Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 11th May 2013

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Results for Bedford Modern School

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
3809:47IM3.8+111DOW(20) Downing CollegeSES(21) St Edward's School BC (Kaye)3:452 lengths
3909:49IM3.8+112BDS(26) Bedford SchoolHEC(27) Hertford College3:481 1/4 lengths
3709:45IM3.8+113LMB(29) Lady Margaret BCSES(30) St Edward's School BC (McGrath)NTTDefault
11112:42IM3.8+175DOW(20) Downing CollegeEMM(22) Emmanuel College3:421 length
11012:40IM3.8+175RAD(23) Radley College BCBMS(24) Bedford Modern School3:501 1/2 lengths
11212:44IM3.8+208PAN(25) Pangbourne College BCBDS(26) Bedford School3:574 lengths
11316:10IM3.8+208RDG(28) Reading RCLMB(29) Lady Margaret BC3:503 1/2 lengths
17515:28IM3.8+255DOW(20) Downing CollegeBMS(24) Bedford Modern School3:443/4 length
20816:45IM3.8+255BDS(26) Bedford SchoolLMB(29) Lady Margaret BC3:443/4 length
25519:30IM3.8+ BMS(24) Bedford Modern SchoolLMB(29) Lady Margaret BCNTT1 1/2 lengths
408:21NOV.8+49 / 177SES(34) St Edward's School BCBDS(35) Bedford School (Seamark)3:581/2 length
608:25NOV.8+49 / 55ABS(36) Abingdon SchoolSHP(37) Shiplake College3:511/4 length
508:23NOV.8+72 / 55UWK(38) Warwick University (Khakhar)BDS(39) Bedford School (Horn)NTTDefault
708:27NOV.8+53 / 70BDS(41) Bedford School (Evans)DOW(42) Downing College3:533/4 length
208:17NOV.8+53 / 70UEA(43) University of East AngliaBMS(44) Bedford Modern School4:023/4 length
308:19NOV.8+57 / 75BDS(45) Bedford School (Sheridan)UWK(46) Warwick University (Holt)3:561 length
808:29NOV.8+57 / 75SHP(47) Shiplake College (Crichton)BDS(48) Bedford School (Dorgham)4:011 1/4 lengths
4910:14NOV.8+159BDS(35) Bedford School (Seamark)ABS(36) Abingdon School3:532 1/4 lengths
7211:12NOV.8+159BDS(39) Bedford School (Horn)SWB(40) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School4:053 lengths
5310:27NOV.8+166BDS(41) Bedford School (Evans)BMS(44) Bedford Modern School3:314 feet
5710:41NOV.8+166UWK(46) Warwick University (Holt)SHP(47) Shiplake College (Crichton)3:483 lengths
15914:55NOV.8+242ABS(36) Abingdon SchoolSWB(40) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School3:51a canvas
16615:09NOV.8+242BMS(44) Bedford Modern SchoolSHP(47) Shiplake College (Crichton)3:523/4 length
24218:12NOV.8+ SWB(40) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolBMS(44) Bedford Modern School3:571 1/4 lengths
5510:37NOV.8+177SHP(37) Shiplake CollegeUWK(38) Warwick University (Khakhar)NTTDefault
7011:08NOV.8+158DOW(42) Downing CollegeUEA(43) University of East Anglia3:571 1/4 lengths
7511:19NOV.8+158BDS(45) Bedford School (Sheridan)BDS(48) Bedford School (Dorgham)4:011 3/4 lengths
17711:59NOV.8+229SES(34) St Edward's School BCSHP(37) Shiplake CollegeNTT1 1/4 lengths
15814:53NOV.8+229UEA(43) University of East AngliaBDS(45) Bedford School (Sheridan)3:573 1/2 lengths
22917:42NOV.8+ SHP(37) Shiplake CollegeBDS(45) Bedford School (Sheridan)3:541/2 length
1308:40J15.8+81NSC(65) Norwich SchoolBMS(66) Bedford Modern School4:08easily
2309:03J15.8+82BDS(71) Bedford SchoolABS(72) Abingdon School3:541/3 length
2108:58J15.8+90SWB(74) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolSES(75) St Edward's School BC3:591/2 length
8111:31J15.8+164BMS(66) Bedford Modern SchoolGMS(67) Great Marlow School4:003 lengths
8011:29J15.8+164SHP(68) Shiplake CollegeRAD(69) Radley College BC3:534 lengths
8211:33J15.8+170PAN(70) Pangbourne College BCABS(72) Abingdon School3:572 lengths
9011:52J15.8+170ORA(73) The Oratory SchoolSWB(74) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School4:07easily
16415:05J15.8+241BMS(66) Bedford Modern SchoolRAD(69) Radley College BC3:541 length
17015:18J15.8+241ABS(72) Abingdon SchoolSWB(74) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School3:573/4 length
24118:10J15.8+ RAD(69) Radley College BCABS(72) Abingdon School3:533/4 length
14914:32J15.2nd.8+236BMS(76) Bedford Modern SchoolRAD(77) Radley College BC4:02easily
14214:15J15.2nd.8+230SES(79) St Edward's School BCSHP(80) Shiplake College4:39Row Over
13814:04J15.2nd.8+230BDS(81) Bedford SchoolORA(82) The Oratory SchoolNTTUnknown
23617:57J15.2nd.8+269BMS(76) Bedford Modern SchoolABS(78) Abingdon School4:033 1/2 lengths
23017:45J15.2nd.8+269SES(79) St Edward's School BCBDS(81) Bedford School4:344 lengths
26919:21J15.2nd.8+ BMS(76) Bedford Modern SchoolBDS(81) Bedford SchoolNTT1 1/3 lengths
21316:56J15.3rd.8+268RAD(83) Radley College BCBMS(84) Bedford Modern SchoolNTTDefault
21116:52J15.3rd.8+268ABS(85) Abingdon SchoolBDS(86) Bedford School4:132 lengths
26819:19J15.3rd.8+ BMS(84) Bedford Modern SchoolBDS(86) Bedford School4:201/2 length
2809:13J14.8X83 / 203OUN(123) Oundle School BCABS(124) Abingdon School4:17easily
2909:17J14.8X83 / 100SES(125) St Edward's School BCWIN(126) Winchester College BC4:062 lengths
3009:21J14.8X119 / 100SWB(127) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolGMS(128) Great Marlow School4:273 lengths
3209:28J14.8X96 / 116BMS(130) Bedford Modern SchoolNSC(131) Norwich School4:103 lengths
3409:34J14.8X96 / 116ORA(132) The Oratory SchoolRAD(133) Radley College BC4:183 lengths
3609:40J14.8X104 / 122SHP(134) Shiplake CollegeHAM(135) Hampton SchoolNTT1/3 length
1508:44J14.8X104 / 122SPS(136) St Paul's SchoolBDS(137) Bedford School4:091 foot
8311:35J14.8X184ABS(124) Abingdon SchoolWIN(126) Winchester College BC4:021 1/2 lengths
11913:01J14.8X184GMS(128) Great Marlow SchoolKCH(129) Kings School Chester RC4:14easily
9612:04J14.8X191BMS(130) Bedford Modern SchoolRAD(133) Radley College BC4:132 lengths
10412:25J14.8X191SHP(134) Shiplake CollegeSPS(136) St Paul's School4:103/4 length
18415:47J14.8X251WIN(126) Winchester College BCKCH(129) Kings School Chester RC4:003 lengths
19116:04J14.8X251BMS(130) Bedford Modern SchoolSPS(136) St Paul's School4:111/2 length
25118:32J14.8X KCH(129) Kings School Chester RCBMS(130) Bedford Modern SchoolNTT2 1/2 lengths
10012:15J14.8X203SES(125) St Edward's School BCSWB(127) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School4:261 1/4 lengths
11613:45J14.8X199NSC(131) Norwich SchoolORA(132) The Oratory School4:262 lengths
12213:09J14.8X199HAM(135) Hampton SchoolBDS(137) Bedford School4:04easily
20316:33J14.8X252OUN(123) Oundle School BCSES(125) St Edward's School BC4:19easily
19916:22J14.8X252NSC(131) Norwich SchoolBDS(137) Bedford School4:13easily
25218:36J14.8X SES(125) St Edward's School BCBDS(137) Bedford School4:083 1/2 lengths
5010:16J14.2nd.8X153SES(138) St Edward's School BCBDS(139) Bedford School4:233 lengths
5110:20J14.2nd.8X133RAD(146) Radley College BCSPS(147) St Paul's SchoolNTTDisqualification
15314:40J14.2nd.8X223BDS(139) Bedford SchoolSHP(140) Shiplake CollegeNTTDefault
13213:43J14.2nd.8X223BMS(141) Bedford Modern SchoolSWB(142) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School4:481/2 length
13714:00J14.2nd.8X224HAM(143) Hampton SchoolORA(144) The Oratory SchoolNTTRow Over
13313:48J14.2nd.8X224ABS(145) Abingdon SchoolRAD(146) Radley College BC4:17easily
22317:25J14.2nd.8X265BDS(139) Bedford SchoolBMS(141) Bedford Modern School4:28easily
22417:30J14.2nd.8X265HAM(143) Hampton SchoolABS(145) Abingdon School4:13easily
26519:11J14.2nd.8X BDS(139) Bedford SchoolABS(145) Abingdon SchoolNTT5 lengths
4210:31W.J14.8X139KCH(156) Kings School Chester RC (Hamilton)OUN(157) Oundle School BC4:37easily
4310:59W.J14.8X127HEN(164) Henley RCBMS(165) Bedford Modern School (Smith)4:28easily
13914:07W.J14.8X215KCH(156) Kings School Chester RC (Hamilton)MAR(158) Marlow RC4:221/4 length
14414:19W.J14.8X215BMS(159) Bedford Modern School (O'Connell)GMS(160) Great Marlow School4:343/4 length
12613:20W.J14.8X219SWB(161) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolBGS(162) Bedford Girls School4:50easily
12713:24W.J14.8X219KCH(163) Kings School Chester RC (Williams)HEN(164) Henley RC4:24easily
21517:00W.J14.8X263MAR(158) Marlow RCBMS(159) Bedford Modern School (O'Connell)4:243 1/2 lengths
21917:11W.J14.8X263BGS(162) Bedford Girls SchoolHEN(164) Henley RCNTTNot Rowed Out
26319:02W.J14.8X MAR(158) Marlow RCHEN(164) Henley RCNTT3/4 length
910:32IM3.4+77RDG(178) Reading RC (Pyke)KCH(179) Kings School Chester RC9:44Row Over
1008:33IM3.4+86SHP(181) Shiplake CollegeBMS(182) Bedford Modern SchoolNTTDefault
1108:35IM3.4+85RAD(185) Radley College BCNSC(186) Norwich School4:121/2 length
1208:37IM3.4+73ORA(188) The Oratory SchoolRDG(189) Reading RC (Bouwer)NTTDefault
7711:45IM3.4+162KCH(179) Kings School Chester RCUEA(180) University of East Anglia3:594 feet
8611:44IM3.4+162BMS(182) Bedford Modern SchoolSWB(183) Sir William Borlase's Grammar School4:081 1/2 lengths
8511:42IM3.4+167UWK(184) Warwick UniversityRAD(185) Radley College BC4:132 lengths
7312:00IM3.4+167PET(187) Peterborough CityRDG(189) Reading RC (Bouwer)4:261 length
16215:01IM3.4+238KCH(179) Kings School Chester RCBMS(182) Bedford Modern School4:111 length
16715:11IM3.4+238RAD(185) Radley College BCPET(187) Peterborough City4:153/4 length
23818:04IM3.4+ BMS(182) Bedford Modern SchoolRAD(185) Radley College BC4:141 1/4 lengths
2409:05NOV.4+88 / 107PET(190) Peterborough City (Moore)UWK(191) Warwick University (Holt)NTTeasily
1408:42NOV.4+88 / 107LMB(192) Lady Margaret BCBMS(193) Bedford Modern School (Brown)NTTDefault
3109:26NOV.4+76 / 94SHP(194) Shiplake CollegeRDG(195) Reading RC4:58Row Over
2209:00NOV.4+76 / 94BED(196) Bedford Rowing ClubBDS(197) Bedford SchoolNTTeasily
2509:07NOV.4+71 / 91UWK(198) Warwick University (Cousins)KRC(199) Kingston Rowing ClubNTTDefault
1608:48NOV.4+71 / 91SPS(200) St Paul's SchoolRAD(201) Radley College BCNTTDefault
2008:56NOV.4+74 / 95UEA(202) University of East AngliaUWK(203) Warwick University (Ostrowicz)4:183 lengths
1908:54NOV.4+74 / 95BMS(204) Bedford Modern School (Clarke)PET(205) Peterborough City (Scutts)4:331 1/4 lengths
8811:48NOV.4+173UWK(191) Warwick University (Holt)LMB(192) Lady Margaret BC4:082 1/2 lengths
7611:21NOV.4+173RDG(195) Reading RCBDS(197) Bedford School4:18easily
7111:10NOV.4+171KRC(199) Kingston Rowing ClubSPS(200) St Paul's SchoolNTTDefault
7411:16NOV.4+171UWK(203) Warwick University (Ostrowicz)BMS(204) Bedford Modern School (Clarke)4:251 length
17315:24NOV.4+237LMB(192) Lady Margaret BCRDG(195) Reading RC4:104 lengths
17115:20NOV.4+237KRC(199) Kingston Rowing ClubBMS(204) Bedford Modern School (Clarke)4:23easily
23717:59NOV.4+ LMB(192) Lady Margaret BCKRC(199) Kingston Rowing Club4:102 1/4 lengths
10712:34NOV.4+174PET(190) Peterborough City (Moore)BMS(193) Bedford Modern School (Brown)NTTDefault
9412:00NOV.4+174SHP(194) Shiplake CollegeBED(196) Bedford Rowing Club3:59Row Over
9111:54NOV.4+176UWK(198) Warwick University (Cousins)RAD(201) Radley College BCNTTDefault
9512:02NOV.4+176UEA(202) University of East AngliaPET(205) Peterborough City (Scutts)4:322 lengths
17415:26NOV.4+244PET(190) Peterborough City (Moore)BED(196) Bedford Rowing Club4:391 1/4 lengths
17615:30NOV.4+244RAD(201) Radley College BCUEA(202) University of East AngliaNTTDefault
24418:16NOV.4+ BED(196) Bedford Rowing ClubUEA(202) University of East Anglia4:333 1/2 lengths
9912:13J15.4+189HIN(223) Hinksey Sculling SchoolNSC(224) Norwich School (Herrmann)4:481 3/4 lengths
18515:51J15.4+249BMS(220) Bedford Modern SchoolNSC(221) Norwich School (White)4:222 lengths
18915:59J15.4+249SPS(222) St Paul's SchoolHIN(223) Hinksey Sculling SchoolNTTDefault
24918:27J15.4+ BMS(220) Bedford Modern SchoolHIN(223) Hinksey Sculling School4:211/2 length
12413:16W.NOV.4+209BMS(225) Bedford Modern School (White)UCO(226) University College, Oxford4:474 lengths
12513:18W.NOV.4+209UWK(227) Warwick University (Angell)UEA(229) University of East Anglia4:391 1/4 lengths
14014:11W.NOV.4+212BRC(230) Brasenose CollegeBMS(232) Bedford Modern School5:112 1/2 lengths
14114:13W.NOV.4+212OUN(233) Oundle School BCUWK(234) Warwick University (Lee)NTTDefault
20916:48W.NOV.4+262UCO(226) University College, OxfordUEA(229) University of East Anglia4:423/4 length
21216:30W.NOV.4+262BRC(230) Brasenose CollegeUWK(234) Warwick University (Lee)4:53easily
26219:00W.NOV.4+ UCO(226) University College, OxfordUWK(234) Warwick University (Lee)NTT1/3 length
19816:20W.J16.4X260BED(245) Bedford Rowing ClubHEN(246) Henley RC4:44easily
20616:41W.J16.4X260BMS(247) Bedford Modern SchoolNSC(248) Norwich SchoolNTTDefault
26019:29W.J16.4X HEN(246) Henley RCBMS(247) Bedford Modern SchoolNTT3 lengths
11512:51W.J15.4X+193BGS(271) Bedford Girls School (Muldownie)BMS(272) Bedford Modern School4:373/4 length
11712:57W.J15.4X+181HEN(274) Henley RCBGS(275) Bedford Girls School (Gibbs Charles)4:342 1/2 lengths
10312:23W.J15.4X+181HIN(276) Hinksey Sculling SchoolMAR(277) Marlow RCNTTDefault
19316:10W.J15.4X+258BMS(272) Bedford Modern SchoolOUN(273) Oundle School BC4:381 length
18115:41W.J15.4X+258HEN(274) Henley RCHIN(276) Hinksey Sculling School4:432 lengths
25818:51W.J15.4X+ OUN(273) Oundle School BCHEN(274) Henley RCNTT2 lengths
10812:36W.J14.4X+194SWB(278) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolBGS(279) Bedford Girls School5:05easily
10912:38W.J14.4X+201OUN(281) Oundle School BCGMS(282) Great Marlow School4:51easily
7811:25W.J14.4X+201MAR(283) Marlow RCHIN(284) Hinksey Sculling School4:492 1/2 lengths
19416:12W.J14.4X+253BGS(279) Bedford Girls SchoolBMS(280) Bedford Modern School4:574 lengths
20116:29W.J14.4X+253GMS(282) Great Marlow SchoolMAR(283) Marlow RCNTTDefault
25318:40W.J14.4X+ BMS(280) Bedford Modern SchoolGMS(282) Great Marlow School5:09Row Over
19516:14W.J14.2nd.4X+257BMS(285) Bedford Modern SchoolMAR(286) Marlow RC5:51Not Rowed Out
20216:31W.J14.2nd.4X+257BGS(287) Bedford Girls SchoolOUN(288) Oundle School BC5:343 1/2 lengths
25718:49W.J14.2nd.4X+ BMS(285) Bedford Modern SchoolBGS(287) Bedford Girls SchoolNTTeasily