llandaff RC 
34515:1218W.IM3.8+364(309) Oxford Academicals RC(310) Abingdon RC 
34615:1518W.IM3.8+364(311) Status Change(313) HSBC RC 
34715:1817IM3.8+365(302) Wolfson College, Oxford(303) Hertford College 
34815:2117IM3.8+365(305) Jesus/Jesus(307) Llandaff/Walton 
34915:2428Mas.FGH.1X366(353) Marlow RC (=F)(354) Bewl Bridge RC (=H) 
35015:2722IM1.2- (326) Green Templeton BC(328) Pembroke College (Oxford) 
35115:3119ELI.4+ (314) Durham University(315) Pembroke/Lady Margaret 
35215:3523IM2.2X (330) Wallingford RC(331) Wolfson College BC (Cam) 
35315:3931W.IM3.1X (368) Abingdon RC(369) City of Oxford RC 
35415:4325W.NOV.2X (338) Abingdon RC(340) Oxford Academicals RC 
35515:4727IM3.1X (346) City of Oxford RC(348) Magdalen College, Oxford 
35615:5132W.J15.1X (372) Wallingford RC(374) Trent RC 
35715:5524NOV.2X (333) Marlow RC(336) Sons of the Thames RC 
35815:5929J16.1X (355) City of Oxford RC(359) King's School Ely BC 
35916:0333W.J13.1X (379) Staines BC (Mason)(382) City of Oxford RC (Dale) 
36016:0726Mx.ELI.2X (342) City of Oxford RC (Pfauder)(343) Trent RC 
36116:1130J14.1X (363) Marlow RC(364) Trent RC 
36216:1520NOV.4+ (317) Sons of the Thames RC(321) City of Oxford RC (A) 
36316:1921W.NOV.4+ (322) City of Oxford RC(325) Llandaff RC 
36416:2318W.IM3.8+ (310) Abingdon RC(313) HSBC RC 
36516:2717IM3.8+ (302) Wolfson College, Oxford(307) Llandaff/Walton 
36616:3128Mas.FGH.1X (352) Swindon RC (=G)(353) Marlow RC (=F)