Cambridge Autumn Regatta

Sunday 9th September 2012

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Results for Medway Towns RC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Meadow TowpathVerdict
11416:02CRA.Mas.CD.8+147CHA(8) Champion of the Thames (=D)MED(1) Medway Towns RC (=D)1 length
7715:58CRA.Mas.CD.8+147STA(2) Star Club (=D)CRC(9) Chesterton RC (=C)Row Over
14718:04CRA.Mas.CD.8+ CHA(8) Champion of the Thames (=D)STA(2) Star Club (=D)3/4 length
14417:52Mas.EF.4+ STA(45) Star Club (=E)MED(46) Medway Towns RC (=F)a canvas
14217:44Mas.CD.4X MED(59) Medway Towns RC (=C)PET(60) Peterborough City (=D)easily
2510:24IM3.2X70MAV(72) Maidstone Invicta RC (Porter)PET(73) Peterborough City2 lengths
2310:17IM3.2X70MED(74) Medway Towns RCMAV(75) Maidstone Invicta RC (McLarney)2 lengths
7013:01IM3.2X PET(73) Peterborough CityMED(74) Medway Towns RC2 lengths
6512:44Mas.B.2X119SRC(88) Sudbury RCMAV(89) Maidstone Invicta RCeasily
6212:33Mas.B.2X119HUN(90) Huntingdon RCMED(91) Medway Towns RC2 lengths
11916:12Mas.B.2X MAV(89) Maidstone Invicta RCMED(91) Medway Towns RC1 foot
13016:56Mas.C.2X MED(92) Medway Towns RCSRC(93) Sudbury RC3 lengths
2410:20J16.2X89PET(101) Peterborough CitySIV(102) St Ives RC2 lengths
2710:31J16.2X89MED(103) Medway Towns RCCAB(104) Cantabrigian RC1/3 length
8914:12J16.2X SIV(102) St Ives RCCAB(104) Cantabrigian RC2 lengths
2610:27Mas.B.1X88MED(158) Medway Towns RCMAV(159) Maidstone Invicta RC (Hynes)1 foot
8814:08Mas.B.1X MAV(157) Maidstone Invicta RC (Knight)MAV(159) Maidstone Invicta RC (Hynes)1 1/2 lengths
1409:45J16.1X57HUN(173) Huntingdon RCCAB(174) Cantabrigian RC (Broadbent)2 lengths
509:14J16.1X51SRC(177) Sudbury RCCAB(178) Cantabrigian RC (O Dell)4 lengths
5712:16J16.1X113HUN(173) Huntingdon RCSIV(175) St Ives RC1/2 length
5111:55J16.1X113MED(176) Medway Towns RCSRC(177) Sudbury RCeasily
11315:48J16.1X SIV(175) St Ives RCSRC(177) Sudbury RC2 1/2 lengths