Cambridge Autumn Regatta

Sunday 9th September 2012

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Results for Peterborough City

RaceTimeStatusNext Race Meadow TowpathVerdict
809:24IM3.4+47BRX(27) Broxbourne RCTRH(28) Trinity Hall BC4 lengths
1009:31IM3.4+45FTT(31) First and Third Trinity BCHEC(32) Hertford College BC4 lengths
4711:41IM3.4+95BRX(27) Broxbourne RCPET(29) Peterborough City3/4 length
4511:34IM3.4+95NUN(30) Nottingham & Union RCHEC(32) Hertford College BC1 length
9514:36IM3.4+ BRX(27) Broxbourne RCHEC(32) Hertford College BC2 lengths
6012:26NOV.4+103BRX(33) Broxbourne RCMIK(34) Milton Keynes RC1/2 length
5812:19NOV.4+103NUN(35) Nottingham & Union RCPET(36) Peterborough City2 1/2 lengths
10315:08NOV.4+ BRX(33) Broxbourne RCNUN(35) Nottingham & Union RC2 lengths
12916:52Mas.D.4+ PET/LCN(43) Peterborough/LincolnPET(44) Peterborough City
12616:40W.NOV.4+ PET(47) Peterborough CityDOW(48) Downing College BC2 lengths
5211:58IM3.4X108MAV(55) Maidstone Invicta RCPET(56) Peterborough CityNot Rowed Out
6112:30IM3.4X108MIK(57) Milton Keynes RCCHA(58) Champion of the Thames1 1/4 lengths
10815:28IM3.4X MAV(55) Maidstone Invicta RCMIK(57) Milton Keynes RC1 1/2 lengths
14217:44Mas.CD.4X MED(59) Medway Towns RC (=C)PET(60) Peterborough City (=D)easily
8313:48J18.4X DEB(61) Deben RCPET(62) Peterborough CityNot Rowed Out
11015:36W.J16.4X+ PET(63) Peterborough CityMAV(64) Maidstone Invicta RC2 lengths
2510:24IM3.2X70MAV(72) Maidstone Invicta RC (Porter)PET(73) Peterborough City2 lengths
2310:17IM3.2X70MED(74) Medway Towns RCMAV(75) Maidstone Invicta RC (McLarney)2 lengths
7013:01IM3.2X PET(73) Peterborough CityMED(74) Medway Towns RC2 lengths
209:03NOV.2X40NUN(76) Nottingham & Union RCHUN(77) Huntingdon RC2 lengths
709:21NOV.2X44SIV(80) St Ives RCPET(81) Peterborough City1 1/4 lengths
4011:16NOV.2X105HUN(77) Huntingdon RCMAV(78) Maidstone Invicta RC2 1/2 lengths
4411:30NOV.2X105SRC(79) Sudbury RCSIV(80) St Ives RC2 lengths
10515:16NOV.2X MAV(78) Maidstone Invicta RCSIV(80) St Ives RC2 lengths
2410:20J16.2X89PET(101) Peterborough CitySIV(102) St Ives RC2 lengths
2710:31J16.2X89MED(103) Medway Towns RCCAB(104) Cantabrigian RC1/3 length
8914:12J16.2X SIV(102) St Ives RCCAB(104) Cantabrigian RC2 lengths
2210:13W.IM3.2X85PET(109) Peterborough CityMIK(110) Milton Keynes RC3 1/2 lengths
8513:56W.IM3.2X BLD(108) Broadland BCPET(109) Peterborough CityRow Over
2910:38W.NOV.2X98PHS(111) Putney High School RCPET(112) Peterborough City2 lengths
3010:41W.NOV.2X98NUN(113) Nottingham & Union RCMAV(114) Maidstone Invicta RC2 lengths
9814:48W.NOV.2X PET(112) Peterborough CityMAV(114) Maidstone Invicta RCNot Rowed Out
8213:44W.J15.2X PHS(123) Putney High School RCPET(124) Peterborough Cityeasily
9314:28CRA.J15.1X CHA(222) Champion of the ThamesPET(223) Peterborough City4 1/2 lengths
14916:02CRA.W.IM3.1X XPR(220) X Press Boat ClubPET(221) Peterborough City1/2 length
3510:59IM3.1X92MAV(143) Maidstone Invicta RCSIV(144) St Ives RC (Gilbey)1 1/4 lengths
3210:48IM3.1X92PET(145) Peterborough CitySIV(146) St Ives RC (Robinson)easily
9214:24IM3.1X MAV(143) Maidstone Invicta RCPET(145) Peterborough CityNot Rowed Out
1209:38NOV.1X67DBY(147) Derby RCPET(148) Peterborough City3 lengths
2010:06NOV.1X67CRC(149) Chesterton RCSRC(150) Sudbury RCeasily
1309:42NOV.1X71WOC(151) Wolfson College BC (Cam)CHA(152) Champion of the Thames1 52 lengths
1609:52NOV.1X71HUN(153) Huntingdon RCNUN(154) Nottingham & Union RC1 length
6712:51NOV.1X111DBY(147) Derby RCSRC(150) Sudbury RC1 1/2 lengths
7113:05NOV.1X111CHA(152) Champion of the ThamesNUN(154) Nottingham & Union RC1 length
11115:40NOV.1X SRC(150) Sudbury RCCHA(152) Champion of the Thames1 3/4 lengths
7813:30Mas.DE.1X145CAM(161) City of Cambridge (=E)MAR(162) Marlow RC (=D)2 lengths
14517:56Mas.DE.1X PET(160) Peterborough City (=D)MAR(162) Marlow RC (=D)4 lengths
7213:09Mas.FG.1X118PET(164) Peterborough City (=F)SNE(165) St Neots RC (=G)3 lengths
11816:08Mas.FG.1X MAR(163) Marlow RC (=F)SNE(165) St Neots RC (=G)3/4 length
2110:10J17.1X80PET(171) Peterborough CityMAV(172) Maidstone Invicta RC (Collins)1 1/4 lengths
7913:33J17.1X146MAV(168) Maidstone Invicta RC (Belton)CNN(169) Cambridge '99 RC4 lengths
8013:37J17.1X146MAV(170) Maidstone Invicta RC (Harris)PET(171) Peterborough CityRow Over
14618:00J17.1X MAV(168) Maidstone Invicta RC (Belton)PET(171) Peterborough CityNot Rowed Out
6812:54J13.1X102MAV(187) Maidstone Invicta RCBEC(188) Beccles Rowing ClubRow Over
10215:04J13.1X PET(186) Peterborough CityBEC(188) Beccles Rowing Clubeasily
1109:35W.J16.1X53PET(198) Peterborough City (Khosla)ROB(199) Rob Roy BC4 1/2 lengths
909:28W.J16.1X54SRC(202) Sudbury RCPET(203) Peterborough City (Plumb)5 lengths
5312:02W.J16.1X125ROB(199) Rob Roy BCPHS(200) Putney High School RC1 length
5412:05W.J16.1X125MAV(201) Maidstone Invicta RCPET(203) Peterborough City (Plumb)easily
12516:36W.J16.1X PHS(200) Putney High School RCPET(203) Peterborough City (Plumb)1 1/2 lengths
109:00W.J15.1X36NUN(204) Nottingham & Union RCPET(205) Peterborough City1 1/2 lengths
309:07W.J15.1X31DEB(207) Deben RCPHS(208) Putney High School RC3 1/2 lengths
409:10W.J15.1X31SRC(209) Sudbury RCMAV(210) Maidstone Invicta RC3 1/2 lengths
3611:02W.J15.1X91PET(205) Peterborough CityROB(206) Rob Roy BC1/2 length
3110:45W.J15.1X91DEB(207) Deben RCSRC(209) Sudbury RC1 length
9114:20W.J15.1X PET(205) Peterborough CitySRC(209) Sudbury RC2 lengths