Coronation 60th Anniversary Regatta (Sat)

Saturday 15th June 2013

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Results for Oriel College

RaceTimeStatusNext Race(s)CastleDatchetVerdict
3712:48COL.8+71(1) Hertford College(2) Exeter College Oxford BC1 1/2 lengths
4314:12COL.8+71(3) Oriel College(4) Wolfson College, Oxford2 1/2 lengths
7116:29COL.8+ (1) Hertford College(3) Oriel College2 lengths
710:24W.COL.8+33(5) Exeter Coll/Oxford Univ (Graham)(6) Oriel College3 lengths
810:28W.COL.8+33(7) Wadham College(8) Exeter College Oxford BC (Jackson)easily
910:32W.COL.8+34(9) Hatfield College BC(10) St Peters/Oxford Univeasily
1010:36W.COL.8+34(11) Imperial College(12) Merton Collegeeasily
3312:32W.COL.8+61(6) Oriel College(7) Wadham College1 length
3412:36W.COL.8+61(9) Hatfield College BC(11) Imperial CollegeDisqualification
6115:40W.COL.8+ (7) Wadham College(11) Imperial College1 length