Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 11th May 2013

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Results for Hinksey Sculling School

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s) Enclosure EmbankmentTimeVerdict
9912:13J15.4+189HIN(223) Hinksey Sculling SchoolNSC(224) Norwich School (Herrmann)4:481 3/4 lengths
18515:51J15.4+249BMS(220) Bedford Modern SchoolNSC(221) Norwich School (White)4:222 lengths
18915:59J15.4+249SPS(222) St Paul's SchoolHIN(223) Hinksey Sculling SchoolNTTDefault
24918:27J15.4+ BMS(220) Bedford Modern SchoolHIN(223) Hinksey Sculling School4:211/2 length
12413:16W.NOV.4+209BMS(225) Bedford Modern School (White)UCO(226) University College, Oxford4:474 lengths
12513:18W.NOV.4+209UWK(227) Warwick University (Angell)UEA(229) University of East Anglia4:391 1/4 lengths
14014:11W.NOV.4+212BRC(230) Brasenose CollegeBMS(232) Bedford Modern School5:112 1/2 lengths
14114:13W.NOV.4+212OUN(233) Oundle School BCUWK(234) Warwick University (Lee)NTTDefault
20916:48W.NOV.4+262UCO(226) University College, OxfordUEA(229) University of East Anglia4:423/4 length
21216:30W.NOV.4+262BRC(230) Brasenose CollegeUWK(234) Warwick University (Lee)4:53easily
26219:00W.NOV.4+ UCO(226) University College, OxfordUWK(234) Warwick University (Lee)NTT1/3 length
19216:08W.J18.4+232BGS(236) Bedford Girls SchoolHIN(237) Hinksey Sculling School4:582 lengths
23217:49W.J18.4+ GMS(235) Great Marlow SchoolBGS(236) Bedford Girls School4:501 1/4 lengths
10512:30W.J15.4+196BGS(238) Bedford Girls SchoolGMS(239) Great Marlow School (Paul)4:41easily
12113:07W.J15.4+218MAR(241) Marlow RCHIN(242) Hinksey Sculling School5:15Row Over
12313:14W.J15.4+218SES(243) St Edward's School BC (Konsta)GMS(244) Great Marlow School (Harper)4:552 lengths
19616:16W.J15.4+261GMS(239) Great Marlow School (Paul)SES(240) St Edward's School BC (Blanchard)4:50easily
21817:09W.J15.4+261HIN(242) Hinksey Sculling SchoolSES(243) St Edward's School BC (Konsta)4:531 3/4 lengths
26118:58W.J15.4+ GMS(239) Great Marlow School (Paul)HIN(242) Hinksey Sculling SchoolNTT1/3 length
16515:07J15.4X+245MAR(249) Marlow RC (Bullivant)HIN(250) Hinksey Sculling School4:26easily
19016:01J15.4X+245OUN(251) Oundle School BCMAR(252) Marlow RC (Dyson)4:15easily
24518:50J15.4X+ HIN(250) Hinksey Sculling SchoolMAR(252) Marlow RC (Dyson)NTT2 1/2 lengths
11512:51W.J15.4X+193BGS(271) Bedford Girls School (Muldownie)BMS(272) Bedford Modern School4:373/4 length
11712:57W.J15.4X+181HEN(274) Henley RCBGS(275) Bedford Girls School (Gibbs Charles)4:342 1/2 lengths
10312:23W.J15.4X+181HIN(276) Hinksey Sculling SchoolMAR(277) Marlow RCNTTDefault
19316:10W.J15.4X+258BMS(272) Bedford Modern SchoolOUN(273) Oundle School BC4:381 length
18115:41W.J15.4X+258HEN(274) Henley RCHIN(276) Hinksey Sculling School4:432 lengths
25818:51W.J15.4X+ OUN(273) Oundle School BCHEN(274) Henley RCNTT2 lengths
10812:36W.J14.4X+194SWB(278) Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolBGS(279) Bedford Girls School5:05easily
10912:38W.J14.4X+201OUN(281) Oundle School BCGMS(282) Great Marlow School4:51easily
7811:25W.J14.4X+201MAR(283) Marlow RCHIN(284) Hinksey Sculling School4:492 1/2 lengths
19416:12W.J14.4X+253BGS(279) Bedford Girls SchoolBMS(280) Bedford Modern School4:574 lengths
20116:29W.J14.4X+253GMS(282) Great Marlow SchoolMAR(283) Marlow RCNTTDefault
25318:40W.J14.4X+ BMS(280) Bedford Modern SchoolGMS(282) Great Marlow School5:09Row Over