Star Regatta

Saturday 8th June 2013

Draw for Hollowell Scullers

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext Race(s) Embankment Enclosure
2210:0339W.J15.2X85 / 51STA(115) Star Club (Wiseberg)OUN(116) Oundle School BC (Broadbent) 
2009:5739W.J15.2X51 / 50BMS(117) Bedford Modern SchoolHLS(118) Hollowell Scullers 
2410:0939W.J15.2X86 / 50STA(119) Star Club (Wallace)OUN(120) Oundle School BC (Wishart) 
5011:2739W.J15.2X85Loser of Race 24Loser of Race 20 
5111:3039W.J15.2X86Loser of Race 22Winner of Race 20 
8513:1239W.J15.2X134Winner of Race 22Winner of Race 50 
8613:1539W.J15.2X134Winner of Race 51Winner of Race 24 
13415:4839W.J15.2X Winner of Race 85Winner of Race 86 
1109:3048J15.1X71 / 43STA(152) Star Club (Tugulu)OUN(153) Oundle School BC (Craven) 
1209:3348J15.1X43 / 42KSE(154) King's School Ely BCHLS(155) Hollowell Scullers 
1309:3648J15.1X74 / 42STA(156) Star Club (Bunday)OUN(157) Oundle School BC (Stowers-Veitch) 
4211:0348J15.1X71Loser of Race 13Loser of Race 12 
4311:0648J15.1X74Loser of Race 11Winner of Race 12 
7112:3048J15.1X129Winner of Race 11Winner of Race 42 
7412:3948J15.1X129Winner of Race 43Winner of Race 13 
12915:3348J15.1X Winner of Race 71Winner of Race 74 
809:2155W.J15.1X33 / 72BGS(179) Bedford Girls SchoolSTA(180) Star Club (Frost) 
909:2455W.J15.1X35 / 66STA(187) Star Club (Wallace)HLS(188) Hollowell Scullers (Cotterell) 
3310:3655W.J15.1X62Winner of Race 8HLS(181) Hollowell Scullers (Fenemore) 
3210:3355W.J15.1X62 / 72STA(182) Star Club (Wiseberg)OUN(183) Oundle School BC 
3410:3955W.J15.1X56 / 66STA(184) Star Club (Feltham)MIK(185) Milton Keynes RC 
3510:4255W.J15.1X56KSE(186) King's School Ely BCWinner of Race 9 
6212:0355W.J15.1X118Winner of Race 33Winner of Race 32 
5611:4555W.J15.1X118Winner of Race 34Winner of Race 35 
11815:0055W.J15.1X Winner of Race 62Winner of Race 56 
7212:3356W.J15.1X120Loser of Race 8Loser of Race 32 
6612:1556W.J15.1X120Loser of Race 34Loser of Race 9 
12015:0656W.J15.1X Winner of Race 72Winner of Race 66