Bedford Amateur Regatta

Saturday 11th May 2013

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Results for Lincoln College BC

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s)EnclosureEmbankmentTimeVerdict
6310:54W.COL.8+157(87) Newnham College BC(88) Downing College4:151 1/2 lengths
6510:58W.COL.8+157(89) Brasenose College(90) Lincoln College BC4:33easily
6811:04W.COL.8+156(91) Hertford College(92) Emmanuel College4:273 lengths
6911:06W.COL.8+156(93) Balliol College(94) Pembroke College, Cambridge4:283 feet
15714:51W.COL.8+228(88) Downing College(90) Lincoln College BC4:231 1/2 lengths
15614:48W.COL.8+228(92) Emmanuel College(93) Balliol College4:271 1/2 lengths
22817:40W.COL.8+ (88) Downing College(92) Emmanuel College4:171 1/3 lengths
4410:04W.NOV.8+146 / 233(107) Warwick University (Walsh)(108) Lincoln College BC4:35easily
4510:06W.NOV.8+147 / 233(110) Great Marlow School(111) Wadham College4:232 lengths
4610:08W.NOV.8+148 / 231(114) Bedford Girls School(115) Pangbourne College BCNTTDefault
5410:29W.NOV.8+143 / 161(116) St Edward's School(117) Hertford College4:43easily
5210:25W.NOV.8+143 / 161(118) Reading RC(119) Warwick University (Reed)4:301/4 length
14614:25W.NOV.8+207(108) Lincoln College BC(109) University College, Oxford4:314 lengths
14714:42W.NOV.8+207(110) Great Marlow School(112) Warwick University (Pierce)NTTDefault
14814:30W.NOV.8+214(113) City of Oxford RC(114) Bedford Girls School4:29easily
14314:17W.NOV.8+214(116) St Edward's School(119) Warwick University (Reed)4:354 lengths
20716:43W.NOV.8+248(109) University College, Oxford(110) Great Marlow SchoolNTT3 feet
21417:30W.NOV.8+248(114) Bedford Girls School(119) Warwick University (Reed)4:335 lengths
24818:25W.NOV.8+ (109) University College, Oxford(114) Bedford Girls SchoolNTT3 feet
16114:59W.NOV.8+231(117) Hertford College(118) Reading RC4:37easily
23317:51W.NOV.8+266(107) Warwick University (Walsh)(111) Wadham College4:32easily
23117:47W.NOV.8+266(113) City of Oxford RC(118) Reading RC4:38easily
26619:15W.NOV.8+ (111) Wadham College(118) Reading RCNTT3/4 length