Star Regatta

Saturday 8th June 2013

Draw for King's School Ely BC

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RaceTimeEventStatusNext Race(s) Embankment Enclosure
16717:336J14A.8X BDS(14) Bedford SchoolKSE(15) King's School Ely BC 
2710:1823J14A.4X+102 / 55KSE(63) King's School Ely BC (Stiff)BDS(64) Bedford School 
2810:2123J14A.4X+55 / 54NSC(65) Norwich SchoolKSE(66) King's School Ely BC (Dickens) 
5411:3923J14A.4X+102 / 103OUN(62) Oundle School BCLoser of Race 28 
5511:4223J14A.4X+103Loser of Race 27Winner of Race 28 
10214:0323J14A.4X+156Winner of Race 27Winner of Race 54 
10314:0623J14A.4X+156Loser of Race 54Winner of Race 55 
15616:5423J14A.4X+ Winner of Race 102Winner of Race 103 
5311:3627W.J14A.4X+99BMS(78) Bedford Modern SchoolBGS(79) Bedford Girls School (Swain) 
9813:5127W.J14A.4X+151KSE(75) King's School Ely BCBGS(76) Bedford Girls School (Wallace) 
9913:5427W.J14A.4X+151OUN(77) Oundle School BCWinner of Race 53 
15116:3927W.J14A.4X+ Winner of Race 98Winner of Race 99 
9213:3332J17.2X143STA(93) Star Club (Stace)STA(94) Star Club (Tarrant) 
9313:3632J17.2X143KSE(95) King's School Ely BCSTA(96) Star Club (Sangster) 
14316:1532J17.2X Winner of Race 92Winner of Race 93 
9113:3034J14.2X140BDS(100) Bedford SchoolKSE(101) King's School Ely BC (Fellows) 
14016:0634J14.2X KSE(99) King's School Ely BC (Berraondo)Winner of Race 91 
8913:2437W.J17.2X138KSE(108) King's School Ely BCMIK(109) Milton Keynes RC 
13816:0037W.J17.2X BMS(107) Bedford Modern SchoolWinner of Race 89 
4811:2140W.J14.2X84BGS(124) Bedford Girls SchoolKSE(125) King's School Ely BC (Parris) 
8313:0640W.J14.2X133KSE(121) King's School Ely BC (Taylor)STA(122) Star Club 
8413:0940W.J14.2X133SNE(123) St Neots RCWinner of Race 48 
13315:4540W.J14.2X Winner of Race 83Winner of Race 84 
13615:5445J18.1X STA(139) Star ClubKSE(140) King's School Ely BC 
1409:3946J17.1X77 / 46KSE(141) King's School Ely BCOUN(142) Oundle School BC (Nickols) 
1509:4246J17.1X46 / 45NSC(143) Norwich SchoolMIK(144) Milton Keynes RC (King) 
1609:4546J17.1X78 / 45OUN(145) Oundle School BC (Robinson)MIK(146) Milton Keynes RC (Baines) 
4511:1246J17.1X77Loser of Race 16Loser of Race 15 
4611:1546J17.1X78Loser of Race 14Winner of Race 15 
7712:4846J17.1X125Winner of Race 14Winner of Race 45 
7812:5146J17.1X125Winner of Race 46Winner of Race 16 
12515:2146J17.1X Winner of Race 77Winner of Race 78 
4411:0947J16.1X76SNE(150) St Neots RC (Chinnici)KSE(151) King's School Ely BC (Bridgman) 
7512:4247J16.1X130SNE(147) St Neots RC (Clift)STA(148) Star Club 
7612:4547J16.1X130KSE(149) King's School Ely BC (Macdonald)Winner of Race 44 
13015:3647J16.1X Winner of Race 75Winner of Race 76 
1109:3048J15.1X71 / 43STA(152) Star Club (Tugulu)OUN(153) Oundle School BC (Craven) 
1209:3348J15.1X43 / 42KSE(154) King's School Ely BCHLS(155) Hollowell Scullers 
1309:3648J15.1X74 / 42STA(156) Star Club (Bunday)OUN(157) Oundle School BC (Stowers-Veitch) 
4211:0348J15.1X71Loser of Race 13Loser of Race 12 
4311:0648J15.1X74Loser of Race 11Winner of Race 12 
7112:3048J15.1X129Winner of Race 11Winner of Race 42 
7412:3948J15.1X129Winner of Race 43Winner of Race 13 
12915:3348J15.1X Winner of Race 71Winner of Race 74 
6812:2149J14.1X127KSE(158) King's School Ely BC (Bond)OUN(159) Oundle School BC 
7012:2749J14.1X127SNE(160) St Neots RCKSE(161) King's School Ely BC (Oldham) 
12715:2749J14.1X Winner of Race 68Winner of Race 70 
6712:1852W.J17.1X123BGS(167) Bedford Girls SchoolMIK(168) Milton Keynes RC 
12315:1552W.J17.1X KSE(166) King's School Ely BCWinner of Race 67 
809:2155W.J15.1X33 / 72BGS(179) Bedford Girls SchoolSTA(180) Star Club (Frost) 
909:2455W.J15.1X35 / 66STA(187) Star Club (Wallace)HLS(188) Hollowell Scullers (Cotterell) 
3310:3655W.J15.1X62Winner of Race 8HLS(181) Hollowell Scullers (Fenemore) 
3210:3355W.J15.1X62 / 72STA(182) Star Club (Wiseberg)OUN(183) Oundle School BC 
3410:3955W.J15.1X56 / 66STA(184) Star Club (Feltham)MIK(185) Milton Keynes RC 
3510:4255W.J15.1X56KSE(186) King's School Ely BCWinner of Race 9 
6212:0355W.J15.1X118Winner of Race 33Winner of Race 32 
5611:4555W.J15.1X118Winner of Race 34Winner of Race 35 
11815:0055W.J15.1X Winner of Race 62Winner of Race 56 
7212:3356W.J15.1X120Loser of Race 8Loser of Race 32 
6612:1556W.J15.1X120Loser of Race 34Loser of Race 9 
12015:0656W.J15.1X Winner of Race 72Winner of Race 66